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CSR (2012-13) by Asahi India Glass Ltd.

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    CSR by ASAHI India Glass Ltd. Sales: Rs 1954 Cr Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Source: ASAHI India Glass Ltd. Annual Report (2012-13), Pg No: 27- 30
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      CSR by ASAHI India Glass Ltd.

      Sales: Rs 1954 Cr

      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

      Source: ASAHI India Glass Ltd. Annual Report (2012-13), Pg No: 27- 30

      URL: www.asahiindia.com/investor_relations/Annual%20Report-2012-13.pdf 

      Corporate Social Responsibility
      A cornerstone of AIS’s vision is to be a socially
      conscious business and it has always displayed
      the highest standards of corporate citizenry.
      Apart from continuously fulfilling all its regulatory
      requirements related to the society at large
      across all the business units, the Company has
      a well structured Corporate Social Responsibility
      (CSR) programme that specifically focuses on
      communities in the vicinity of two of its major plants
      in Bawal (Haryana) and Roorkee (Uttarakhand).

      The initiatives are focused on education, health,
      empowerment and livelihood development and are
      conducted under the company’s platform called the
      ‘Integrated Community Development Programme
      (ICDP)’. The CSR initiatives proposed under the
      various schemes are regularly administered,
      monitored and executed by a leading Delhi based
      NGO named ‘Youthreach’.


      School Bus Service
      At both Rewari and Roorkee, AIS provides school
      bus service to primarily support girl students to
      reach school. In Rewari 596 girls are using this
      service. For class 9 and 11, there were 290 new

      admissions made from the Company’s project
      villages. In Roorkee, this service enables the
      girls to access the senior secondary schools and
      colleges in Jhabreda, Manglor and Latherdeva
      Hoon. 115 girls from 8 villages avail this service.
      At both locations, the girls availing the facilities
      also pay a nominal amount that primarily supports
      staffing of the buses.

      AIS Unnati Centre for Remedial

      This service is conducted at Rewari to provide
      tutorial support in three subjects (Maths, English
      and Science) for children attending 10th grade. The
      centre has now completed 6 years of successful
      operation and has provided tutorial services to
      over 2000 students. A total of 415 students are
      currently accessing the tutorial facilities across 16
      AIS Unnati centres.

      AIS Unnati Centre for School

      This is being run in the Rewari area to provide
      opportunity for children who have dropped out
      of school to re-enroll through the Haryana Open
      School Exams. A total of 10 AIS Unnati education
      centres are being run today with 134 students
      using this facility. Out of 112 children who appeared
      for the examination, 66 have cleared their exams
      and have been admitted into mainstream schools,
      while the remaining 54 children have re-appeared
      in the Mar-Arpil 2013 examinations.


      Adult Literacy Education Centres

      Around Roorkee, 5 Adult Literacy centres have
      been set up and 150 women have enrolled for
      these classes. A teacher’s training programme
      was organised by a partner NGO - Nirantar. The
      curriculum was also provided by them. 85 women
      (57%) cleared the examination

      Livelihood Development

      AIS Unnati Training Centre

      Sewing and Tailoring Unit: Located in the Rewari
      area, the centre works on providing income
      generating skills to drop out school girls with low

      academic qualifications. In 2012-13, the course
      was completed by 73 girls who were awarded
      certificates by AIS staff. A new centre has been set
      up in Nangalteju.

      Computer Education: AIS continues to run a
      computer training centre in Bawal. The course
      duration is 4 months and the curriculum
      was developed in-house. The Company has
      collaborated with Intel to provide free training
      and certification for the instructors. A total of 175
      students enrolled for the course in 2012-13.

      Enterprise Development, Roorkee

      To promote economic advancement of women in
      the villages surrounding the AIS Plant in Roorkee
      an initiative has been launched to form self-help
      groups (SHGs) amongst women that encourages
      savings and provides loans. These SHGs have
      been established in 3 new villages during 2012-13.
      The women’s groups have collectively saved `
      78.8 Lakh since the inception of the programme

      of which ` 26.75 lakh has been saved in 2012-13
      alone. Amount inter-loaned since the inception
      of the programme is ` 1.25 crores. A total of 390
      enterprises were set up in the year and during
      the project period, 1800 enterprises have been




      In 2012-13, an association was established with
      I Care Hospital Noida to organise eye camps. 2
      camps were held and 163 patients were screened.
      A total of 17 patients underwent cataract surgery
      for free. Spectacles were also provided to patients.

      In addition, 4 immunisation camps were held and
      350 children were provided Hepatitis B vaccines,
      while 7 general health camps were organised
      where 750 people attended. A special camp was
      organized specially for paediatric care.

      There were 3 camps organised specially for
      providing health awareness to women – 250
      women attended the camp. An innovative approach
      of promoting health awareness through magic
      shows was conducted during 2012-13. There were
      6 such shows that were attended by around 700

      28 health camps were conducted across 14
      villages, which were attended by approximately
      5,800 people, the majority of whom were women.

      Activities and Events

      In both locations, the Company conducts several
      activities and events that promote development of
      the communities in different ways.


      An Exposure visit to Jaipur was undertaken
      where 650 students, teachers and members of
      village panchayats participated. Spread across 4
      days, the trip included visits to the Amber Fort,
      Albert Museum and Birla Temple. Six Life Skills
      Sessions were organised for the girls attending
      the vocational training centre that were attended
      by 70 participants. Sports day was organised for 3

      villages. This included events like cricket matches
      and matka race. 125 youngsters participated in the
      event. A team building workshop was also held for
      all staff.


      Six street-plays were performed to sensitise the
      rural populace on the issue of health, hygiene and
      mother and child health care. The plays covered an
      audience of over 800. Women’s Day celebrations

      were done in 35 villages with 800 women
      participating. The participants shared information
      and experiences on saving and setting up income
      generation activities. For capacity building, 18
      trainings were held with 800 SHG members.
      A special exposure visit was also organized
      where 30 women participated. Umeed, an NGO
      based in Sangrur, working in the area of women
      empowerment organized a 3 day visit to Roorkee
      for their staff and beneficiaries. The objective was
      to learn from the best practices undertaken by the
      AIS intervention.


      Chairman: B. M Labroo

      Registered Office

      Unit No. 203 to 208,

      Tribhuwan Complex, Ishwar Nagar,

      Mathura Road ,

      New Delhi – 110065.

      Tel: (011) - 49454900

      Fax: (011) - 49454970

      Website: www.asahiindia.com

      Email: analyst@...

      As verified on 22nd August 2013.

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