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Roc king on in Recovery on the Gulf Coast and needing volunteers.

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  • Kathleen Johnson
    Saturday October 4th, 2008 Rocking on in Recovery on the Gulf Coast and needing volunteers...... We have an RV park for 17 motor homes for volunteers with
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      Saturday October 4th, 2008 

      Rocking on in Recovery on the Gulf Coast and needing volunteers......

      We have an RV park for 17 motor homes for volunteers with RV's. Two blocks from the beach and we sure could use your help.

      It had been ten years at least since I had seen Willie Nelson in concert. The last time was at Miles City, Montana, at the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale which I usually attended every year for some years when I lived in Wyoming. The show was held at the fairgrounds and, again, Willie was right down in the crowd playing.

      This time there were a far less cowboy hats and boots at the Hard Rock Cafe in Biloxi - but still it was the same old Willie Nelson. How could you not love his energy for life?

      A resident had donated the tickets so I took Brian, our full time volunteer electrician, and headed out to the Hard Rock Casino on Friday night. I felt like I was back in highschool out on a Friday night escapade. And it was just a fantastic show - thank you Carolyn Caranna for those tickets. You made my day!

      It was a packed and loving crowd ! Young and "old".......

      And it was a non stop show filled with a history of songs that obviously have always reflected his loves and his life........

      And at the end graciously signing autographs with that wonderful smile......

      Meanwhile, back at "work" Elton has been washing the tents that were donated to us by IDTF. Prior to packing them up we needed to make sure they were clean and so out came the pressure washer and a fun time was had by all. The locals rent those big tent slippery slide massive things and stick in their front yards for birthdays, weddings, and every other occasion. We just have our tents laid out - but they too made a good slippery slide for a day or two until they dry. We have two more tents to clean this week and then we are done with this project

      Over at Victor Cemino's we are making progress with Brian - our long term volunteer and electrician. We are on the punch out list and should be done by next week and get Victor moved into his home. I am not sure who is more excited - Victor or us?

      And the recovery - where is it going you ask? Well, no where very fast as there is not a dime to be found for funding right now. It is a crisis. Bill Minor had a few words on the subject this week. He shares all the Case Managers frustrations at this point. The lack of funds to finish a job barely started is the elephant screaming in the corner.

      Our Carolina Team with John Carpenter made great headway on the Gustav Work Orders. For their patience and dedication - I thank them profusely. This elderly team rocked with two houses gutted and other projects along the way. And in just a few days. With determination - volunteers can make a difference like no other team !

      And here at base camp Progress, always progress. The Case Management Contract program is moving ahead at full steam. The paperwork is a mammoth task but we seem to have it in hand and the process is rolling out. I am very pleased with the progress and you can see it in the number of people rolling in and out the front door. We are still getting referrals for people we have not assisted before - most of that from Gustav impacted clients. As other organizations are leaving left and right - we are assuming more and more of the load for Katrina.

      And that is me heading into Saturday. Quiet day planned with some work on the infamous motor home. I wonder how much it would cost to get it spray pained pink?

      That is our week - how is yours going? 

      Taken from the daily blog:   http://www.reliefvolunteers.com/hancockdailyblog.html

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