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CSR (2012-13) by Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd.

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    CSR by Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd. Sales: Rs 12117 Cr Profit before Tax: Rs 2165 Cr Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Source: Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd.
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      CSR by Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd.

      Sales: Rs 12117 Cr
      Profit before Tax: Rs 2165 Cr

      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
      Source: Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd. Annual Report (2012-13), Pg No: 16-31

      URL: www.drreddys.com/investors/pdf/annualreport2013.pdf 


      Corporate Social Responsibility


      Sustainability is deep-seated in the ethos of Dr. Reddy’s.
      Our consistent efforts to integrate sustainability into all our
      activities right from discovery to dispatch are helping us add
      value across environmental, social, cultural and economic
      bottom lines as well as create long-term consumer,
      shareholder and employee value.


      In our pursuit to deliver better results
      across all three bottom lines, we listen
      to stakeholders and to the Earth’s biology. We
      also analyse humanity’s social contracts and
      these combined inputs drive the organisation
      and shape every decision—right from the
      policies inked in the boardroom to the
      practices followed in the manufacturing
      Sustainability as a business practice is
      so well-established and well-entrenched in
      Dr.Reddy’s that it is a non-negotiable value.
      We have been annually publishing a
      comprehensive Sustainability report since
      2004. The report details our environmental,
      social, product and economic performance
      as per the globally recognized GRI guidelines
      and are replete with performance trends
      and case studies to help stakeholders make
      informed decisions. Readers can access these
      reports by visiting: www.drreddys.com/

      section a

      Corporate Identity Number of the
      Company L85195AP1984PLC4507

      Name of the Company
      Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Limited

      Registered address
      8-2-337, Road No. 3, Banjara Hills,
      Hyderabad 500 034, India.

      Website www.drreddys.com
      E-mail id shares@...

      Financial year reported
      April 2012 to March 2013
      Sector that the Company is engaged in
      “Pharmaceuticals” is the primary reportable

      List three key products/services that the
      Company manufactures/provides
      Given in financial statements

      Total number of locations where
      business activity is undertaken by the

      Our Manufacturing and Sales & Marketing
      Operations span around 20 countries. We
      also serve our API customers who are present
      across the globe.

      „ Number of International Locations
      (Provide details of major 5)
      For details refer to Additional Shareholders'
      Information, page 71.

      „ Number of National Locations
      For details refer to Additional Shareholders'
      Information, page 71.

      „ Markets served by the Company –
      Our major markets include United States
      of America (USA), India, Russia and CIS,
      Germany, United Kingdom (UK), Venezuela,
      South Africa and Romania.

      We also reach out to patients in various
      other markets like Brazil, Mexico, Chile,
      Philippines, Middle East and North Africa
      through our strategic alliance with
      GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

      section B

      Paid up capital

      R84.92 crores (As on 31 March 2013)
      Total turnover (Standalone)

      R8,434.01 crores (As on 31 March 2013)
      Total profit after taxes (Standalone)

      R1,265.47 crores (As on 31 March 2013)

      Total spending on Corporate Social
      Responsibility (CSR) as percentage of

      profit after tax

      List of activities in which the above
      expenditure has been incurred
      Refer principle 8
      section c
      Does the Company have any Subsidiary
      Company/Companies? Yes
      Do the Subsidiary Company/Companies
      participate in the BR Initiatives of
      the parent company? If yes, then
      indicate the number of such subsidiary
      Our Subsidiary Companies are closely
      integrated with our Corporate BR Initiatives.
      Do any other entity/entities (e.g.
      suppliers, distributors etc.) that
      the Company does business with,
      participate in the BR initiatives of the
      Company? If yes, then indicate the
      percentage of such entity/entities?(less
      than 30%, 30-60%, more than 60%)
      Yes. We have a code of conduct for partners
      which we expect them to follow.
      For more details, please refer to:
      section d
      Details of the Director responsible for
      the implementation of BR policies
      Mr.Satish Reddy
      vice-chairman and managing director
      din number 00129701
      Details of the BR head
      Mr.Raju Subramanyam
      vice president, sustainabilitY and she
      tel 040 49002339
      e-mail rsubramanyam@...
      din number NA


