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FW: Critical Terri Schiavo update: Only hours left before starvation begins... PLEASE PEOPLE HELP!!!!!

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  • Ronald Sibley
    Blank Terri Schindler-Shiavo is in danger of being STARVED to DEATH: Click below to help PREVENT this atrocity NOW! Take Action Now! This is a special message
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2005
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      Terri Schindler-Shiavo is in danger of being STARVED to DEATH: Click below to help PREVENT this atrocity NOW!

      Take Action Now!

      This is a special message for Loxi Sibley from Randall Terry:

      ALERT: At 1:00pm today (Friday, March 18th), Terri Schindler-Schiavo is scheduled to be STARVED TO DEATH. We have little time to lose. We write in great haste, and beg you to read this closely; Terri's life hangs in the balance. We need you to be a part of this historic battle.

      Randall Terry has been asked by Terri Schindler-Schiavo's family to lead activist and lobbying efforts on her behalf. The Schindler family has asked us to create as big a firestorm on Terri's behalf as is humanly possible. If we are going to rescue Terri Schindler-Schiavo from starvation, we must coordinate our efforts right now on two separate fronts -- state and federal.

      Please take just a few minutes to help right now -- before it's too late.

      TAKE ACTION: There's three areas where action is needed RIGHT NOW:

      1) THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. On Wednesday night (March 16), the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that could save Terri's life. That was a great first step. Then last night (March 17), the U.S. Senate passed a different bill to save Terri's life; that's right... it was a different bill!

      This is incredibly frustrating, but true: the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate passed two different bills... which means that neither one will become law, unless we can get them to get their act together RIGHT NOW, and agree on one law. Here is what needs to happen, and what you can do to help save Terri from starvation:

      Here is the cold hard political reality -- The only bill that the Senate could possibly have passed is the one that they passed last night. It was that bill or nothing.

      So, the U.S. House needs to pass the Senate version of the law right now. That means that the House of Representatives must use the exact language that the U.S. Senate passed last night. And they need to do it before they go into their long Easter recess today.

      We need you to contact the three key leaders of the U.S. House, and urge them to pass the Senate's version immediately. Call Congressman Sensenbrenner, who has championed Terri's fight thus far, Speaker Hastert, and Majority Leader Delay. Be polite, but be very direct, and don't let them make any excuses!

      Let them know how frustrated you are! We have worked for years to get a conservative majority in both houses. What good is it if they can't work together to get anything done! We want results, not rhetoric; we want cooperation, not competition! C'mon guys, work together!

      Representative F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (R-WI)
      Office: 202-225-5101
      Fax: 202-225-3190

      Representative J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL)
      Office: 202-225-2976
      Fax: 202-225-0697

      Representative Tom DeLay (R-TX)
      Office: 202-225-5951
      Fax: 202-225-5241

      Phone calls will have the most effect; but to send an e-mail message to Congress, Click Here.

      2) THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE. Yesterday (March 17), the State House of Representatives in Florida passed a law that would save Terri's life. Later in the day, in a preliminary vote, a similar bill failed to pass in the Senate. That is a very troubling sign. The main vote for the bill in the Senate will be today.

      What made last night's preliminary vote so sad was that six State Senators who voted for "Terri's Law" in 2003 indicated that they would vote AGAINST it this time. We are losing six key Senators!

      They MUST hear from us! They must know that Floridians -- and Americans from across the nation -- are counting on them to remain true to their commitment to protect Terri from starvation. The names and phone numbers of those Senators are listed below. They need to hear from you this morning (Friday, March 18)! Terri is scheduled to begin starvation TODAY!

      Larcenia J. Bullard
      850-487-5127 (Tallahassee)
      305-668-7344 (District Office)

      Lisa Carlton
      850-487-5081 (Tallahassee)
      941-486-2032 (District Office)

      Evelyn J. Lynn
      850-487-5033 (Tallahassee)
      386-676-4000 (District Office)

      Burt L. Saunders
      850-487-5124 (Tallahassee)
      239-417-6220 (District Office)

      Les Miller, Jr.
      850-487-5059 (Tallahassee)
      813-272-2831 (District Office)

      Anthony C. Hill, Sr.
      850-487-5024 (Tallahassee)
      904-924-1646 (District Office)

      Phone calls will have the most effect; but to send an e-mail message to all six state Senators at once, Click Here.

      3) Finally, before you make your phone calls, we are asking you to give a donation to help with the effort to save Terri's life. Battles cost money; resources cost money; media costs money; I could go on, but you get the picture. I am asking you to show your support by making as generous a contribution as you can to this effort. (Gifts are not tax deductible.)


      Thank you for your concern, your prayers, your efforts, and your support. Together, we can prevail against judicial tyranny, and rescue Terri Schiavo from a cruel death.

      Please keep us in your prayers.

      NOTE: If Terri's feeding tube IS removed, be prepared to come to Tallahassee (the state capital of Florida) to beg the legislature and the governor to intervene on Terri's behalf.

      Be sure to send this Alert to everyone you know who wants to help save Terri's life. Thank you!


      Randall Terry, President
      Society for Truth and Justice

      William Greene, President

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