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New volunteer - volavl474 - Ms. Krupa Merchant - Churchgate - Tardeo

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    Name: Ms. Krupa Merchant Work Location: Churchgate Home Location: Tardeo Can Volunteer for: Counselling Nonprofits of interest: Adolescents I want to volunteer
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006

       Name:Ms. Krupa Merchant
       Work Location:Churchgate
       Home Location:Tardeo
       Can Volunteer for:Counselling
       Nonprofits of interest:Adolescents
       I want to volunteer as:I know i have the capacity to help those who are in need and above all its my passion to work with children.
       My Profile:I am currently an M.A. Psychology student.
       Interests:reading, listening to music and play sports like badminton and basket ball
       Languages Known:English
       Volunteering experience:i helped an audiologist for 2months in 2003.here I worked with small children and arranged workshops for them. Worked at a counselling centre for 3months in my summer holidays in 2004. Here i conducted aptitude tests and learnt a lot about administrating and scoring of different psychological tests.
       Contact Details  
       Name:Krupa Merchant
       Registered Date:12/20/2005
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