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The Return of Kaycee Nicole?

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  • saundra@anywherebeyond.com
    Before I was an Angel... I was my sister s flower: God, Himself, hand-picked me, And gave me Angel power. Now God has many Angels That He trains in Angel
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2001
      "Before I was an Angel...
      I was my sister's flower:
      God, Himself, hand-picked me,
      And gave me Angel power.

      Now God has many Angels That He trains in Angel pools:
      We become His eyes, and ears, and hands
      We become His special tools."

      Sound familiar? I got a letter today from someone who frequents the
      United Devices Cancer Support Forum, after sitting for a while on her
      suspicions that "GlenEllen" the author of the above poem, is perhaps
      Debbie Swenson.

      GlenEllen constantly posts "other people's stories" memorializing
      cancer victims, claims herself to be suffering from injuries from a
      serious accident, registered the same month that Kaycee "died" and was
      outed, and uses only an anonymous sketch in place of a photograph of
      herself. Her interests are listed as: Trying to get better, Ferrets,
      Making People HAPPY, helping people everyday. When she's been asked to
      lay off the constant pleadings for prayers, she gets defensive.

      It could be someone completely different- evidence against is that she
      claims to be in SanFran, and has a Pacbell ISP account. There IS a
      picture of her with ferrets on her listed website (not that it ever
      stopped Debbie to use other people's pics.) It could be utter
      coincidence that they are so similar. Still, when a total stranger
      goes out of her way to seek out the people who originally worked the
      Kaycee Investigation, I figure I'm at least obligated to share the

      The URL for the forum is: http://forum.ud.com

      Some of GlenEllen's Posts:


      (Basically, go straight down the "Cancer Stories and Community"
      threads, she's posted in nearly every single one.)

      Submitted for your consideration.

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