      section e
      principle 1
      Ethics, Transparency
      & Accountability
      A business can truly thrive only if its
      operations are built on a foundation of
      strong ethics. At Dr.Reddy’s, compliance,
      integrity and transparency are core business
      requisites and have been deeply embedded
      into our people, processes and policies.
      Our responsibility towards a sound and
      ethical governance system extends beyond
      the boundary of our business operations
      and permeates across the organisation’s
      subsidiaries and affiliates.
      hiGhest standards of comPliance
      „ We are the first non-Japanese
      pharmaceutical company from Asia to be
      listed on the New York Stock Exchange
      „ We also have the recognition of being the
      first manufacturing company in India, and
      one of the first in Asia, to be Sarbanes-Oxley
      „ Full compliance with Clause 49 of the
      Listing Agreement with Indian Stock
      Exchanges and with the applicable corporate
      governance standards of the New York Stock
      Exchange (NYSE)
      resPonsiBle and ethical conduct
      An unrelenting thrust on high standards of
      governance is ever evident at Dr.Reddy’s—
      right from the Board of Directors and
      management to the employees. A multitude
      of governance mechanisms helps us achieve
      the letter in spirit:
      „ Robust internal control systems which
      are regularly reviewed by both external and
      internal auditors
      „ Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
      (COBE) lays down the principles on ethics,
      bribery and corruption which applies to
      not just all our full-time and part-time
      employees, but also our subsidiaries and
      affiliates. We have also set forth a ‘Supplier
      Code of Conduct’ to guide the conduct of our
      suppliers, vendors and service providers
      „ An Ombudsman Procedure has been
      articulated under COBE to take into
      account procedures for investigation and
      communication of any report on any
      violation or suspected violation of the Code
      „ All our employees are trained in anticorruption policies and procedures and
      undergo a COBE test
      anti-corruPtion. free comPetition
      „ We have created widespread awareness of
      our whistle-blower policies and procedures.
      Issues concerning corruption, if any, are
      looked into and appropriately addressed

      „ A policy is in place to discourage the
      receipt of gifts, entertainment or payments
      by employees, either directly or indirectly,
      from parties conducting or seeking to
      conduct business with Dr.Reddy’s
      „ We prescribe to free competition and
      encourage our employees to conduct
      operations in accordance with all applicable
      competition laws and regulations that
      prohibit monopolization
      a two-PronGed sustainaBility
      As an organisation committed to responsible
      business, sustainability is a prime parameter
      at both levels—
      „ Corporate Level where overall policies
      and strategic direction are set and capital is
      „ Business Group Level which generates
      revenue and where the impact on
      communities and the environment is most
      transParency and accountaBility
      We have established systems and procedures
      to disseminate relevant information to
      our stakeholders, including shareholders,
      analysts, suppliers, customers, employees
      and the society at large. The primary source
      of information regarding our operations is
      our corporate website ‘www.drreddys.com’.
      Financial data is disbursed via quarterly
      financial result announcement and annual
      financial reports, and triple bottom line
      performance is presented through the
      Sustainability Report. In addition, various
      communication channels are deployed
      to reach out to our varied stakeholders.
      For detailed information, refer stakeholder
      engagement principle.
      principle 2
      Products Lifecycle
      At Dr.Reddy’s, we believe that our products
      have the power to not only heal lives but also
      herald sustainable change. We continue to
      invest time, money and energy in making
      our products safe, eco-conscious, affordable
      and efficacious.
      In the last two years, we focussed on
      holistically transforming our operations and
      embedding ‘Responsibility by Design’ across
      every phase of the product lifecycle. Ongoing
      mechanisms were strengthened and several
      new strategic interventions introduced.
      Key drivers of our product excellence
      journey include:
      affordaBility and accessiBility
      Dr.Reddy’s was founded with a singular
      goal—to provide access to affordable
      medicine. Our focus towards this core
      purpose is unwavering—at every step,
      every decision and in every product. From
      development to distribution, we incorporate
      the tenets of Availability, Affordability and
      Accessibility and actualize them through our
      three core businesses—Global Generics,
      Pharmaceutical Services and Active
      Ingredients (PSAI) and Proprietary
      safety and efficacy
      Health and well-being of patients is our
      core responsibility, hence product safety
      reigns paramount at Dr.Reddy’s. The thrust
      is to design out ‘quality and safety hazards’
      through better process engineering, capable
      machines and better practices.
      We are also developing products using
      the principles of Quality by Design(QbD),
      which ensures higher manufacturability. A
      well-organized and alert Pharmacovigilance
      function tracks and addresses any reported
      Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) across the
      entire life cycle of our product.
      Green chemistry
      We are committed to the principles of Green
      Chemistry & Engineering (GCE). We have
      developed a green matrix through which
      we monitor and manage various aspects like
      Atom Efficiency, E-factor, Reaction Mass
      Intensity and Energy Efficiency.
      Green Chemistry has empowered
      us to develop a number of new products
      without the use of volatile solvents such as
      Dichloromethane, Acetone and Ethers. We
      are also in the process of setting an industry
      benchmark of reducing the waste to 20–25 kg
      per kilogram of product vis-a-vis the industry
      average of producing 25–100 kg waste per
      kilogram of product.
      sustainaBle sourcinG
      We engage with a diverse set of business
      partners ranging from large organizations
      to SMEs and nurture relationships with
      indigenous business partners for key raw
      material supplies. We strive to enhance their

