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616KayeWood.com Weekly Email Newsletter Week of 3.26.14 - Back Porch Designs, More Quilting Tips and A FR** Pattern!

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  • Terrye Kinch
    Mar 26, 2014

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      In This Issue....

      • Today at the Cabin
      • What's On Sale - Clearance Items and Back Porch Designs. Also, lots of HURT items.
      • What's New In The Shop
      • Quilty Sayings
      • Quilting Tips From Our Readers.
      • Reader's Show and Tell
      • FR** Pattern
      • Chloe Handbag Techniques - DVD of the Week
      • List Your Event
      • Flower of the Month Pattern - Daffodils
      • Flower of the Month April - Daisies!
      • Facebook
      • Storing Your Quilts
      • Bucket Brigade Pattern
      • Prairie Town in Autumn Pattern
      • Flying Geese and More on our YouTube Channel
      • This Week in History
      • What is a Mystery Quilt

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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      Welcome to the 15th Annual Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival

      September 27 & 28, 2014




      Hi Quilters!

      Today at the Cabin:

      Maple Syrup!

      It's getting to be that time. Normally by this time of the year all of the trees would already be tapped and be dripping, but not this year. Mother Nature and her "Winter Fix" aren't done with us yet.

      We have a HUGE Sugar Maple (doesn't have to be a sugar maple to get syrup) just outside our front door and although I have helped others do "the maple syrup thing", I've never done it myself. But this year, I'm going to dip my big fat toe in. Probably only tap it in 2 or 3 spots, but why not? Besides, if you've ever tasted REAL Maple Syrup, you'll never go back to that store bought garbage, but buying the real stuff is pretty spendy. We have a factory just outside, might as well utilize it!


      New in the Shop...Tuella And Friends.... HERE


      This week we are featuring Elisa's Back Porch Designs patterns, books and templates. So many cool options, all on sale this week!

      Remember.... orders over $50.00 are fr** shipping (US only, sorry)

      Go HERE for all of our sale, hurt and clearance items.

      Lots of cool new stuff on our New Page too!

      What's On Sale....

      All this and MORE on our Sale Page!


      Rainbow Go Around Quilt Pattern

      Regular price is $9.00

      Sale price is $6.00



      America Wallhanging Pattern

      Regular price is 6.00

      Sale price is $4.00



      Cowboy Up Quilt Pattern

      Regular price is $9.00

      Sale price is $6.00



      March Holiday House Quilt Pattern

      Regular price is $12.00

      Sale price is $9.00



      Addison's Star Quilt Pattern

      Regular price is $9.00

      Sale price is $6.00



      Adalynn's Garden Quilt Pattern

      Regular price is $9.00

      Sale price is $6.00



      Many Paths Quilt Pattern

      Regular price is $14.00

      Sale price is $9.50



      Purple Dawn Quilt Pattern

      Regular price is $14.00

      Sale price is $10.00


      Be sure to check out our SALE PAGE for all of our recent sale and clearance items!

      New In The Shop....


      Easter Blessings Quilt Pattern

      On Our What's New Page


      Hexie Garden Quilt Pattern

      On Our What's New Page


      Stasher's Delight Quilt Pattern

      On Our What's New Page


      Prairie Town in the Summer Quilt Pattern

      On Our What's New Page



      Ellie the Elephant Quilt Pattern

      On our New Page this week


      The Test Quilt Pattern

      On our New Page this week

      Quilty Sayings....

      Love is the thread that binds us.
      May your sorrows be patched and your joys be quilted.
      May your bobbin always be full.
      Memories are stitched with love.
      Old quilters never die...they just go to pieces.
      Seamstresses never go crazy, they just stay on pins and needles.
      One quilting project, like one cookie, is never enough!

      Quilting Tip....

      Warped Cutting Mats. You've heard the tips about laying them on the dryer, putting them out in the sun to flatten out.... just make sure that after you've gotten it straightened out, you check the lines. Sometimes in the "warping and restoring" process, the measurements go astray.

      When your rotary cutter blade is getting dull, fold up aluminum foil till you have quite a few layers. Then, just cut through the foil several times and it will sharpen your blade!

      When I'm threading a needle, I wet the eye of the needle, not the thread. If you do this, your thread will easily go through.

      Reader's Show and Tell....


      I did this quilt using the Kaye WoodsView & Do Diamond Shape. I thought it turned out really well. It was in the EMQS here in Eureka Montana and sold to to woman from Wisconsin.


      Send in your creations. Include a picture or two and a short story about your quilt/tablerunner or wallhanging (or other) and we'll put it on our Show and Tell Page!

      Send to terrye@...

      FR** Pattern....

      Shadow Hearts by Kaye Wood!


