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Tell MPs about death due to inaction on Food Bill in Parliament.

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  • Gopalkrishnan iyer
    Economic  Times dated 07-05-2013. Amartya Sen :  Tell MPs about death due to inaction – Food Bill in Parliament. The imbalanced article by the Nobel
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2013
      EconomicTimes dated 07-05-2013.
      Amartya Sen :Tell MPs about death due to inaction – Food Bill in Parliament.

      The imbalanced article by the Nobel price winner Dr Sen is disappointing if not frustrating assuming that his views are not politically motivated! Dr. Sen also appears to endorse the PM as a good economist capable of understanding that if food bill is not passedit can cause deaths! Certainly Yes! Absolutely no dispute! What stood in the way of the PM for last 10 years from initiating the process of food security, which is certainly at the top of the list of priorities for any politician, particularly when he should have reached the end of the list accomplishing each ! If innocence is a reason then it only goes to show that just having honesty, integrity and education (knowledge)cannot deliver!. It also require will, dedication, interaction and leadership! We are forgetting that by continuing as PM in the company of a sizable number of criminals , the old saying “ man is known by the company he keeps” can be modified or rewritten like the affidavit of CBI which is the hottest of all news today. The PM would have been held in an Aura and dignity ifhe had relinquished his position when he realized that the going is not right!!This is my personal view in consideration of the impeccable nature he possessed! He could perhaps have done much more good, from outside rather than from inside the government,� like Dr. Sen.

      Dr Sen appears to be focused just on his subject like a blind folded ox going round and round an oil mill (chakky), and not on realities on the ground! Does he forget that every minister and for that matter every elected representative is duty bound by oath to take care of the people’s interest and to protect them with particular emphasize to poverty alleviation!In fact each of them come to power, over the last 65 years by promising to give them freedom from poverty and hunger! In fact it appears that the MPs and MLAs and so on do not want to eradicate poverty lest they lose their opportunity to promise to the people that good days will dawn for them, at every elections! The emphasize on poverty alleviation and the stories about them seem to be used as lullabies at the time of elections to the poor ultimately paving the way for rich becoming richer and the poor poorer!

      I have said above Dr Sen’s view as imbalanced and perhaps politically motivated.It was/is believed that there cannot be smoke without fire and vice versa. I would like to present as a corollary to Dr. Sen’s view thus:

      In the light of innumerable scams of enormous magnitude it only translates in oo the facts that millions could have been saved from deaths, hunger and poverty had the MPs and others used the funds and did their duties which they opted forconsistent with the oath taken at the time of becoming ministers! We (India)would certainly have been free from starvation deaths had there been no� scams! Need for a food bill and the ruckus in the parliament would never have been a subject of discussion and passing!. On the contrary I would support Dr. Sen’s views by further emphasizing that those ( MPs and ministers…) involved in scams should be charged with murdering millions by depriving them of food security. Sorry if I am misunderstood! Why Dr. Sen not make a reference about this is quite intriguing!!
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