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CSR (2012-13) by Bharti Airtel Ltd.

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    CSR by Bharti Airtel Ltd. Sales: Rs 80311 Cr Profit before Tax: Rs 4982 Cr Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Source: Bharti Aitel Ltd Abridged Annual
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      CSR by Bharti Airtel Ltd.

      Sales: Rs 80311 Cr
      Profit before Tax: Rs 4982 Cr

      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

      Source: Bharti Aitel Ltd Abridged Annual Report (2012-13), Pg No: 6-11

      URL: http://www.airtel.in/wps/wcm/connect/0aae4681-cf8f-41be-a571-d7d9dbc124ea/Bharti-Airtel-Abridged-Annual-Report-2012-13-for-Web.pdf?MOD=AJPERES 


      Corporate Social Responsibility

      Bharti Airtel partners organisations across countries of its
      operation to foster inclusive growth. The Company is actively
      pursuing its socio-economic priorities across multiple
      platforms. Its individual business units, spread across
      different geographies, have consistently tried to promote
      social inclusion in an environmentally sustainable manner.


      Bharti Foundation: Towards Delivering
      Quality Education
      Bharti Foundation was established in 2000 with a vision
      ‘to help underprivileged children and young people of the
      country realise their potential’. Its flagship initiative, the
      Satya Bharti School Programme, was launched in 2006.

      Objectives of Satya Bharti School Programme

      • Provide free and quality education to rural,
        underprivileged children, with special focus on girls
      • Help students emerge as educated, confident,
        responsible and self-reliant employable citizens, who
        are deeply committed to society
      • Encourage active involvement with the community,
        parents and like-minded organisations
      • Make a lasting and sustainable impact on the
        community, where schools are present
      • Find innovative solutions through its primary,
        elementary and senior secondary schools to create
        replicable and scalable components in the programme
        to impart quality education
      Fighting for a Cause

      In a survey conducted by the Satya Bharti School students
      in the village, it was found that only 80% of the children
      population of Kurrian Kalan attended schools, while the
      remaining 20% were either school dropouts or were never
      enrolled. Deprived of their childhood, kids often took to odd
      jobs to earn some money. The Satya Bharti students met the
      village head (Sarpanch) and head teachers of other schools,
      ran a door-to-door communication campaign, convincing
      parents and community members about the children’s Right
      to Education.

      The campaign helped bring out of school children back to
      schools and helped drive home the message of a child’s
      right to education and childhood.

      Agents of Change

      • The Students at Satya Bharti recognise their role in
        bringing about social transformation to emerge as
        responsible citizens
      • Building ‘individual responsibility’ through Community
        Development Campaigns forms an integral part of the
        school curriculum. The campaigns enable students to
        address social problems by interacting closely with
        their surroundings
      • Students of the Satya Bharti School spearheaded
        community development campaigns against social
        evils and engaged over 0.5 Mn local people to bring
        about positive changes at the grassroots level;
        moreover Satya Bharti students won 15 awards at the
        Design for Change School Contest 2012 and five awards
        at the Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards 2013 for
        their efforts to eradicate social evils

      Programme Expansion
      Educate A Child

      • Educate A Child is a global initiative launched by Her
        Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar, which
        aims to reduce the number of out of school children
        worldwide to ensure their Right to Education
      • Bharti Foundation is Educate A Child’s strategic
        partner in India. The Foundation is setting up Satya
        Bharti Learning Centres in the villages of Rajasthan
        along with the State Government to enrol out of school
      • Under the Satya Bharti School Programme, the
        Foundation partnered the state government to establish
        45 Satya Bharti Learning Centres in Government
        schools in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. These centres have 1,134
        out of school students undertaking bridge educational
        courses to get ready for age-appropriate classes

      The Quality Support Programme

      • The Quality Support Programme aims to collaborate
        with the Government and work towards improving the
        quality of education through need-based interventions.
        The intervention model developed for the government
        schools focuses upon the optimal utilisation of
        government resources and pooling best practices to
        address their hierarchy of needs
      • The Quality Support Model offers the participating
        schools a range of support material/services ranging
        from entailing curriculum material, teacher training                                                                                                                                                          school processes, pedagogical tools and mentoring
      • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been
        signed with Punjab and Haryana Government for this