      capabilities through various training and
      knowledge sharing practices.
      We strive to embed sustainable practices
      among our raw material suppliers, contract
      manufacturers and authorised business
      partners as every action impacts the
      sustainability of every other member. We
      focus on three core aspects
      „ Mandatory Supplier Induction Training for
      all new vendors
      „ Penetration of safety culture among our
      „ Periodic trainings on quality excellence
      KnoWledge sharing
      „ Sharing of best practices via audits and
      „ Cascading the Supplier Code of Conduct
      „ Troubleshooting labs and support labs for
      sustainable logistics
      „ Focus on shifting vendors near to the
      manufacturing site
      „ Increasing sea shipments by 50%
      „ Introduction of new packaging solutions
      for cold chain products
      conservation of resources
      „ Reducing solvent usage and enhancing its
      „ Cutting down repeated testing of raw
      materials which have a stable track records
      „ Adopting Green IT practices for waste
      minimization and resource conservation
      principle 3
      Promoting Employee
      Transforming an individual’s high potential
      into high performance takes meaningful
      engagement, strong motivation, equal
      opportunities, adequate leadership and
      healthy work-life balance.
      While product innovation and customers
      enable growth, it is our people who actualise
      it. We hence foster a stimulating work
      culture that nurtures an atmosphere of
      encouragement, empowerment and team
      emPloyee comPosition
      Be it culture, age, gender, caste, religion,
      language or ethnicity, Dr.Reddy’s is
      committed to building a rich and diverse
      workforce. We regularly enhance this
      diversity by enhancing our global talent pool,
      inducting young and fresh talent, employing
      differently-abled individuals, and enhancing
      the ratio of female employees.
      Employee selection is based on talent
      and merit. Today, our global workforce
      comprises 16,500+ employees from over 23
      nationalities. In 2013, we made a conscious
      effort to build diversity in the workforce
      by recruiting 33% women in our campus
      talent Pool
      We ensure periodic enhancement of our
      employees’ competency, skills and attitudes
      in tune with the changing times and their
      growing job profile. We provide training
      based on the improvement areas identified
      during our rigorous talent review process. In
      the reporting year, our Leadership Academy
      delivered a total of over 5,250 man days of
      training. Employees also attended over 450
      external programs. In addition, multiple
      technical training programs were conducted
      at the respective business units.
      We have institutionalized a
      comprehensive Talent Management
      Process wherein our three-tiered Talent
      Management Board (TMB) identifies high
      potential employees and young emerging
      leaders and grooms them for higher
      Performance PerKs
      We have institutionalized a host of policies,
      facilities as well as tangible and intangible
      incentives which include but are not limited
      to flexible work timings, sabbatical leave,
      part-time work, paternity & maternity leave
      as well as leave for those adopting a child,
      so that our employees can strike a healthy
      work-life balance.
      actiVe enGaGement
      Employee engagement is a healthy two-way
      communication system at Dr.Reddy’s. We
      empower each of our employees—from
      boardroom to shop floor—with ample
      communication platforms across regions and
      time zones. Some of them include: quarterly
      employee communication sessions, open
      houses at the plants, 360º feedback and
      focused interviews.

