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CSR (2012-13) by Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd.

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    CSR by Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. Sales: Rs 465 Cr Profit before Tax: Rs 2 Cr Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) No CSR initiatives in Hira Ferro Alloys
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      CSR by Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd.

      Sales: Rs 465 Cr

      Profit before Tax: Rs 2 Cr

      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
      No CSR initiatives in Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd.Annual Report (2012-13), www.hiraferro.com/financials/downloads/ann-report/Annual-Report-2012-13.pdf 

      Source: Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. Official Website

      URL: www.hiraferro.com/csr

      Corporate Social Responsibility


      For decades Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. has indulged itself in meaningful contributions towards the society. Company’s concern for its responsibility towards the society is clearly visible through the various initiatives it has taken regarding the same. Its expansion as a company hasn’t affected its focus on issues that impact the society in any way. It is committed towards making positive intervention in society’s empowerment.


      HFAL promotes economic, social and educational development. Its areas of major focus are health, family welfare, education, environment protection, provision of clean drinking water and sanitation, sports, empowerment of women and marginalized groups. HFAL is an active member of Hira Foundation, an independent Trust that has been formed by the group for social development. It was founded by Late Shri Suresh Agrawal and now lead by Shri N.P. Agrawal as its president. The foundation functions in association with Help Age India to help the needy.




      HFAL understands that education stands as one of the building blocks of a nation. It considers it as one of its major priority zone. It aims to develop a nation that is filled with educated minds. It does every bit to nurture the people so that in turn they become capable of contributing to the nation’s development. The company has focused on enlightenment of the people, making them better and aware citizens.


      From its inception, the company has taken up a lot of initiatives in education that have catered to the needs of the people. The positive effects of its efforts in the direction have been promising enough to take up further initiatives.


      Donations to under-devlpoed

      Developing various government schools by building them further according to need.

      Rewarding meritorious students of Government schools to boost their morale.

      Sponsoring the education of a lot of needy children.

      Encouraging under privileged girls from rural communities around its operational areas to study.

      Organizing seminars and workshops for imparting technical education involving soft skills especially for the people of remote regions.

      Sponsoring salaries of the teachers teaching in rural areas in order to keep them motivated to impart quality learning skills.

      Providing various facilities to the schools such as furniture and computers in rural areas.

      HFAL has been encouraging self-development in students belonging to remote areas. It has envisioned for promoting excellence in education and encouraging the schools to serve children better. It has been working for equipping students with knowledge, skills and aspiring them to meet the challenges and demands of globalization.


      Education is of paramount importance for a nation to see itself on the map of development. The HFAL realizes this and strives to bring education to the doorstep of every child.




      HFAL has always believed that sports help in the complete physical well being of a person. It has encouraged sports as much as possible. The company has tried as much in creating an atmosphere that nurtures sports and helps build champions. It efforts in the direction have been persistent as well as productive.


      The company’s initiatives in the field of sports include:

      Been one of the sponsors for a number of cricket tournaments to help develop the talent of the aspiring players.

      One of the sponsors for innumerable sports events in the remote rural areas as a form of recreation for the people and help develop their skills.


      Healthy Population


      HFAL has always envisioned a society full of healthy people. According to it good health is the prime ingredient for increased productivity and growth. It extends the much needed healthcare support in the remote rural areas. Through effective and consistent efforts it has made a marked difference in the lives of the downtrodden. Offering access to medical facilities for the poor has been an important aspect of the company’s social initiatives.


      The company’s steps in this direction have been mentioned below:

      Organizing blood donation camps.

      Organizing health check up camps.

      Organizing pulse polio camps in the communities near its areas of operation.

      Provision of free medicines for the people of rural areas.

      Providing financial aid to the patients who cannot afford the treatment for their chronic diseases.

      Hira Group Orign and Evolution Under its health programme, HFAL has made innumerable efforts to preserve the lives of the people affected by disaster stricken situations.

      Financial aid to the chief minister’s relief fund.

      Financial support to Gujrat.

      Financial aid toBihar flood relief fund.

      HFAL has always discreetly gone out of the way to help people in their time of need. It realizes that a people’s health is their most priced possession. Therefore it safeguards and enriches their lives by ensuring their healthcare.


      Infrastructure Development


      Sufficient availability of infrastructural facilities stands as a pre-requisite for social and economic development. HFAL has taken up the responsibility of developing and upgrading the infrastructure to ensure convenience in the lives of its nearby rural communities. It works together with the local communities and the stakeholders so that the areas that need infrastructural development can be identified.


      HFAL's endeavors towards its infrastructural aims are as follows:

      Maintenance of rural roads and arrangement of safe drinking water.

      Construction of borer wells to deal with water crisis.

      Financial aid to rural communities for their social and cultural enhancement.

      Provision of sewing machines, clothes, chairs and ceiling fans to the needy people.

      Community enrichment activities such as construction of approach roads and supporting the cultural activities by building stages etc.

      HFAL's thoughtful initiatives have made remote areas more accessible and developed. They form the basis of its business philosophy. Something that started as mere philanthropy is now a strong pillar on which the company stands tall!


      Chairman: Biswajit Choudhuri

      Registered Office

      Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. 

      Plot nos. 567 B, 568 & 553 B,

      Urla Industrial Complex,

      Raipur - 493221


      Tel: +91 771-4082450

      Fax: +91 771 4082452

      Website: www.hiraferro.com

      Email: admin@...

      As verified on 14th October 2013.

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