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Request to spread our words to NGOs in your network: Fund award + Mentorship for Indian NGOs

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  • Chitra Chauhan
    ​*Dear Sir/Madam,* *At ​ Karmyog​ * On behalf of Digital Empowerment Foundation , I am glad to write
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2014
      Dear Sir/Madam,
       ​ Karmyog​

      On behalf of Digital Empowerment Foundation, I am glad to write on the above subject.

      Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) in partnership with Vodafone foundation is calling for applications from NGOs/Non profit organisations who are working in the domain of Mobile phone for social good.

      Vodafone Foundation announces 60 lakhs fund grant and one year mentoring support to 5 best Indian NGOs who are inventively providing mobile solutions in the areas of education, health, governance, agriculture & environment and women empowerment & inclusive development.

      We like to request you to kindly help us spreading our words to the NGOs in your network so that remotest of NGOs who are innovating new solutions for villages in India, and the ones who should win this grant money to further scale up and work up the solutions and replicate in other underprivileged  areas in India.

      Feel free to call me at +917895158212 in case you need any more information about this initiative.

      The formal call is as below:

      With the vision to recognise innovative mobile solutions driving social change in India, the Vodafone Foundation launches the 4th edition of its 'Mobile for Good' (M4G) Awards in India.
      This year the M4G Awards is calling for nominations in 2 major categories and 5 subcategories. The main award category focusses on recognising projects/ initiatives by NGOs and NFPs while the Special Awards Category focusses on recognising ideas/concepts by NGOs/NFPs/For profit Organizations and Individuals.
      The 5 sub categories under the 2 major categories are:-
      1) Governance
      2) Health
      3) Education
      4) Agriculture and Environment
      5) Women Empowerment and Inclusive Development 
      A total funding grant of INR 6,000,000 (Sixty lakh rupees) is available for winners in the main award category. Five best solutions under main category awards would receive INR 1,200,000 (Twelve lakhs) each. Main category awardees will also receive structured mentoring support from credible institutions, etc. to help upscale and built greater capacity of their projects. Special category winners will be provided with a certificate and an opportunity to present their idea in front of relevant people who work within the area of mobile apps for social good. They will be provided with a certificate and given ideas towards success, scalability and sustainability of their project.
      Apply now for Mobile for Good Awards 2014. The last date for submission of the application form is on or
      before 20-08-2014. The online portal shall be closed after the date and time of the deadline.
      For any further enquiries please visit our website http://www.vodafone.in/mobileforgood or write to us atMobileForGood.India@...
      For any further questions call Ms Avesta Choudhary at +919910034326 or 011-26532786/87.
      Join us on Facebook
      Follow us on Twitter
      Please visit us on www.vodafone.in/foundation for more information.
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      Look forward to your kind help, or any suggestion on this.

      Sincere regards,
      Chitra Chauhan
      Project Head
      Mobile for Good Awards 2014
      at Digital Empowerment Foundation

      Thanks & Regards,

      Chitra Chauhan

      Digital Empowerment Foundation,

      *: H.N. - 44, Kalu SaraiHauz Khas, New Delhi, India

      (Telefax: 011-26532786/87 

      :​: www.defindia.net​, ​Twitter: @chauhan_chitra

      The “Internet Rights” is an initiative through which DEF is consistently making an effort to make Internet as a medium to reach the masses, to create even opportunities and linkages between haves and have-nots so that the grassroots knowledge reaches the economic prosperity and vice versa through information communication technology and digital media. Website: http://www.internetrights.in/

      Join DEF's Internet Rights at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/InternetRights || Twitter: @DEF_IR 

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