      freedom of association
      In every area of operation, there is a freedom
      of association for all employees, including
      contract workmen, to exercise their right
      to form an association. We respect this right
      of employees, recognize their associations/
      unions through a code of disciplines and
      negotiate on all matters pertaining to service
      conditions leading to mutual benefits. We
      have recognized unions in eight of our
      manufacturing units in India and all the
      permanent workmen in these units are
      members of the union. About 5% of our total
      workforce are members of the union.
      Beyond worK
      We at Dr.Reddy’s blend work with play,
      celebrate achievements and provide
      platforms for employees to socialize among
      themselves and reduce stress. Programs like
      ‘Celebrations’—our annual employee event
      strengthens inclusiveness and fuels team
      spirit in the organization. Programs are hosted
      at regular intervals comprising fun games,
      cultural events and collective celebration of
      employees’ birthdays during the month. A
      gym at our corporate office and facilities for
      playing sports like table tennis, cricket and
      football at some of our facilities ensures that
      our employees are fit and healthy.
      health and safety
      „ While the medicines we produce
      are targeted to save human health, the
      manufacturing practices and processes we
      adopt are carefully chosen keeping in mind
      the safety of our workforce. ‘Parivartan’—
      our operations transformation exercise
      is driving a new safety paradigm across
      the organization. The intent is to achieve
      a ‘Safety Cultural Transformation’ by
      demonstrating commitment to safety at
      all levels, line management ownership of
      safety, and capability building in the area of
      safety. This journey has progressed well with
      standards of safety having shown significant
      improvement and the awareness and
      ownership on safety going up considerably
      across all levels in the organization
      „ In FY2013, a total of 3,593 internal
      safety training programs were conducted
      equivalent to 15,027 man days of training
      „ Employees are provided with a free
      annual health check-up as well as medical

      insurance. Beyond employee healthcare, we
      also extend medical support to employees’
      „ We have a framework in place to
      ensure that no complain on harassment
      goes unheard. Employees can write to the
      Compliance Officer voicing their concern.
      In case of complaints pertaining to sexual
      harassment, employees can reach out to
      the ‘Committee on complaints for sexual
      principle 4
      A business exists for and because of its
      stakeholders. At Dr.Reddy’s, we build lasting
      bonds with all our stakeholders, internal
      and external, and engage with them in
      meaningful two-way communication. It
      helps us review our actions, rethink our
      roadmap, redress grievances and recognize
      new avenues for revenues.
      The details of our key stakeholder
      engagement platforms are given in Table 2.
      identification and interactions
      We have invested time and resources in
      identifying varied clusters of stakeholders
      that are directly and indirectly affected by
      our operations and developed targeted
      engagement mechanisms for each cluster.
      A total of 21 shareholder complaints
      were received and resolved during the year
      principle 5
      Human Rights
      We champion meritocracy and strongly
      support and uphold the execution of fair
      practices and inclusive growth. In October
      2010, we became a signatory to the UN
      Global Compact, supporting the 10 principles
      of the Global Compact with respect to
      human rights, labour, environment and
      anti-corruption. Our Code of Business
      Conduct sets forth high standards of human
      rights. We strictly condemn non-compliance
      with any of our principles. This applies to
      all our Directors, employees, subsidiaries
      and affiliates. A separate ‘Supplier Code of
      Conduct’ has been inked for our suppliers,
      vendors and service providers.
      At all our campuses every individual
      is treated with equal dignity, enjoys equal
      rights and has the freedom to voice his/her
      mind without any inhibitions.
      We do not tolerate any form of
      harassment in our organisation. We do not
      employ nor encourage any child or forced
      labour at any of our locations. Anyone who
      is found to be engaged in any unlawful
      discrimination is subject to disciplinary
      action, up to and including termination. In
      the reporting year, no serious human rights
      violations were brought to the organisation’s
      In case of new investments, we conduct
      human rights screenings and also have
      related assessments for strategic suppliers.
      Anyone who is found to be engaged in
      any unlawful discrimination is subject to
      disciplinary action, up to and including