      Soft hearts on spinning pinwheels create a magical effect with this pattern. Match the dark heart with the dark background and the light heart with the light background to create this shadow effect. Machine applique your hearts to background squares.


      DVD of the Week....

      Chloe Handbag Technique DVD

      Chloe is the goddess of all things zip, zing and sassy. This fat quarter friendly bag is fully lined and has several inside pockets, with an inside closure. Pattern includes directions on how and where to incorporate optional embellishments and embroidery designs too.

      Technique DVD on sale, HERE

      Chloe Handbag Pattern on sale HERE


      Chloe Handbag Pattern

      Chloe Handbag Technique DVD


      Straddling Sam Wallhanging Pattern

      List Your Event....

      Quilting Cruise to the Caribbean, Mar 30-April 6, 2014 


      All across the land, Quilt Guilds and Groups are gearing up for their shows. Get yours listed!

      Looking for a Quilt Show to attend? Check out our listing. If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!

      Flower Of The Month For March....

      Pot of Daffodils Pattern

      Nothing says "Spring is Here" faster than the daffodils peeking their way through the snow. Here they are, just in time for spring, planted in a pot and ready to sew!

      Click on More Details to watch this technique.

      More Details

      On Our Sale Page



      Flower Of The Month For April....

      Daisies Pattern

      LOVE Daisies!

      Click on More Details to watch this technique.

      More Details

      On Our Sale Page

      A Note About Facebook....

      Our daily Facebook Deals are better and better every day. 4 or 5 different deals each day and they're all on our sale page Best to check the sale pages every day to make sure you're not missing out on anything, or better yet.... sign up for our Facebook page.

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      Storing Your Quilts....

      by Pamela of About.com/ Antiques


      1. The best way to store an antique quilt is by spreading it on an unused bed and placing an everyday coverlet over it. Quilts can also be layered on a bed. This storage method keeps quilts safe from dust and light, while reducing stress on the vintage fibers that can result from folding.
      2. If you do need to fold a quilt, spread it face down between two well-worn white cotton sheets and fold in a pleated accordion fashion. While storing flat is best, folding in this manner helps to reduce stress on old fabrics and reduce the likelihood of tearing.
      3. Limited space may dictate storing a quilt under a bed safely sealed in a Rubbermaid-type container. Just be sure to fold the quilt in the accordion manner recommended above and making sure it is completely void of moisture before placing it in the container.
      4. If you are going to store a quilt by displaying it on a wall, a good method is sewing a four-inch wide tube or sleeve of fabric along the top back edge and stitching every inch or so through all layers of the quilt. You can then attach it to a wall or other display area easily with a sturdy rod.


      1. Materials used in manufacturing plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and wooden trunks and chests can all react with quilting fabrics. These should be avoided when storing quilts. If reactions occur with plastic bags, cardboard or wood, they can cause quilts to become fragile, prone to tearing or even stain them.
      2. When using a Rubbermaid or similar container for storage, make sure the textile is completely dry to avoid mildew from moisture trapped in the container.
      3. If you're hanging the quilt on the wall for the summer season, be sure distribute the weight evenly over the entire width to avoid stressing the fabric. Don't plan to store a quilt on a wall for more than six months.
      4. No matter how or where you store your quilts, avoid sunlight. All light damage to textiles is irreversible.

      What tips do you want to see? Email me and let me know....terrye@...


      Bucket Brigade Organizing Containers Pattern

      on our What's New Page


      Prairie Town in Autumn Quilt Pattern

      on our What's New Page

      This Week On Our Youtube Channel....


      Flying Geese and More Techniques

      150 (ish) shows. Check them all out... HERE

      Watch the Flying Geese and More Techniques HERE

      This Week in History, March 26 - April 1

      Mar 26, 1979 - Israel-Egyptian peace agreement signed

      Mar 27, 1998 - FDA approves Viagra

      Mar 28, 1979 - Nuclear accident at Three Mile Island

      Mar 29, 1973 - U.S. withdraws from Vietnam

      Mar 30, 1981 - President Reagan shot

      Mar 31, 1889 - Eiffel Tower opens

      Apr 01, 1700 - April Fools tradition popularized


      What Is A Mystery Quilt....

      A mystery quilt is a set of instructions for a quilt that are presented one section at a time. The final quilt is a secret until the end of the last part is available.

      Mystery quilts can have a holiday theme like Christmas, Easter or Halloween; you may have quilting blocks based on colors, traditional pieced blocks or festive applique blocks, and they are fun!

      Choose a mystery quilt block that fits your skill level and have fun with it.

      The surprise of discovering just what kind of quilt you're creating is awesome.

      Have a great week everyone.






      Terrye Kinch