      Winds of Change by a 12 Year Old

      Arti Verma, a Class V student of Satya Bharti Government
      Upper Primary School, Raiwana, Rajasthan, was
      instrumental in getting her friend social recognition.
      Seeing that her friend was denied entry into the village
      temple, Arti raised her voice against untouchability and
      fought for an impartial society. She gained her father’s
      support in her crusade. Post approval from her parents,
      she met the villagers and sensitised them towards the
      issue through meetings, rallies, hand-made posters and
      slogans. Gradually her efforts started showing results.
      The villagers started accepting the once considered
      ‘untouchables’ into the community. Many children from
      the lower castes were allowed to enter the schools. A
      few men and women found employment and started to
      take part in socio-economic activities. The 12 year old
      was instrumental in bringing a change in the mindset of
      the villagers towards untouchability. Her endeavour to
      create an equitable society was appreciated by the jury of
      Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards.

      Bharti Foundation: A Resource Organisation in
      Education Space

      Bharti Foundation plays a key role as a resource
      organisation to many national and international
      institutions, such as:

      • Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)
      • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
      • Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and
        Industry (FICCI)
      • World Bank and Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs
      • Supplemental Type Inspection Report (STiR)

      Bharti Foundation’s international presence:

      • Infopoverty World Conference organised in the UN
        headquarters, New York
      • Learning for All Ministerial Country Meetings in
      Awards and

      • 2012 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)
      • ICICI Foundation & CNBC TV-18 Inclusive India
        Award 2012
      • Quality Council of India - D.L. Shah Quality Awards

      Airtel Delhi Half Marathon: Raising Funds

      • The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon created an excellent
        platform to bring together corporates, individuals,
        employees and students of schools and colleges. It
        created a perfect space for Bharti Foundation to drive
        awareness about the Satya Bharti School Programme
      • The theme for this year’s campaign of Airtel Delhi Half
        Marathon was - ‘Student Stars’. A total of ` 13.7 Mn
        was raised through the participation from corporates,
        individuals and other special initiatives

      Strengthening the Bond

      Bharti Airtel joined other group companies to undertake
      efforts to support the Satya Bharti School Programme.

      • The Young Leader Programme
        Under the Young Leader Programme, as a part of the
        corporate induction schedule at Bharti Airtel, every
        fresh batch of MBAs joining the Company from premium
        institutes participates in this two-week programme. In
        2012-13, as many as 98 Young Leaders volunteered in
        49 Satya Bharti Schools in Rajasthan
      • Employee Philanthropy Programme - ACT (A Caring
        A Caring Touch (ACT) is an employee payroll giving
        programme for Bharti Group of Companies. Initiated in
        August 2006, the Programme encourages employees
        to give back to the society in terms of money, time,
        skills or knowledge. All contributions are matched by
        the Company based on their respective band limits,
        thus doubling the amount for the receiving charity. In
        the year 2012-13, of the ` 19.0 Mn contributions made
        towards the Satya Bharti School Programme, a total of
        ` 12 Mn were contributed by Bharti Airtel and Bharti
        Airtel Services along with their employees

      Business Sustainability

      Bharti Airtel extended its sustainability network through
      the following initiatives:

      Farmers and Fishermen

      IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Limited (IKSL), the joint venture
      with the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited
      (IFFCO), functioned along with Agricultural Technology
      Management Agency (ATMA) in different states to provide
      technical information related to education, government
      schemes, health, loans from banks and so on.

      In Odisha, IKSL teamed up with The National Federation of
      Fishermen’s Cooperatives Ltd. (FISHCOPFED) and the state
      government to provide customised content to fishermen.
      Over 1 Lakh fishermen were benefited by the Company’s
      customised information.

      The services included information on Potential Fishing
      Zone (PFZ), advance weather forecasting, tidal wavelength,
      fishing regulatories, basic hygiene on fishing, health,
      fishing tips and government schemes.