      Compliance of HR principles is ensured
      by conducting regular HR audits. Monthly
      meeting of HR heads from respective
      departments provides an ideal platform to
      flag off concerns, if any, and collectively
      propose and execute refinements.
      However, awareness in the healthcare
      industry is not just limited to information
      printed on packages. It also encompasses
      social perceptions about medical conditions
      and debunking myths and fears related to
      them. Hence, we have multiple initiatives
      that help generate awareness among people.
      principle 6
      At Dr.Reddy’s, we operate on the premise
      that ‘prevention is better than rectification’
      and hence are committed towards
      embedding ‘conservation by design’.
      It is our constant endeavour to embed
      environmental sustainability right at the
      design and development stage. We regularly
      assess potential environmental risks posing
      the organisation and strategize actions to
      mitigate the same. This approach helps us
      champion green endeavors that go beyond
      regulatory compliance.
      We are spearheading the uptake of Green
      Chemistry not just within the Company,
      but also within the Indian pharmaceutical
      industry. Our waste water recycling plant
      commissioned in 2004–05 holds the
      distinction of being the first of its kind in the
      pharmaceutical sector in India.
      During the year nine significant
      environment management projects were
      initiated with an investment of R251 million
      Detailed below are few of the initiatives
      that are helping us raise our green quotient:
      Green roadmaP
      We have in place a ‘SHE Policy and
      Principles’ to inspire our workforce to
      reduce environmental stress. The policy
      and principles are also communicated to
      all our stakeholders and efforts are being
      made to make them responsible towards its
      Going further, we have also
      institutionalized an organization-wide
      ‘Environmental Commitment Statement’

      charting ambitious targets and actionable
      steps for key environmental performance
      Year-on-year, we assess each unit’s
      progress on the said targets and strategize
      appropriate actions. The objective is to
      encourage and engage every employee of
      Dr.Reddy’s to contribute towards making
      the organization greener, cleaner and
      action aGainst climate chanGe
      We are committed towards managing climate
      change both within and beyond our sphere
      of influence. We have embedded ‘a culture
      of conservation’ among our employees and
      business partners.
      We continually implement initiatives
      on several green parameters like clean
      technology, energy efficiency and renewable
      energy. Below is a glimpse of some of our
      key environmentally-friendly projects. For
      detailed information, please refer Dr.Reddy’s
      Sustainability Report’s ‘Environment
      Performance’ and ‘Sustainable Sourcing’
      enerGy consumPtion
      We are conscious of the fact that ‘if more
      energy goes around, more emissions come
      around’. Hence, we strive to recreate and
      redefine processes that help us tread lightly.
      „ During the reporting period a total of
      29 energy conservation projects were
      identified with total investment of R156
      million and potential annual savings of
      R77 million. These projects are in various
      stages of implementation and expected to be
      completed by middle of FY2014
      „ The new corporate office of Dr.Reddy’s is a
      LEED certified Gold-rated Green Building
      „ A 4 kW solar power plant has been
      installed at our office in Ameerpet,
      „ Coal is replaced with agri waste briquettes
      for boilers at two of our manufacturing units
      waste manaGement
      „ 80% of our organic waste is productively
      deployed as auxiliary fuel in the cement
      „ Enhanced solvent recovery under our
      Program to Achieve Cost and Capabilities
      Excellence (PACE) has resulted in a saving of
      R500 million
      „ Vent condensers on process reactors to
      eliminate fugitive emissions
      „ Carbon adsorption solvent recovery
      system has been installed at our
      Formulations Hyderabad plant 3
      „ Water Conservation–Water is the single
      most important nutrient not just for people
      but also for the planet. Towards conservation
      of this depleting precious resource, we
      continue to boost our 3R (Reduce, Recycle,
      Replenish) water management approach
      „ CII water audit with potential savings of
      350 kl/d at our API Nalagonda plant
      „ CHB evaporative condensers to reduce
      load on cooling towers at our API Srikakulam
      „ At our manufacturing facilities, 100% of
      the wastewater is recycled and utilized for
      boilers, cooling tower makeup & gardening

