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ASK -- Advice Sought 0867 Non Registration of Trust

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    ASK -- Advice Sought via Karmayog.org Form No. 0867     Sunday, September 01, 2013 Non Registration of Trust We have received a a request for Advice
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      ASK -- Advice Sought via Karmayog.org
      Form No. 0867      Sunday, September 01, 2013
      Non Registration of Trust
      We have received a a request for Advice via Karmayog as per the details below.
      Please offer your help to the person seeking advice.
      Please contact them directly and also send us a copy of your email.
      This form and its replies may also be displayed at www.karmayog.org/ASKed

      A: Details of the problem
      1.Problem:Non Registration of Trust
      2. Period:Before 2007
      3. Details:A group of Christians had applied for Registration of their Trust in Pune in the year 2002. The Assistant Registrar supplied the said trustee with a NONDNI PRAMANPATRA No.Maharashta/657/2002/Pune on the 5th of June 2002. 1950 Nondni Certificate not supplied till date.
      4. Additional information:Nil
      5. Steps taken till now:
      Several attempts have been made both oral and in writing to the office of the assistant Registrar for providing the trustees with the Certificate of Registration, 1950.
      6. Result:
      All attempts to procoure Registration of Trust, 1950 have failed. It's 11 years now since the office of the Asstt. Registrar gave the trustees a NONDNI PRAMANPATRA NO 657/2002
      7. Help needed now:
      The said trust may be provided with a certificate of Registration, 1950.
      8. Will pay fees for help / professional advice:
      B: My Suggestions
      4. For others in a similar situation:Corruption has eroded the very basic nature of man. No progress can be made unless you grease the palms.
      5. Other Information Needed:Lackadaisical approach by government authorities
      C: Websites / People / Resources that I have found helpful
      D: My contact details
      1. Name:
      David baker
      2. Profession:
      Advocate ( new to Pune)
      3. Phone:
      Before 10 am and after 6 pm
      4. Email id:
      5. Location:
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