      Apna Chaupal

      Airtel Uttar Pradesh & Uttaranchal’s (UPU) Apna Chaupal
      is a first-of-its-kind, voice-based, one-stop solution
      portal for value-added services. The service was formally
      launched in Khindora of Bagpat district, Uttar Pradesh,
      especially for the rural and semi-urban markets.

      The innovative service empowers pan-India mobile
      customers to easily browse and subscribe to a bouquet of
      value-added services, while on the move, by just dialling a
      toll-free number.

      Cyber Security

      The Company regularly supports government agencies
      like CERT.in, IB, NTRO and NATGRID to provide services,
      including threat mitigation like botnet threat, stuxnet
      propagation and others; proactively mitigate threats to
      national critical services (attack simulation exercises).
      The Company also works closely with DSCI to evolve the
      privacy framework.

      ISO 22301

      Bharti Airtel invested substantially in business
      continuity and disaster recovery plans across all its
      • It became the first telco to be certified against
        ISO 22301 for India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh operations
      • Airtel M Commerce Services was also certified
        against ISO 22301 and was achieved without a single
        non-conformity. This was one of the most complex
        implementations and certification efforts in business
        continuity globally
      ISO 27001

      Bharti Airtel’s robust information security management
      system and operations were certified against ISO 27001
      Airtel M Commerce Services was also certified against
      ISO 27001
      • The Company also pioneered the innovation and
        implementation of integrated approach for ISO 22301
        and ISO 27001; it holds the distinction of being the first
        Company globally to have implemented an integrated
        ISMS-BCMS across Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and 16
        business units of India

      Making the World Greener

      Bharti Airtel has been continuously evaluating the
      environmental footprint of the services offered by it and its
      infrastructure partners on resource and energy consumption,
      greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste handling
      procedures. The Company encourages its employees to act in
      their workplaces and business operations to reduce energy
      consumption and waste. It also endeavours to drive the use of
      available technology to cut down business travel.

      Green Energy

      • A 100 kwp solar power plant was commissioned at one
        of the Main Switching Centres (MSCs) of the Company in
        India. This is the largest rooftop installation in India’s
        entire telecom sector, generating 1.5 Lakh units of
        green energy annually; moreover, planning to replicate
        this in its other MSC locations with 300 kwp solar power
      • Implemented solar solutions at mobile base stations
        and transport network site and battery hybrid solution
        at BTS sites
      • Completed successfully the trial of biomass gasifier to
        replace DG running at BTS sites at Airtel network

      Green Networks

      • Conversion of Indoor Sites into Outdoor Ones
        This year, Bharti Airtel converted about 1,680 base
        stations from indoor to outdoor sites, eliminating the
        use of air conditioner at these locations. This is over
        and above its initiative to deploy 81% new sites as
      • Network Deployment with Low Power Consuming BTS
        The Company endeavours to build the network with
        power-efficient electronics. The new family of BTSconsumes 0.8-1.0 KW power. Its diligent efforts in the
        last five years helped to reduce power consumption per
        BTS by 60%
      • Auto TRX Shutdown Feature at Existing Sites
        During non-peak hours, some of the TRX can be
        switched off to reduce power requirement at existing
        sites. With help from its vendor-partners, the Company
        has developed and implemented Auto TRX shut down.
        This feature is now active at about 61,000 pan-network
      • Network Deployment as Sharer
        In 2012-13, as much as 68% of the incremental sites
        were deployed on a sharing basis. These sites share the
        existing power infrastructure with tower companies to
        reduce carbon footprint

      Partnering for a Greener World
      • Project P7 with Bharti Infratel
        Continuing its efforts with Infratel to shape a greener
        world, Bharti Airtel eliminated diesel generators (DGs)
        running across 3,200 sites in 2012-13, converting them
        into green sites
      • Project Green City with Indus
        Project Green City, which was launched last year, now
        has 10,300 green, diesel-free sites

      e-Waste Management

      As a part of the green IT initiative and according to the
      directive from the Ministry of Environment and Forests,
      the IT Team started an e-Waste Initiative, along with the
      SCM team. The objective is to ensure that all the scrap IT
      Assets are recycled/e-Wastes can be disposed of according
      to applicable WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic
      Equipment) norms. At Airtel Centre, 500 IT assets were
      recycled with e-waste recycler vendors in FY 2012-13.

      e- Annual Report

      Bharti Airtel has started distributing Annual Reports
      through email, thus helping reduce paper consumption.
      The Company has sent the electronic version of the Annual
      Report to more than 2 Lakhs shareholders, saving over
      2 Cr. pages.


