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Pachyderm follow up !

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    From: Shakuntala-Debashish Majumdar thanespca@hotmail.com Friends, While this drama below was being enacted, the Medical Team continues to write an extensive
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      While this drama below was being enacted, the Medical Team continues to write an extensive report for the Central Zoo Authority to be able to facilitate confiscation of elephants from Mumbai. 

      Vivien Braggs, a resident of Borivili, and in the news below, met us on the day of the Medical evaluation at Borivili and complained to us that he was fed up of seeing the mahouts beating the elephants daily in the morning to make them get out on the roads. Alone in the beginning, till he was supported by a group of about 60 locals, he stood against the mahouts and forced them to go back to the Kora Kendra grounds from the Link Road.The news reports that the mahouts left, however, they dod not. The owners family and the mahouts came back to claim their animals and also lodged a case against Vivien for harassing them. 

       Now we know why Roopkali, especially, does not want to go out on the roads to beg. She is partially blind in both eyes and has to keep her eyes shut due to photosensitivity. She relies entirely on the voice commands of the mahout, obviously making her uncomfortable to venture out.

      Keeping our fingers crossed for the fate of the elephants of Mumbai

      Team Thane SPCA


      Govt whip: 2 mahouts flee with elephants

      Dilnaz Boga @DilnazBoga

      Fearing that their four elephants would be confiscated by officials, two elephant handlers, who tried to flee but were traced by the police, finally fled.
      Recently, the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) instructed the chief conservator of forests (territorial), Thane, to form a team to assess the health of four privately-owned elephants, out of which two were kept in Borivli (West) ground.
      Sources said all the four elephants are bound to be afflicted by diseases caused by obesity, bad environment and unnatural circumstances. The report will be submitted to the inspector general of forests and director of Project Elephant.
      Shakuntala Majumdar, president of Thane's Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said: "We are going to finalise the report by Friday and e-mail it to the offices."
      On Monday after officials visited Borivli where two elephants were kept, the two handlers tried to escape.
      Vivien Braggs, a social worker, lives near the open ground where the elephants are kept.
      "If the animals made any sound, their handlers used to hit them with iron rods," he said.
      "I had no idea that the smaller elephant was blind and had his nails removed. There is no water on that ground for them to drink."
      Braggs said the locals have seen the two elephants begging on the roads. "This morning, we saw the handlers leave with them and we tried to stop them as we knew the officials would be back for a thorough examination," he said.
      Braggs then called the police. "The police intercepted the handlers. As they were escorting the animals back, the handlers fled in autos," he said.
      Later, the mahouts' families with the animals too left.
      Police sources said a local Congress corporator had tried to intervene on beh alf of the handlers and tried to get information about the complainant. "Shiva Shetty wanted to find out who the complainant was," said the officer.

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