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Snatch governance from notorious political community

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  • Mahendra Kamdar
    *Snatch governance from notorious political community * ** ** It refers to nephew of Railway Minister Pawan Bansal arrested by CBI for allegedly taking bribe
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2013

      Snatch governance from notorious political community


      It refers to nephew of Railway Minister Pawan Bansal arrested by CBI for allegedly taking bribe for posting of Mahesh Kumar as member of Railway Board. India’s democracy has been corrupted by high virus of corruption where politics is undoubtedly become business and profession for political families rather than a tool of serving nation and its people.


      Only and best remedy is to snatch power of governance from those in politics. Only non-members having not contested elections for last say six years should be made Ministers so that MPs/MLAs may become real king-makers to serve as real watchdogs in service of their voters and constituencies, and to have a close watch on such appointed ministers rather than themselves lobbying for ministerial posts! Rather since being an MP or MLA in itself a full-time job, no MP or MLA should retain any type of post even in their party or society by considering posts of MPs and MLAs also as ‘Office of profit’. Those aspiring for ministerial post need not contest elections at all. Experts rather than professional politicians will then govern the country. Ministerial-strength then can be reduced for 10-percent of strength of lower House. Post of Parliamentary Secretaries should be altogether abolished.


      Prime Minister/Chief Ministers should be elected by secret and compulsory vote of members of the Lower House through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) on nominations signed by at least 34-percent members. Such an elected PM/CM may be removed by same process but with compulsion of naming alternate leader in the same motion. Even Speakers and Deputy Speakers should be elected simultaneously with PM/CM in the same manner. Members not opting to vote may lose membership and disqualified to contest any election for next six years. Putting option of ‘None-To-Vote on EVMs, will further clean the system.



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