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Intro to Sambhaavnaa - possibilities in policy and politics

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    http://www.sambhaavnaa.org/ Sambhaavnaa - A sansthaan for action and discussion of possibilities in policy and politics. Two main missions of the sansthaan are
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      Sambhaavnaa – A sansthaan for action and discussion of possibilities in policy and politics.

      Two main missions of the sansthaan are -

      • to nurture value-based leadership by encouraging individuals to reflect and discuss ideals and ideas that define a just society, and engage with government and civil society to steer policies in public interest.
      • to be a forum where critical issues of the society can be discussed and formulated for action.

      We aim to strengthen our democracy by holding the government accountable to the people and protecting their fundamental rights. We are committed to bringing this vision to the public policy making process in India. Sambhaavnaa hopes to enable common people to claim their rightful place in the participatory democracy and ensure that government policies and programs are for the benefit of the people.

      It often seems that the policies and regulations are made for the benefit of a few influential entities with money and power to fund campaigns of our elected representatives. We hope to overcome this special interest control that has paralyzed our politics and government.

      In the name of economic growth, government policies have given almost free access of our natural and public resources to a few corporations. The only goal of these corporations seems to be maximizing their profits, even if it leads to serious environmental and social consequences to the larger society.

      When you combine the ideology of money and profit as the supreme goal, with the increasing economic control of a few individuals and corporations over the economy, you have a potent recipe for ensuring that only commercial interests would control our public policies.

      Apart from the obvious social impacts of inequality, it inevitably erodes democracy and leads to the control of public policy making in the hands of those who control the money. This happens in a variety of ways.

      The challenge then is to inspire a new generation of youth who would understand public issues and who would have the means and the motivation to lead a movement to rescue public policy from vested interests and help shape it in public interest.

      It was therefore felt that an institution which exposes and engages people to the real state of affairs in the country and the world and the manner in which issues of common public interest are being dealt with by policy makers around the world.

      This Institute of Public Policy & Politics at Palampur, Himachal has been founded by Prashant Bhushan (under the Kumud Bhushan Education Society). The institute aims to inspire young people to understand and critically examine issues of public interest and development through its short and long term programmes and courses. The institute also plans to host workshops and consultations on relevant subjects from time to time.

      Sambhaavnaa campus is located in the foothills of Dhauladhar mountains in Himachal. The campus has been built using local materials, essentially wood, bamboo, earth and stone, with traditional architectural design and practices by our village people. The campus has been built using ecofriendly and sustainable technology and practices that it is attempting to promote.


      For more information, please send an email to sutradhaar@...
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