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Re: : Appeal for intervention to save soil and forest reserves in thane district

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  • Sanjay.Gadhalay
    There is something called as a Socio economic study of the area ..get access to the report .or get it f done . Then on Google maps demarcate the area we are
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2013
      There is something called as a Socio economic study  of the area ..get access to the report  .or get it f done .

      Then on Google maps demarcate the area we are tallking  about  .

      Get full details from the relevant forest department or agricultural departments set up to service these areas if any  ..else i am sure an NGO can get you access to the report on details of rain fall , cultivation, soil  studies    , water body coverage  ,, cropping studies ,topograpical  maps   ,vocation studies  , demographic studies for manpower availability   , education and healthcare support  .

      Use the topographical map and a bunch of Civil engineers or the government department there to get a real estimate of the lay of the land  , watershed area  , ground water levels and  then work on a watershed area management plan  i think there is an institution out of Aurangabad called   WALMAR  to be tapped for this  .

      Get access to an agricultural university in the command area we have defined and get them to do a command area survey to define the current status .
      Identify the companies M&M , TATA/ HUL  /Mahyco  , etc /Cooperatives   operative in the area and see if they can bring the overall project under one of their CSR's  for the funding needs .

      Put the whole  set of activities into a shareable pert chart  and identify the champions for each initiative ...and start  it with the name of god on your lips ..

      Take the help of or Alum and well wisher Ashok Kalbag and the team of  Vigyan Ashrams, with its  incredible experience through their archives of work done by Dr.Kalbag at Pabal which transformed a dry barren land  he had been given by the government of maharashtra into what it is today  !!

      Also you can dram upon Vinay Somani from the Karamyog group in Bby ..who has a wealth of volunteers and experience for on the ground support  
      Help is always there ..one just needs to ask for it  and seek it  ..and keep trying  ...success always is the trophy of the perseverant !

      best of luck 

      On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 10:07 AM, <guptedeepak@...> wrote:
      Thanks a lot Sanjay. Till now, I have worked entirely at individual level, on week ends by visiting that specific village repeatedly over the past year. After our discussions, I have started compiling all my notes to a single file (hard copies) and single folder on google drive.

      1. Your point is 100% correct. Unless the facts are studied and recorded properly, it will be impossible to plan anything. So the first step for me will be to try and put together a team (you have given several ideas for this) for doing this, arrange funding for their expenses.

      2. I shall check with various NGOs and government departments who were reported to be compiling a Public Biodiversity Register in some of the villages. Those reports may help in further work.

      3. I shall try and meet Chief Conservator of forests (you mentioned Nasik but wouldn't that be at district level at Thane?).

      4. I have come across people who work with department of forests (VAN RAKSHAK), during my visits. I shall interact more with them to get their views about local issues.

      You mentioned many more points. I need to jot down all those too.

      Hope you continue to guide me in this amateurish effort.

      Best Regards

      Deepak Gupte  9324642575

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      Subject: Re: : Appeal for intervention to save soil and forest reserves in
       thane district

      Deepak  ,

      We spoke  .
      please list the activities  that you would like to initiate


      On Fri, 17 May 2013 11:29:21 +0530, Sanjay Gadhalay <sgadhalay@...>

      > Inviting volunteers to get in touch with me locally and with  deepak,
      > gupte
      > Wishing you the best for  the day and the future,
      > Regards,
      > Sanjay Gadhalay
      > 9849454569
      > Living in he present with full interest is mindfullness ...to enjoy life
      > to the fullest be mindful  ...Dalai  lama  quotes


      Warm regards,

      Sanjay Gadhalay
      Serious Professional:
      Other interests :
      Sports /cycling /trekking .mentoring

      Coming together is a Beginning , Keeping together is Progress and Working together is SUCCESS ..Anon
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