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Re: Uttarakhand disaster information

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    Sub.: FOR INFO: Offering support for rescue and relief for thefloods and landslides in Uttarakhand Dear All, HCC proactively considers disaster risk as a part
    Message 1 of 179 , Jun 20, 2013

      Sub.: FOR INFO: Offering support for rescue and relief for thefloods and landslides in Uttarakhand

      Dear All,


      HCC proactively considers disaster risk as a part of sustainable business development agenda and has supported timely rescue and relief operations over past many years both at national and international level. For instance; Tsunami (2004), J&K Earthquakes (2005), Mumbai Floods (2005), Bangladesh Cyclone (2007), Leh Flash Floods (2010), Sikkim Earthquake (2011), Snow Avalanche (2012) etc.


      In the light of the current situation of floods and landslides in Uttarakhand, HCC would like to offer its help and support through its project office in Tehri-Garhwal. HCC has a Hydro Project site in Uttarakhand located in Tehri Garhwal district of the State of Uttarakhand on the River Bhagirathi, about 1.5 km downstream of its confluence with River Bhilangana. The project team has already deployed its people and equipments to support the landslide affected villages in the vicinity of the project site.


      There are several other locations in Uttarakhand which have been highly affected by the disaster. HCC would also be willing to associate with agencies (NDMA & State Government Agencies, International/ National NGOs and UN bodies) who are supporting relief and rehabilitation in these areas, with its available project management capabilities, equipments and trained engineers etc., other than financial support. 


      I would request the agencies working for the ongoing floods and landslides in Uttarakhand  to get in touch with the undersigned, in case any support is needed.




      Shikha Shabdita,


      Hindustan Construction Company,





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      http://www.deccanchronicle.com/130822/news-current-affairs/article/uttarakhand-debris-forces-river-change-course Uttarakhand: Debris forces river to change
      Message 179 of 179 , Aug 21, 2013

        Uttarakhand: Debris forces river to change course

        DC | Rashme Sehgal | 22nd Aug 2013

        New Delhi: Experts believe that one of the key reasons why rivers in Uttarakhand are changing course is due to the accumulation of debris from largescale construction and mining going on along their banks.

        Prof Shekhar Pathak, historian and expert on the Himalayan region, pointed out that the construction boom fuelled illegal sand and boulder mining from riverbeds across the Himalayan belt. This largescale extraction changed the slope of the riverbed forcing it to change its course.

        Prof Pathak cited the example of Alaknanda river changing its course   abruptly in June which saw it flowing through  the Srinagar city. The huge quantity of silt and boulders that it was carrying saw its banks being raised by 40 feet.

        The environment ministry and the PMO had been repeatedly warned against muck being allowed to accumulate along the river banks  often because of the construction of huge tunnels to build the run-of-the- river dams thereby forcing the river to flow at higher levels.

        “Each of these projects generates millions of tonnes of muck. Scientists have calculated that one hydro project requires several lakhs truckloads to remove this muck. The cheapest way out is to dump this waste material into a river,’ he added.

        This was confirmed by  geologist Dr Naveen Junyal with the Physical Research Laboaratory,  in Ahmedabad who pointed out that the massive 1893 and the 1970 floods in the Alaknanda did not rec-ord such high levels. The situation remains same with other rivers including the Mandakini, the Bhagirathi and the Dhauli Ganga.

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