      „ At our technology development centers,
      wastewater is sent to authorized common
      effluent treatment plants for further
      treatment & disposal
      „ Rain water harvesting system at
      Formulations Hyderabad Plant 1 with a
      potential to sequester 30,000 kl per annum
      „ Installation of a rain water harvesting
      system at our Bachupally, Hyderabad campus
      air Quality
      Managing air quality is on our development
      agenda. We already track particulate matter,
      NOx and SOx emissions and are closely
      following evolving norms on other pollutants
      such as VOCs. Our emissions generated
      are well within permissible limits given by
      comPliance & Beyond
      Four of our units are recipients of the ISO
      14001 Environmental Management System
      We are currently in the process of
      developing comprehensive internal
      corporate environmental standards and
      procedures which shall provide a framework
      „ Assess potential environmental risks
      associated with our operations
      „ Prevent, mitigate and control
      environmental damage & possible disasters
      Green Value chain
      We extend our commitment beyond our
      premises and encourage our vendors and
      partners to also adopt environment-friendly
      From raising awareness to empowering
      them through training, we lead and mentor
      our strategic partners to go green and
      help them reduce their environmental
      risks. Programs like the mandatory
      supplier induction training continue to be
      implemented for all new vendors to sensitize
      them to our business processes and culture.
      For information on Green Chemistry and
      Sustainable Sourcing, refer principle 2
      dr. reddy’s enVironment
      Performance rePort in a snaPshot:
      Please refer to: http://www.drreddys.com/
      for details on Dr.Reddy’s environment
      principle 7
      Policy Advocacy
      At Dr.Reddy’s, we have always encouraged
      our employees to share their knowledge and
      experience through external public forums
      and thereby impact the overall narrative and
      influence policy. During the period under
      review our technical and commercial teams
      participated in many professional forums
      including CII, IPA, Chapters of ICAI, and
      industry round tables, among others.
      Membership to some of the industry bodies
      and Chambers Association:
      „ Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
      „ FICCI

