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Job fair for People with disabilities in Thane

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     Subject: Job fair for People with disabilities in Thane  Main Point: Empower physically challenged to be independent economically as well socially
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2013
      �Subject:Job fair for People with disabilities in Thane
      �Main Point:Empower physically challenged to be independent economically as well socially
      �Category of Topic:Disabilities
      �Message:Invitation: Job Fair for Persons with Disabilities 17th May 2013 Many countries throughout the world have, in recent years, adopted policies aiming to promote the rights of people with disabilities to full and equal participation in society. This has often been in response to the ILO Convention No. 159 concerning Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons (1983) policy on employment opportunities for people with disabilities is frequently supported by legislation and implementation strategies as essential tools to promote their integration and social inclusion. The current unemployment rate in India is a 4-5%; however it is a staggering 66% in case of persons with disabilities, for various reasons. Lack of education, skill deficit are only a few of the many factors, but it is the attitudinal factors of employers, co-workers and the society at large that can potentially contribute to addressing this issue. The governmental legislations on 3% reservations for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in government jobs and public sector undertakings is encouraging, but the fact remains how many persons with disabilities can the government actually absorb even at their fullest hiring potential. To put in simple terms, what percentage of our non-disabled employable population is actually working with the government and public sector enterprises?. It is imperative that even persons with disabilities look forward to opportunities in the organised private sector; across functions and industry. The silver lining is that a number of companies in India; small, medium or large have realised the potential of persons with Disabilities (PWDs), acknowledged their contribution and many PWDs playing lead roles in the organisations of their employment. Many employers have proactively come forward to hire persons with disabilities (PWDs) and have articulated diversity and inclusion as part of their Human Resource Policy and thereby contributing immensely to addressing this huge national level challenge; the unemployment of persons with disability, more so acknowledging and ensuring an equal opportunity to a person with disability, which is his right. Cheshire Homes India, Mumbai CBR project organising a job fair for persons with disabilities on 17th May 2013 at Shree Mavli Mandal School, opp. Charai Telephone Nigam Ltd. Near Ganesh talkies, Dhobi Ali, Charai, Thane West Mumbai 400014. The timing of event will be at 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. this has been done to keep it flexible for the organisations to accommodate the process of recruitment, and back office/documentation they will require to complete as part of their hiring processes. We invite you to the job fair where you would be able to interact with, shortlist and hire from among 350 candidates with disabilities with various qualifications; post graduates, graduates, undergraduates, graduate engineers and diploma engineers etc. for entry level jobs as well as for those with some work experience across the sectors namely; IT, ITes, BPO, KPOs, Banking and Financial Services, Retail and Hospitality. We would also glad to receive from you a note on the nature of vacancies and job descriptions, which will enable us to refer suitable candidates on the day of interview. Cheshire Homes India Mumbai non-profits that have been working towards empowerment of persons with disabilities for over half a century each and have come together to organise this event. We look forward to your participation in this job fair. We request for a meeting with you at your office at a date and time convenient to you on the matter. Sincerely,Mr. Sushil Shingade Livelihood Coordinator Cheshire Home Mumbai (M) 98333 08418 (M) 99601 13421 Off.: 022- 25331349
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