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  • Steve Wallis
    My old email address (socialiststeve@yahoo.co.uk) got hit by a virus today, so I ve had to create this new one (revolutionarysocialiststeve@yahoo.co.uk). [For
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2005
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      My old email address (socialiststeve@...) got hit by a virus today, so I've had to create this new one (revolutionarysocialiststeve@...).
      [For those who are interested (perhaps you want to search Google groups), I've had the following earlier email addresses in chronological order: stevew@... (sometimes displayed as stevew@...), S.Wallis@..., stevewallis@... and stevewallis@...).]
      My big project at the moment is launching a revolutionary socialist band called Galaxia. I have put a call out on the internet (details are on the Galaxia website: www.galaxiamusic.org) for musicians and singers to go to a recording studio tomorrow (Thursday 30th June). We will be doing three songs: "Do They Know It's G8 Time?" (my lyrics to the Band Aid 20 tune "Do They Know It's Christmas?"), "The Revolution Starts Now!" (an original song written by myself, including snippets from other songs) and "L'interna├žionale" (my version of the international song of the working class: "The Internationale").
      We will put the songs, in a variety of formats (including MP3), on various sites on the internet, including the Galaxia website, later on tomorrow or Friday. Look at the Galaxia discussion group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/galaxiamusic for further places that you will be able to download them from.
      In the meantime, to find the lyrics, go to the Galaxia website or discussion group.
      This is of course just in time for the G8 summit, for which I am calling for a worldwide general strike. Of course it would be naive to expect workers to strike everywhere, and (for reasons I've put on the website www.g8summitworldwidegeneralstrike.org) I don't expect much more than a school students strike in Britain, but surely it would not be too much out of the question to expect a serious general strike which challenges for power (and will hopefully lead to a socialist revolution) somewhere in the world this G8 time (6-8 July in Gleneagles, Scotland; see my worldwide general strike website or www.g8alternatives.org for details of events in the run-up to and during that summit)...
      If you think that one person putting out this call cannot achieve much, ponder this: I've been sending messages to large collections of groups at http://groups.yahoo.com for a while. However, only those who chose to join the groups (rather than read the archives) and then receive each message individually (rather than as a digest or read messages on the web) have been able to find out which other groups I've sent messages to. Additionally, I've had to send messages in separate groups due to Yahoo!'s limit on the number of email addresses sent in the To: or CC: fields. I created 70 groups of my own (and sent messages out in two bunches).
      As a service to the working class across the world, I am including below a list of all groups (some of which I have posted to before) that I am about to send this message out to at http://groups.yahoo.com. Go to that website and search for a particular group name, or type "http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/" followed by a group name, if you want to find out about a particular one and consider joining it. I have included them in alphabetical order, except for two groups I have set up today which are at the start. [I will no longer be able to modify the descriptions of any of my previous groups or remove the odd spammer who appears from time to time.] I've included most of the groups I created under my old email address, especially the most important.
      The groups are as follows:

      democratic-socialist-alliances revolutionaryplatformofrespect 23rd-psalm 80sLove agitatetheg8 alittlelatinquarter alliance-for-democracy america-for-beginners american-idiot anarchisttravellingcircus anti-bush anti-mental-health-bill anti-olanzapine Anti-Socialist-Workers-Party Anti_Bush_Database aparentconnection Are-GM-foods-safe assassination-of-princess-diana biko-tiro biovamps BOYCOTT_ISRAEL_AND_ISRAELI_PRODUCTS boycott-flora boycott-israeli-goods Bush_Is_A_Stinking_Liar3 campaign-for-democracy-in-the-uk ChrisGrahamFANclub close-all-tax-loopholes coke-off-campus colin-vearncombe comic-relief cora-lq cry-freedom DavidIcke db_subliminal declaration-of-calton-hill dissentdublin do-they-know-its-g8-time dominion-lq dont-give-up EastendersBabes electromagnetic_mind_control englishandasianbabes eurosexuals fair-pr fair-trade-hot-chocolate fame-academy fc-united female_vocalists fly-up-to-the-moon FORUM_FOR_DISCLOSURES frankensteinfish g8-summit-worldwide-college-students-stike g8-summit-worldwide-general-strike g8-summit-worldwide-school-students-strike g8-summit-worldwide-university-students-strike g8aids G8alternativesorg g8dk gadvenezuela galaxiamusic GDfans GeneTechWatch Genetically-Modified-Food-Awareness geneticallymodifiedgmfoods ggirlsglamour gmcropsissues gmdsa GMOfreebay gotbgh great-balls-of-fire green-day green-day-rox Green_Day green_day_idiots group80s grow-admin grow-london grow-manchester grow_manchester health-service-sanity Hieronimus I_hate_GWBush ilovebushfanclub imusachat InsidethemindofDerrenBrown intnestleboycott iraq-democracy karenmulcahey katrina-and-the-waves katrinaleskanich kerry-said-tax-the-rich Konnie-Huq konnie-huq-fans konniehuq latin-quarter-and-steve-skaith love-shine-a-light-katrina manchester-united-fans manchester_forums manchesterism martine-mccutcheon martineandanastacia militant-tendency mind-control mindominate Monsanto MoreThanATrace movegans nationwide-democracy newglobalbusto no-surrender-springsteen northwestism oxfam patience-of-angels penguinsagainsthumans Planetderren pof-200 pof-300 prolifeterroristsproject punkroxy rcnewschat redpepperdebate REVOLUTION-NOW revolutionary-anti-war revolutionary-platform-of-democratic-socialist-alliance revolutionary-platform-of-respect revolutionary-platform-of-the-ssp safabolition second-foundation SEED_TRADERS Sexy-Martine sexyladies124 slow-waltz-for-chile soap_stars_2_pop_stars soc-resist Socialist-Nudists Socialist-Workers-Party socialistworkersorganisation socialistyouthdublinregion something-isnt-happening steve-biko stirlingstudentsagainstg8 stopmonsantonow strictly-declarative-modelling-language studentG8 subversivesleepers Swazisolidarity swimming-against-the-stream sydney_raelians the-revolution-starts-now The_International_Fans_of_Green_Day The_sexy_martine_mccutcheon theihatebushfanclub2 theilovebushfanclub TheRevolutionaryCoalition touchandheal uk-electoral-fraud uksurvivors Unite_and_Resist_Campaign us-electoral-fraud VegNews voices-inside WalesG8Cymru walking-where-the-roses-grow WineCountryPesticideAlert worshipmartinemccutcheon zyprexa


      I think you will appreciate now why I believe that THE REVOLUTION STARTS NOW!

      Steve Wallis (http://www.socialiststeve.me.uk).
      My mailing list (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/manchesterism).
      My revolutionary socialist band Galaxia (http://www.galaxiamusic.org; http://groups.yahoo.com/group/galaxiamusic).
      Launch a general strike at the time of the G8 summit in July (http://www.g8summitworldwidegeneralstrike.org).

      Initiator of Revolutionary Platform of Respect (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/revolutionaryplatformofrespect.org).
      Member of Glasgow Shettleston branch of the Scottish Socialist Party (http://www.scottishsocialistparty.org) and initiator of the Revolutionary Platform of the SSP (http://www.revolutionaryplatformofthessp.org).

      Initiator of the Campaign for Democracy in the UK (http://www.democracycampaign.org.uk) and Campaign for Sanity in the NHS (http://www.health-service-sanity.org).

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