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577KayeWood.com Quilting and Sewing Newsletter Week of 10.2.1 3 - Fr** Breast Cancer Awareness Pillow Pattern, October and Halloween Patterns and Lots of New Stuff!

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  • Terrye Kinch
    Oct 2, 2013
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      In This Issue....

      • Today at the Cabin
      • What's on Sale!
      • What's New?
      • Attic Window Techniques DVD
      • List Your Event
      • Facebook
      • Free Pattern - Breast Cancer Pillow
      • Boardwalk Quilt Pattern
      • Animal Attaches Quilt Pattern
      • Kaye's on YouTube
      • We Now Accept PayPal!
      • Australian Quilting Cruise
      • Fussy Cutting Techniques
      • Show and Tell
      • Starmakers Ablaze
      • Cabana
      • Storing Your Quilts
      • Strip Quilting Projects 2-9
      • This Week in History

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      Hi Quilters!

      Today at the Cabin : Well it's October. Strange when just yesterday it was March! The leaves aren't appearing on the trees, they are falling off. The green isn't starting to show, it's turning red, and orange and yellow, and it's hunting season! Whether for food, sport or other, it's here and we are going to celebrate! So, some of you know about my computer issues, they areongoing it seems. Finally broke down and bought a new one and let me tell you, I am NOT in love with Windows 8. Very user unfriendly in my opinion, but with 8+ hours a day, I'm sure I'll get used to it. (Rant Finished!)

      This week the sale page features October and Halloween patterns, and hunting and fishing patterns, clearance and lots of hurt items too!

      Be sure to check it all out on our Sale Page.

      Lots of cool new stuff on our New Page too!


      Hunting Button Quilt Pattern

      Regular Price $14.00

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      What's On Sale....

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      October Holiday House Haunted House Quilt Pattern

      Regular price is $12.00

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      Spooky Trio Pattern

      Regular price is $8.50

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      Pumpkin Patternlet

      Regular price is $3.99

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      Hunting and Fishing Wallhanging Technique DVD

      Regular price is $12.00

      Sale price is $5.00



      Butterfly Ballerina Twirly TuTu Wand and Pillow Pattern

      Regular price is $11.00

      Sale price is $9.00



      Yellow Rockfish Pattern

      Regular price is $9.00

      Sale price is $7.00



      October Scare Pattern

      Regular price is $5.99

      Sale price is $3.99



      Autumn Leaves

      Regular price is $8.00

      Sale price is $6.00


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      New In The Shop....


      Backwoods Bungalow Tent Pattern for 18" Doll Pattern

      On Our What's New Page


      In Charge Charging Boxes Pattern

      On Our What's New Page


      Cheerios Quilt Pattern

      On Our What's New Page


      Starstruck Quilt Pattern

      On Our What's New Page



      Attic Windows Technique DVD

      Regular price - $12.00

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      DVD of the Week....

      Attic Window

      Introducing the Attic Window Tool One simple tool...
      ...so many possibilities!
      No "Y" Seams!
      Makes Six Sizes What's hiding in the attic window? You can decide with this fun, attic window block combo! Includes acrylic triangle tool, and the secret folding technique to make your blocks without the Y-seam! Let yourimagination take you away so your windows reflect pieces of you or your loved one!

      Attic Window Ruler and Pattern Sheet


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      Free Pattern - Breast Cancer Pillow....


      In honor of October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


      Suggestion from a reader regarding the breast cancer pillow project.

      Hello, I'm a survivor of breast cancer and appreciate all you are doing. However, if the pillow would be made of a heart shape, it would be great to use during the recovering time. The heart, made of flannel, can be placed under the arm for comfort and believeme it works. I used mine for sleeping and found it was a great comfort.

      Thank you so much for your input. I'm sure many readers will find this useful.


      Animal Attaches Quilt Pattern

      on our What's New Page!


      Boardwalk Quilt Pattern

      on our What's New Page!


      Kaye's on YouTube....

      150 (ish) shows. Check them all out... HERE

      Shown here: Flying Geese and More

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      We Now Accept PayPal....

      Quilting Cruise To Australia!

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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      Fussy Cutting Techniques....

      Go HERE for this technique


      Show and Tell....

      Here is my Dresden Plate I can't believe how pretty it turned out for a first try!


      Send in your creations. Include a picture or two and a short story about your quilt/tablerunner or wallhanging (or other) and we'll put it on our Show and Tell Page!

      Send to terrye@...

      Storing Your Quilts....

      1. Quilts should be aired or vacuumed before storing. Use a low suction hand vac with a nylon screen to protect it from harmful pull. When airing, be sure the quilt is laying flat, protected from soil, and not in direct sunlight.

      2. The ideal storage is a flat surface, properly lined with acid free material, large enough to have its own space.

      3. When folding, use crumpled acid-free tissue in the folds for support. Refold the quilt every 3-6 months to minimize permanent fold lines. Rolling quilts is an option, but it does place stress on the entire quilt.

      4. If the storage unit is made of wood or cardboard, it should be lined with several layers of washed, 100% cotton fabric. This is necessary to protect the fabric from chemicals in the wood or paper. Cotton liner should be washed semi-annually.

      5. Covers of pre washed 100% cotton sheeting, muslin, pillow cases, or acid-free tissue paper are strongly recommended. These materials allow air to pass through and keep light and dust out. Plastic is not advised.

      6. Keep the storage area clean and insect free. The herb Artemisia is a natural pesticide. Hang in the storage area or in a small bag. Do not let the bag touch the quilts!

      *Information from AQS

      Strip Quilting Projects Book 2-9

      Get Kaye's Strip Quilting Project Books 2-9 (minus Strip Quilting 6) as a set for $7.00 that is only 1 dollar a piece. These book's sell for 5.00 apiece. That is a savings of $33.00.


      This Week in History....

      Oct 02, 1985 - Hollywood icon Rock Hudson dies of AIDS

      Oct 03, 1995 - O.J. Simpson acquitted

      Oct 04, 1957 - Sputnik launched

      Oct 05, 1947 - First presidential speech on TV

      Oct 06, 1866 - First U.S. train robbery

      Oct 07, 2003 - Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes California governor

      Oct 08, 1871 - Great Chicago Fire begins

      Have a great week, everyone!






      Terrye Kinch