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Codeniti the Series of Social Hackathon for India

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  • Akshat Verma
    Hi Guys, My name is Akshat Verma and I am in the organizing committee of a social event called Codeniti -The series of social hackathons. The purpose of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2014
      Hi Guys,

      My name is Akshat Verma and I am in the organizing committee of a social event called "Codeniti"-The series of social hackathons.

      The purpose of codeniti is to solve social issues with the help of technology.Technology is exponentially improving and is being used in every field.So why not use technology for some social good.

      Basically Codeniti is a series of social hackathons where we travel to a city exploring the city's social problem which could be solved with technological help or any NGO,whose work could be enhanced by an app or some sort of software/website
      We host a 16 - 24 hour Hackathon in the city.The NGOs pitch in their issues on which they are working.Post pitching,teams are formed and the programmers try to build a prototype based on the problem statement given by the NGOs.At the end of the day,a prototype is build and the source code is open-sourced ie even after the event is over,developers/NGOs can work on the application and try to improve it further/mould it as per the requirement.

      Currently,we are in positive talks with IIM-A and MIT Media Lab India Initiative,and we are expecting a positive response from them.We will be doing codeniti on 15th Feb in Mumbai at Xavier Institute Of Engineering,our institutional partner.There is a hackathon planned on 1st March in Bangalore at Microsoft Accelerator's office.The vision is to target as much cities as possible and reach out to more than 50,000 developers across India and target social issues with the help of technology.

      I wanted to get your thoughts on the concept.I was wondering if the NGO would be interested in registering for the event and contributing for the same.
      I would like to get in touch with you and talk to you guys about the movement.
      Waiting for a positive response.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Akshat Verma
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