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The Great Challenges of India in the 21st Century

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    THE GREAT CHALLENGES OF India My name is J.P. Monfort and I am a real person (for more information see www.about.me/monfort). I lead a global platform of
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      My name is J.P. Monfort and I am a real person (for more information see www.about.me/monfort). I lead a global platform of international Experts who are putting together a dream vision for India and for the World. You have been identified in India as an Expert in your area of expertise. We hereby encourage you to join the India Strategic Team. The India Strategic Team is a meritocracy positioned away from ideology having embraced pragmatism.


      The World lived a phenomenal episode of transformation in the aftermath of World War II. We think that we are currently undergoing a time of crisis and of transition, during which there is an opportunity to redefine the long-term goals for India and for the World, incorporating the ambition and the imagination and embracing the international consensus in the defence of human dignity and environmental sustainability. We do not need a Third World War to recuperate the ambition. If there is War it will be against extreme poverty, against exclusion, against the lack of dignity, against human and environmental degradation of which we are oftentimes passive eyewitnesses.


      What are the Great Challenges that India will have to face during the 21st century? Help us identify them. Our Expert Dreamers will answer your question and those of other Experts.


      Why not join the India Strategic Team? If you are a Dreamer who loves and a Lover who dreams, you may be a candidate to join the India Strategic Team, the best team designed to serve the long-term public interest in India. Send us your one-paragraph biography today to india@....


      It is time to wake up. Tomorrow might be too late.




      THE OFFICE OF JP MONFORT | Welcomes Dreamers to the Future | www Dreamersland info

      At a press conference around that time, Truman was asked what the United States would get for its aid to Europe . We are not doing this for credit, Truman told the members of the National Conference of Editorial Writers. We are doing it because it is right and it's necessary.

      --- Greg Behrman, The Most Noble Adventure







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