      The Company was successful in its endeavour to launch
      e-bills for its post-paid and fixed-line customers. Todayover 50 Mn of its customers use e-bills. This go-green
      drive enabled the Company to save 21,400 trees annually.
      Moreover, the process of address verification of postpaid acquisitions also went digital. eWaivers, introduced
      nationally for getting waivers approved, is another key
      initiative aimed at ushering in paperless processes.

      Community Development

      Bharti Airtel encourages its employees to engage
      meaningfully with the community through multiple services.

      Plantation Drive

      Airtel Centre, Gurgaon, collaborated with an NGO,
      IamGurgaon, under the project Million Trees Gurgaon to
      plant 2,000 saplings in the bio-diversity park, Gurgaon.
      Around 200 employees, along with the CEO, participated
      in this drive. NESA and UPU circles planted around 500
      saplings, while Airtel Rajasthan, along with a local NGO,
      Paaniram, planted 2,500 plants.

      Disaster Relief

      Bharti Airtel continued to extend its support to the society
      in times of natural calamities and other disasters. The
      NESA circle supported the victims of communal clashes in
      Lower Assam whose houses were destroyed in August 2012.
      200 volunteers participated and provided food packets and
      clothes to the victims. Additionally, the Company donated
      significant sums of money, which were used to buy essential
      food items for the victims. Delhi NCR Circle, in association
      with the NGO Goonj, undertook a drive to collect a huge
      quantity of old wearable clothing for the underprivileged.
      Moreover, employees of Rajasthan Circle and Airtel Centre
      collected and contributed old wearable clothing to Mother
      Teresa Home and the NGO, CRY.

      Blood Donation Camp

      Bharti Airtel has been holding Blood Donation Camps
      for several years across various circles in India to save
      human lives. This year also, Airtel Centre – Gurgaon, Airtel
      Business, NESA Circle, Karnataka Circle, UPU Circle and
      Shared Services organised Blood Donation Camps. A large
      number of employees participated to make these initiatives

      SMS Campaigns

      The Company launched various SMS campaigns across
      different markets to enhance social welfare and drive
      awareness. These included alerts on polio prevention

      dosage, traffic rules, reminder on right to vote, fraudulent
      calls, corruption/bribes and drug trafficking.


      Our School

      Airtel Africa’s ‘Our School’ programme is a school-adoption
      initiative, under which the Company adopted 38 rural
      primary schools across 17 African countries. Working closely
      with governments in these countries, it aims to improve the
      quality of education imparted to children in underprivileged

      Currently, these adopted schools cater to more than
      18,000 children. The scope of activities involves supporting
      infrastructural refurbishment of classrooms, providing
      uniforms, books, ICT and broadband connectivity.

      Moreover, through the ‘Our School’ programme, the
      Company also works towards building community and
      employee engagement with the adopted schools. The
      school calendar ensures that there is enough opportunity
      for the community to understand and be engaged with
      the programme, participating in cleanliness drives, tree
      plantations and other events that are undertaken. Employees
      of Airtel Africa, on the other hand, are encouraged to donate
      funds and spend time towards improving the schools. They
      also volunteer onsite, visiting the schools regularly and
      interacting with the teachers and students.