      „ Indo American Chamber of Commerce
      „ Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA)
      „ Pharmexcil
      „ Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association
      „ Indian Drug Manufacturers Association
      „ CII Green Business Centre
      „ WWF India
      „ Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers
      of Commerce & Industry (FAPCCI)
      principle 8
      Equitable Development
      At Dr.Reddy’s, we own social responsibilities
      with equal passion and professionalism.
      We leverage our expertise and resources to
      research community needs, develop and
      pilot new projects, scale them up, assess
      its impact and once proven successful,
      collaborate with the government and various
      Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to
      roll them out.
      We engage with the community at
      two levels, one being in and around our
      campuses with the active involvement of
      our employees and the other wherein we
      lend support to Non-Profit Organisations
      such as Dr.Reddy’s Foundation (DRF),
      Naandi Foundation and the Centre for Social
      Initiative and Management (CSIM).
      While we touch multiple lives in multiple
      ways, our focus is on three main life-altering
      areas: Livelihoods, Education and Patient
      local interVentions
      uplifting the health quotient of
      underprivileged patients
      Our patient care initiatives are geared
      towards making life more comfortable for
      patients—financially, physically as well as
      emotionally. A key focus area is cancer care
      and we have well-thought-out initiatives
      which address every facet of the patient care
      sphere, be it accessing quality medications,
      emotional support, treatment interventions,
      awareness camps or free check-up camps.
      changing the paradigms of rural
      We work to make education more accessible
      for children in rural India and also aim at
      improving school infrastructure by key tools
      like: Scholarships for Higher Education,
      Coaching camps, Distributing learning tools.
      empoWering transformations
      through smts
      The first pharmaceutical company in India
      to implement the Self-Managed Team (SMT)
      initiative, we aim to provide employment
      to youth from economically disadvantaged
      communities. The recruitment strategy
      purely focuses on rural and semi-urban areas
      where employability is a challenge. These
      students earn while they learn. All team
      members are encouraged to pursue higher
      education on completion of which they take
      on higher responsibilities and grow in their
      career be it in our organization, in another
      organization or as an entrepreneur.
      nation-wide interVentions
      dr. reddY’s foundation
      Dr.Reddy’s Foundation (DRF), the nonprofit arm of Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories, acts
      as a change agent in the social sector, by
      identifying and pursuing new opportunities
      to serve the community in two core areas:
      Our livelihood programs work towards
      enhancing the employability of urban and
      rural youth.
      „ LABS Our Livelihood Advancement
      Business School programs are developed
      for youth between the age of 18 to 35 who
      have limited opportunities and inadequate
      skill sets. To enable these youth to gain a
      foothold in today’s competitive job market,
      LABS equips them with job specific skills,
      soft skills and placement linkages. Currently
      DRF operates over 100 LABS centers across
      21 states and has generated over 2,80,000
      livelihoods till date
      „ SRI—Skilling Rural India An initiative
      to help rural youth gain skills which translate
      into employment within the rural milieu,
      thereby overcome pressing problems such
      as the need for migration, poor income,
      isolation from family and village life, the
      tribulations of adjusting to urban way of life
      and the poor retention rate
      Over and above technical training, the
      SRI training module also comprises life skills
      DRF strives to provide various opportunities
      for learning to those who have never been

      to school, or have dropped out of it; it also
      works to improve the quality of education
      in schools through diverse initiatives and
      programs. We work through a well-woven
      fabric of stakeholders, communities, official
      institutions and schools to encompass
      children from all walks of life and to
      introduce as well as mainstream them in
      DRF’s education initiatives include:
      Education Resource Centre (ERC) | Pudami
      Neighbourhood Schools and English
      Primaries | Kallam Anji Reddy Vidyalaya
      (KARV) | Special School for Homeless
      Children | Kallam Anji Reddy Vocational
      Junior College (KAR-VJR) | Yuva Youth
      Learning Centres | Non-Residential Bridge
      Centres (NRBCs) and Residential Bridge
      Centres (RBCs).
      For more details please refer: http://www.
      dr. reddY’s foundation for health
      education (drfhe)
      DRHFE works in collaboration with the
      medical fraternity to facilitate an integrated
      multidisciplinary approach to good health.
      education and training initiatives
      The aim is to bring about a transformation in
      patient care by teaching as well as imparting
      soft skills and life skills training to healthcare
      stakeholders via focused programs:
      „ Abhilasha Training nurses to sharpen
      their skills and self-confidence
      „ Sarathi Enhancing the skill-sets of
      doctors’ assistants
      „ Inner Circle Teaching patient- handling
      skills to young doctors (PGs)
      „ Sanjeevani Helping pharmacists improve
      their skills and develop empathy towards
      „ Aakriti Empowering dental doctors to
      sharpen their skills
      „ Disaster Preparedness Workshop
      Training the hospital staff towards efficient
      crisis management

      healthcare awareness
      Awareness for Life: Aimed at spreading
      awareness about lifestyle diseases among
      corporate India.
      patient initiatives
      „ Life at Your Doorstep (LAYD) A wellequipped medical van with a team of doctor,
      nurse and patient counsellor is dispatched
      to provide home care for terminally ill
      „ Aastha Sensitizes doctors and nurses to
      palliative care and increases their awareness
      For more details, please refer: http://www.
      principle 9
      Customer Value
      Every day, our products impact the lives of
      millions of patients around the world. Hence
      we remain uncompromising on ensuring
      360º customer value—safety, efficacy, costcompetency, accessibility, transparency and
      accountability. ‘Pharmacovigilance’, ‘Safety
      by Design’, ‘pharmacopeia adherence’ and
      ‘bioethics’ are active ingredients in our
      product development formula.
      To ensure that we prove worthy of the
      trust our customers place on us we employ
      below steps:
      360º safety commitment
      Be it products or processes—safety comes
      first at Dr.Reddy’s. We adhere to globallyrecognized, safety benchmarks like the
      International Conference on Harmonization
      (ICH) guidelines and have instituted a
      comprehensive safety assurance model that
      weeds out safety and quality hazards from
      the development stage of a product to its end
      The Pharmacovigilance (PV) and Clinical
      Management Group are key arms of our
      organization that guards our medicines
      against adverse effects, if any. The

