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Remembering Shri Mahendra Mehta, of Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

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  • karmayog
    http://www.rnct.org/ Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust RNCT Tackles Problems Of Poverty Through Its Various Projects & Activities Worldwide Mission Ratna Nidhi
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      Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

      RNCT Tackles Problems Of Poverty Through Its Various Projects & Activities

      Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust is committed to the welfare of people from the
      most underprivileged strata of society without distinction of caste, creed
      or color. Its emphasis is on assisting children and youth who are citizens
      of tomorrow and the disabled who needs support to help them join mainstream

      RNCT provides
      1 Food to street children & very poor children in Mumbai
      2 Mobility & Hearing aids to Disabled
      3 Disaster Relief in India & Abroad
      4 Sponsors terror victims' children
      5 Vocational Training & Small Business skills to street children

      As a child, Mahendra Mehta's mother encouraged him to give his first
      earnings to the less fortunate. Throughout his lifetime, he has continued to
      follow his mother's wise words. Over two decades ago, Mehta began the Ratna
      Nidhi Charitable Trust with capital from his own family fund. He is also the
      trustee of Project Mainstream, Hamara Foundation and Help Handicapped

      Mehta's programs include surgery for polio victims, cleft lip surgery,
      education programs, small business training including micro credit
      facilities, book distribution and garment distribution for children in need.
      With support from the European Commission, Mehta organized a soup kitchen
      for street children in India. These children receive a free meal for
      attending school or education centers regularly or placing their wages into
      savings accounts. Through the Business Skill and Development Project,
      children in need are taught business basics and vocational work. After
      graduating from the program, children are aided in finding suitable
      placements in the work force, or provided with a loan to start a small

      Mehta's Hospital on Wheels travels to remote villages, providing health care
      to children in need and their families. Health programs sponsored by Help
      Handicapped International provide prosthetics for child victims of land
      mines and wars in Kenya, Sudan, Burundi, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

      "I have seen expressions of joy, sorrow, anguish and agony in children,
      where one can see the hope in their eyes but sometimes despair and
      frustration too. These compelling sights prompted me to lend them a hand so
      that they could see a better tomorrow." - Mahendra Mehta


      Two Extraordinary People

      Recently Kell and I were given an extraordinary experience to meet two
      people, Asha and Mahendra Mehta, who clearly understand humanity's
      inseparable oneness and to witness through their organization, the Ratna
      Nidhi Charitable Trust, the kind of compassion in action that is expanding
      the consciousness of our species and exemplifying the way to save our
      planet. These humble people insist that what they are doing to alleviate
      human suffering is only "a drop in the ocean" and is not really "charity"
      but simply their duty to share what isn't really theirs with their brothers
      and sisters. However, we recognize the significance of their vast
      humanitarian efforts and are compelled to share their story with you.

      Mahendra's Global Family

      At the age of 65, Mahendra told us, he decided to broaden his view from just
      running a business and supporting his immediate family. It was then he made
      a commitment to extend his family to the family of the world. First, he
      extended his family to include Mumbai, especially the impoverished children
      there. From there, he extended his family far beyond.

      Gandhi's Ideas
      Speaking about putting into practice the ideas of Gandhi he had read as a
      child and becoming "a disciple" of his mother's, who had taught him to "care
      and share what he had," Mahendra told us: "I give my time, which is not
      mine. I give my effort, which is not mine. I give my money, which is not
      mine. And what is mine? Except for my soul, there's nothing I have that is

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