      In Tanzania, under its continuous nationwide book campaign,
      the Company collaborated with the government through the
      Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. The objective
      was to improve the country’s educational facilities to help
      develop a well-equipped future workforce. It donated four
      computers and books for Mazombe Secondary School
      in Iringa under the programme. Airtel Africa aims to use
      this platform to reach out to more schools throughout

      Mobile Sustainability

      Africa, more than any other region in the world, needs the
      most concentrated efforts at social inclusion.
      Airtel Africa is sensitive to this need and believes in the
      power of technology to drive the change. One of the major
      steps to bring about a change was to bridge the gap between
      the privileged and the underprivileged. The Company
      performed this task by bringing its products and services
      into the daily lives of people.


      Partnership with Nokia


      Airtel Africa, in collaboration with Nokia, developed an
      ICT-based initiative, Nokia Education Delivery (NED), to
      provide broadband connectivity to rural schools. Under
      this programme, Nokia uses mobile technology to offer
      educational videos, both classroom lessons and training
      sessions. These videos are meant for teachers across
      100 schools in remote Nigeria and 13 schools in almost
      inaccessible areas in other African countries.

      Partnership with Earth Institute

      Airtel Africa has also partnered with the Earth
      Institute, a non-profit organisation in Africa, to provide
      telecommunication services to eight villages in six
      countries (one each in Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania and
      Uganda and two each in Kenya and Nigeria). People who
      belong to these rural pockets, also known as Millennium
      Villages, are provided with internet connections. Besides,
      this initiative also provides cellular phone connections
      and free-of-cost local helpline numbers maintained by the
      Company for community health workers.

      Initiatives in Millennium Villages

      Child Count: A mobile health application developed to
      improve delivery of healthcare, child survival rate and
      maternal health.

      Shared Solar Power System: A modular solar (or hybrid)
      powered system to meet the basic electrical needs of up to
      20 consumers simultaneously.

      Connect to Learn: An information and communications
      technology in schools that specifically emphasises on
      the quality of education imparted to girls and addresses
      challenges they face in getting enrolled and continuing
      their education.

      The initiative has also brought together and enabled
      partnerships with local communities, government entities,
      international organisations, nonprofit institutions,
      research and academic institutions and others working as
      part of the Millennium Villages project.


      Partnership with Sanlam

      Airtel Africa entered into a strategic agreement with
      Sanlam, a South Africa-based financial services group.
      The objective was to develop low-cost insurance and health
      funding products across Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia,
      Uganda, Malawi and Nigeria.

      Making the World Greener

      To reduce its carbon footprint, Airtel Africa started
      converting high OPEX sites to their OPEX-efficient
      counterparts through a three-way approach:

      1. Increasing grid connection percentage, i.e. converting
      off-grid sites into grid sites

      2. Deploying hybrid batteries on bad grid and off-grid sites

      3. Deploying green energy solution (solar) on off-grid sites

      Till date, over 105 solar sites have been set up in Nigeria,
      reducing diesel generator usage from 24 hours a day to
      just three to four hours daily. By 2013, Airtel Africa aims
      to completely eradicate the constant use of diesel and
      make its network entirely green power driven. In the last
      two years, Airtel reduced the diesel consumption by 25%
      across all sites.

      Community Development

      Airtel Rising Stars

      The Airtel Africa Championship is a part of the Airtel Rising
      Stars programme, a talent search initiative focused on
      identifying and nurturing soccer talent from the grassroots
      on to a national stage. Touted as the continent’s biggest
      tournament, the championship attracted approximately
      18,000 youth teams and 324,000 young players across 15
      countries. In addition to galvanising the biggest turnout
      during the qualification stage, the programme also
      broke new grounds by introducing girls to a pan-African

      Promoting Public Health

      Airtel Ghana funded the construction of a purpose-built
      Clinical Teaching Facility and Diagnostic Centre at the
      School of Medical Sciences, University of Cape Coast. The
      objective was to benefit more people by reaching out to
      them with medical science


      Chairman: Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal

      Corporate Office

      Bharti Crescent,
      1, Nelson Mandela Road,
      Vasant Kunj, Phase – II,
      New Delhi – 110 070

      Tel: 011-46666100 011-46666500

      Fax: 011-46666137 011-41666149

      Website: www.airtel.in

      Email: compliance.officer@...

      As verified on 21st August 2013.

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