      Pharmacovigilance team intervenes at an
      early stage, rather than acting as a watchdog.
      We incorporate global Pharmacovigilance
      mandates across the entire product
      development lifecycle. Towards this end,
      we have structured processes in place to
      monitor signals and events across the globe
      and identify cause-effect relationships. Tollfree numbers have been set up in various
      countries to facilitate reporting of adverse
      events and a Drug Safety Assessment and
      Reporting team is in place to administer swift
      addressinG counterfeit
      Besides sales losses, IP infringements and
      reputation drain, counterfeit drugs pose
      one of the biggest risks to a patients’ health.
      At Dr.Reddy’s, we have deployed a robust
      process to prevent counterfeiting of our
      products. Some of the key systems and
      initiatives we have instituted to avert this
      breach include:
      „ Use of a specific sequence for batch
      numbering, manufacturing and expiry date
      „ Use of hologram stickers
      „ Employment of specialized printing
      techniques to safeguard products from cheap
      „ Implementation of a coin reactive zone
      customer awareness
      Medicines are a product category where even
      a slight misappropriation of information
      could lead to fatalities. We ensure that this
      responsibility towards our customers is
      demonstrated throughout our marketing and
      promotional material and all information
      is provided in an unambiguous and precise
      At all times we seek to engage with
      our customers in utmost transparency and
      accountability. We keep them updated
      about the composition and effects of
      our pharmaceutical products. Literature
      pertaining to promotional content or any
      Customer Relationship Management activity,
      scientific seminar, symposium etc. undergoes
      a stringent authentication process by our
      Product Management team and Medical
      Affairs Team. All our Professional Sales
      Representatives (PSRs) undergo in-depth
      training, so that they are well versed with
      product information and communication
      skills. Our in-house Medical Affairs Team
      addresses queries from PSRs and doctors,
      regarding our products, within 48 hours.
      During FY2013 over 20,000 man-days of
      training was provided to trainee Professional
      Sales Representatives (PSRs). Apart from
      this, the Training Managers also undertake
      OJT (On-Job-Training) with select PSRs as
      joint field work. This amounted to over 400
      man-days in FY2013.
      However, awareness in the healthcare
      industry is not just limited to information
      printed on packages. It also encompasses
      social perceptions about medical conditions
      and debunking myths and fears related to
      them. Hence, we have multiple initiatives
      that help generate awareness among people.
      PromOTE India is one such initiative
      that promotes early detection, awareness
      and diagnosis which helps prolong the life
      of cancer patients. The initiative works
      by connecting Oncologists and General
      Practitioners (GPs) which in turn empowers
      professionals like GPs and other nononcology doctors to enable early detection of
      cancer. We also run a program on Lymphoma
      Awareness—an interactive campaign on
      radio channels across India where eminent
      oncologists address listener’s queries on the
      ROSHINI is an initiative to diagnose all
      undetected diabetic cases in India. Launched
      in November 2008, the initiative includes
      activities like glucose screening camps at a
      doctor’s clinic and talks at schools which give
      children information about diabetes, obesity,
      diet pattern and physical activities which
      help prevent diabetes.


      Chairman: G V Prasad

      Registered Office

       Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited

      Door No 8-2-337,

      Road No 3, Banjara Hills,

      Hyderabad - 500034.

      Andhra Pradesh

      Tel: +91-40-49002900

      Fax: +91-40-49002999

      Website: www.drreddys.com

      Email: corporatehr@...

      As verified on 29th August 2013.

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