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Appeal - from our ex servicemen of ARMY

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    From: Kishin Chandiramani ohumkc@yahoo.com ... From: mathew oommen AN APPEAL TO VOTE IN THE FORTHCOMING LOK SABHA ELECTIONS: 2014 Dear
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2013
      From: Kishin Chandiramani

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      From: mathew oommen <mathewo555@...>


      Dear ALL @ Veterans and Soldier Community & Families/Friends,

      1. The current unsatisfactory political atmosphere in our country and the
      low level to which governance has plunged , has set many of us thinking
      of a better and healthy political environment. We have identified that the
      Ex-Servicemen community and the serving defence fraternity across the
      country voting intelligently and with specific purpose of improving the
      governance can put together lakhs of votes which would undoubtedly swing and
      inspire the trend of voting for the better.

      2. Many like minded patriotic citizens have approached us, ‘The Justice for
      Jawans’ – the NGO, to take control of the situation and put up individuals
      with defence background as candidates for the forthcoming general
      elections. We have already stressed the importance of ensuring that our
      names are in the voters’ list and that we exercise our franchise in favour
      of the right candidate, through various circulars, media and stressing the
      same on various formation HQs. We, while in service, were not adequately
      provided with opportunity to exercise our voting rights! Now situation is
      changing in our favour and please remember that our votes are important. (
      please visit following web sites: www.eci.nic.in ;

      3. This is the opportune time for us to realize and show ‘political power
      mongers’ the power of vote of every soldier/veteran. We earnestly appeal to
      all members of Armed Force fraternity to be prepared in time for the
      occasion, so that our valuable votes are not wasted. We further appeal to
      work towards the local issues and our out standing demands, not only for
      pay and perks, but also for our ‘Izzat’ as soldiers. We have to vote during
      the next general election for a candidate, who has nation at his heart, as
      centre of all political activities.

      4. We, as Ex-servicemen’s NGO, wish to put up candidates on “Justice for
      Jawans’ platform in many constituencies –and particularly in Cantonments,
      where defence personnel are concentrated and activities of Ex-servicemen are

      5. In View of the above, kindly forward your views and also pass on this
      information to other veterans/soldiers, who naturally will have faith in our
      bonafides. Let us unite and act decisively in nation building activities.
      You may also arrive at a consensus in your respective constituencies and
      suggest probable candidates for elections and other collaborative working
      during the next general election.

      Think over and act in time… Jai Hind!!

      With profound regards
      Yours truly
      Major Mathew Oommen(Retd) Colonel Laxman Sathe (Retd) Lieut
      Colonel Suresh Patil(Retd)


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