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PATH Article - Free parking at tourist spots soon

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      URL: www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report-free-parking-at-tourist-spots-soon-brihanmumbai-municipal-corporation-1938926

      Free parking at tourist spots soon: Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation


      BMC plans to offer the service on holidays and weekends; proposes to
      introduce a team of parking marshals.

      The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is planning to offer free
      parking at tourist spots on weekends and public holidays.

      The proposal, mentioned in the revised policy, was made in response to
      suggestions by the BMC group leaders earlier this month. The revised policy
      will be discussed by members of improvement committee next week.

      The BMC has already decided to increase charges at parking lots in busy areas
      of the city. 

      Confirming the move, additional municipal commissioner SVR Srinivas, said the
      BMC will carry out regular studies to know areas  frequented by tourists the
      most on weekends and holidays.

      “We will give free parking in areas near Gateway of India or a beach like
      Girgaum. We will identify other places too where people make a beeline on
      holidays,” the official said.

      In addition to this, the department has proposed to introduce a team of
      parking marshals. These men, like BMC’s clean up marshals, will ensure
      proper execution of the new policy. Their main role will be to crack down on
      those who evade parking charges. The BMC has not yet decided the number of
      parking marshals to be appointed. “For now, we are only proposing their
      appointment. Once the proposal is cleared by the committee and the general
      body, the men will be appointed,” added Srinivas.

      According to another civic official, the BMC has 88 pay-and-park lots, of
      which at least 50 lots have complaints of motorists not paying for parking.
      “Hence, the marshals are being appointed. Their job is to clamp the vehicle
      if a motorist refuses to pay. Thus, we will be able to deter them. Until now,
      there was no punishment given to those who didn’t pay,” an officer said,
      on condition of anonymity. Meanwhile, officials hinted the administration may
      not slash rates in the revised policy, despite what improvement committee
      chief Ram Barot said last week. The committee members had last month deferred
      their decision on the policy citing the parking rates proposed were

      The proposed rates

      The BMC has proposed rates based on business of the areas where its parking
      lots are located.


      Commercial complexes, corporate and government offices, etc will be put in
      ‘A’ category — the parking rate proposed is Rs60 per hour. In ‘B’
      and ‘C’ categories – less busier compared to A category - the rates
      will be Rs40 and Rs20 per hour, respectively. The present per hour rate is
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