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Intro to The Children First Party of India

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  • karmayog - tanya
    http://childrenfirst.in/ The Republic is in deep crisis. On every benchmark of good governance and practice the Congress-led UPA government has failed the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2013

      The Republic is in deep crisis. On every benchmark of good governance and practice the Congress-led UPA government has failed the nation.The economy is in serious trouble with the current and fiscal deficits ballooning to record levels. Inflation –especially food inflation is persistently in double digits.On other fronts of governance too, the outlook is despairing. Scams involving mind-boggling sums and the neta-babu kleptocracy in the highest echelons of government, is deadly proof that the slow poison of corruption has seeped deep into all vital institutions of the Republic. Simultaneously, repeated bomb blasts in public places countrywide and the continuously rising wave of crimes against women and children which the corrupt police force and ossified judiciary are unable to prevent or contain, reflects not only severe erosion of the law and order and justice machinery, but also an acute socio-economic crisis. And for this pathetic condition of the nation, the main-opposition BJP is also to blame. It is hell-bent on plunging the nation into a perpetual state of communal conflict. The regional parties with their intellectually bankrupt, caste-driven agendas are no better.

      Against this backdrop it’s too late to save the adult population from the consequences of having foolishly elected governments on dynastic,communal and caste considerations for over half a century. But it’s not too late to save Generation Next. To attain this urgent objective we have to transform India – which grudgingly hosts the world’s largest child and youth population (550 million) -- into a children-centric nation.

      Therefore today on International Women’s Day because women feel the pain of the nation’s neglected and vulnerable children most deeply we have launched the Children First Party of India. Our credentials are impeccable; our objectives and priorities are clear to save Generation Next the deep deprivation and bleak future suffered by post-independence India’s first generation.

      CFPI is conceptualised as a fully-fledged people’s political party with a mass base as detailed in our comprehensive Manifesto. And to the people of India I put forward a simple proposition. I have invested a sum of Rs.10,00,000 into CFPI with the objective of saving Generation Next. I invite you to join with me by investing perhaps risking – Rs.100 by signing up as a member of CFPI and simultaneously persuading two citizens to do likewise. Read our Manifesto, and if you are like-minded, make common cause with the Children First Party of India.

      Together Let’s Save Generation Next.


      For CFPI's video messages on:

      1. Education http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgaXzYa999E

      2. Gender Crimes http://youtu.be/4nX4UWOva6s

      3. Sanitation

      http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=RHFIMlKQCts&feature= youtu.be

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