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CSR 2012-13) by Crompton Greaves Ltd.

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    CSR by Crompton Greaves Ltd. Sales: Rs 12633 Cr Profit before Tax: Rs 64 Cr Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Source: Crompton Greaves Ltd. Annual Report
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      CSR by Crompton Greaves Ltd.

      Sales: Rs 12633 Cr
      Profit before Tax: Rs 64 Cr

      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
      Source: Crompton Greaves Ltd. Annual Report (2012- 13), Pg No: 38 & 39

      URL: www.bseindia.com/bseplus/AnnualReport/500093/5000930313.pdf

      Corporate Social Responsibility

      FY2013 is the seventh year of CG’s dedication
      to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CG
      has believed that business can—and must—
      have a positive impact on the communities they
      serve and on the environment. CG is committed
      not just towards profitable growth ,but also to
      leaving a deeper imprint on society as a whole.
      As CG expands its global footprint, the Company
      is matching its business growth with addressing
      societal needs wherever it operates.

      In FY2013, the Company rolled out CSR
      initiatives on three themes: community outreach,
      education and skills development, and
      sustainable energy or energy management. The
      focus is to make efforts across all geographies to
      align CSR activities under these three themes.


      Community Outreach Initiatives

      • Skills training to self help groups from Kanjur
        village under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour
        and Empowerment.
      • Insurance schemes for the unorganised
        sector, especially women involved in domestic
      • Community library in Nimgaon Wagha.
      • Construction of a Gram Vikas Bhavan and
        a community gymnasium at Nandur Vaidya,
        Nashik. The Gram Vikas Bhavan will serve as a
        centre for all community related initiatives such
        as village meetings, training programmes and
        cultural get-togethers.
      • Health camps organised by the T2 division,
        Malanpur, the village of Rithora; and by Unit II in
        Goa in the village of Parpoli.
      • Renovation of the Primary Health Centre
        in the village of Kural by the Lighting Division,
      • Education and Skills Development.
      • Bridge classes for 50 children from Kanjur
      • Global R&D conducted refresher course
        in Maths for 250 students preparing for their
        board exams.
      • Scholarships were awarded to needy
        children across eight units.
      • Upgrading basic facilities for the Deaf and
        Dumb school in Ahmednagar.
      • Sponsoring a batch of 25 students for ITI and
        four students for a nursing course from Kanjur.
        Upgrading ITI with electrical panels customised
        by CG engineers.


      • R LT Motors, Ahmednagar, took up rainwater
        harvesting as part of sustainable management
        at their Unit. An underground water sump
        has been created to collect rain water
        accumulated from the terraces of all buildings.
        The underground sump has a capacity to
        hold 278.85 cubic metres of water. This
        initiative has helped reduce the dependenceon the Maharashtra Industrial Development
        Corporation (MIDC).
      • The M7 Division, Mandideep, recycled its
        factory scrap and converted barren land into
        garden space.

      Community Outreach
      CG Power Systems Canada worked with
      needy families to build homes for them through
      Habitat for Humanity. Awareness programmes and fund-raising
      events were conducted by CG Power Systems
      Canada and CG Power Systems Belgium to
      help those suffering from chronic illnesses. Employees of CG Power Systems US
      participated in a three week mission to provide
       education and basic first aid supplies in Ghana

      Education and Skills Development
      CG Electric Systems Hungary conducts
      English speaking classes for the local youth in
      Tapioszele and Budapest. CG Power Systems Canada provides
      engineering scholarships to the local university
      with preference for female students. CG Power Systems Canada engineers volunteer in mentoring students taking up
      engineering courses in the University of
      Manitoba. ZIV Spain has tied up with Fundación Novia
      Salcedo , a non - profit organisation to promote
      employment among youth. It looks at providing
      scholarships and industrial exposure to such

      • CG Power Systems US adopted a part of the
        highway leading to the CG industrial building and
        implemented a clean-up drive where volunteers
        take turns to keep the highway clean.
      • CG Electric Systems Hungary initiated the
        ‘Save Heating Energy Project’ at the plant site
        by using solar energy.
      • CG Power Systems Ireland secured a
        government grant for €114,000 under the
        Better Energy Workplace Scheme for Energy
        Improvement Projects. Through this, it
        undertook projects to reduce annual energy
        spend by €320,000.
      • ‘Carless Day’ is commonly implemented
        across the units at different intervals to help
        reduce the carbon emissions and promote
        healthy lifestyles.

      Chairman: Gautam Thapar

      Registered Office

      Crompton Greaves Ltd.

      C G House,

      6th Floor,

      Dr Annie Besant Road,


      Mumbai 400030

      Tel: 022-24237777 , 24237805

      Fax: 022-24237733

      Website: www.cgglobal.com/

      Email: investorservices@...

      As verified on 27th August 2013.

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