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Is LBT a mastermind to replace all local traders with FDA Malls ?

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  • jnmital
    Was Seventies Mill strike mastermind to make Mumbai Shanghai. After this strike many Mill workers became unemployed and could never return back to Mumbai rest
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2013
      Was Seventies Mill strike mastermind to make Mumbai Shanghai. After this strike many Mill workers became unemployed and could never return back to Mumbai rest of their life for work. This was fortunately or unfortunately a well plan stagy to create huge real estate land for future developments into Malls and luxury housings and change life style and working of many Mumbaikars and huge profits for builder lobby. Today this looks crystal clear plan of some smart bureaucrat. Now come back to today's position of imposing taxes on small traders. In 2004, half century old Sale Tax was replaced by VAT which invite increase in cost of goods everything its changes hands.Same is the stagy of LBT, which will also invite increase in cost of the goods every time it changes hand. This means the end consumer would land up in buying goods at much higher price when he buys it form a small road side retailer of his locality since this good would reach such retailer changing hands from Manufacturer to Distributor to Whole-seller to finally Retailer. after adding LBT selling price of this good would at least 5% at every stage it changes hands. But the same good when the consumer buys form a FDA own Mall like WALL MART, who would buy it directly from Manufacturer, this would be available to consumer at a much cheaper price. So soon entire chain of Distributor, Whole-seller and retailer would be out of business. So friends be prepared to go back to village or home town for living a premature retired life just after 5 years if LBT come to effect as u may have no business left in Mumbai the way Mill Work had no work left in Mumbai.

      If FAM distributes pamphlets, circular to individual shops and immediately same evening holds local meetings in every suburb, such suburb retailers which caters to 2/3 rd of Mumbai population ( as per 2011 censors more than 65 lakhs of Mumbai population lives in suburb ) would immediately give good results and majority would join the indefinite Bandh.

      Please dig out all records and details of 2004 where promises were made by Govt. when VAT was introduce which said that Once VAT is introduced, Octrio and CST would be removed and entire country would have one rate for all commodities. This breach of promise made by state to its citizens could be challenged in court. Also expose that ur hard earned money paid as tax to BMC is used by them to give free Laptops to Councillors who refused to return them back when their term was over and fresh laptops were distributed to new Councillors.

      However, FAM rejects to address two questions which were neglected in past and r still unsolved. They r Trade refusal charge and Senior citizen age to be 60 so as to get relief in Professional tax. These issues r directly affecting many small time retailers and unless retailers who r most unorganized as FAM has done little ground work to unite them, join totally, this agitation would never be successful. Unless public feels the pinch in the kitchen when retailers have join the agitation, govt. would never bend. So FAM has to decide, whether they wish to add more issues and in return add more retailers to this agitation or they wish to continue with their blind decision to just have LBT. LBT could be core issue but getting solution to these other 2 issues would come as complementary as govt. may easily accept them since first one is unconstitutional and in second one Govt; has already accepted by issuing Senior citizen card to those of 60 years but have failed to issue GR so that executives could start following it. It took 9 years for FAD to come on streets on some issue that is after VAT issue of 2004 and even if traders come on street as seen in VAT case, there is no guarantee that Govt. would bend. Hope in this agitation we r successful but once this agitation is over, once again FAD would go in slumber and forget all other issues which r equally important. This agitation would never be successful without total retailers contribution for which unfortunately FAD has done little preparations. Adding more vital issues to the agitation would definitely promise more retailers contribution as these small issues r directly affecting many retailers who may find lot of relief it they r addressed. Hope FAD gets sense.


      Jitendra Gupta
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