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Avbl.: Masters prog. in Public Policy at Xavier's, Mumbai

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    http://xaviers.edu/main/index.php/public-policy1 Masters in Public Policy STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Public Policy, an integral aspect of governance, touches all
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2013

      Masters in Public Policy


      Public Policy, an integral aspect of governance, touches all aspects of life. Increasingly complex social, scientific and technological challenges call for carefully considered policy solutions reinforced by rigorous analysis, knowledge and appropriate methods. This makes it necessary for the academic world to engage with public policy to understand it, critically analyze it and thus ensure efficient governance and just society.  One prime requirement for this is well-trained personnel.

      This in turn makes it necessary to encourage graduate students, policy makers and interested persons to pursue further studies in this sphere.  However, in India, there is an acute dearth of post-graduate degree courses in public policy. It is in view of this lacuna that St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, an   autonomous college affiliated to the University of Mumbai seeks to launch a Master in Public Policy. Our two year Master in Public Policy (MPP) Course is multi-disciplinary, covering subjects  like sociology, politics, economics, law, history, philosophy and ethics, the natural sciences and medicine. The logic is to find more innovative solutions to difficult policy challenges.


      1. The two-year Master in Public Policy (MPP) programme seeks to provide future policy makers and policy analysts with the conceptual framework and practical skills necessary to succeed in making better policies.
      2. To train personnel who would contribute towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of governance by drawing upon comparative and international perspectives in public policy.
      3. To train personnel who would be involved in policy advocacy.
      4. To facilitate understanding of issues related to governance and public policy, so as to create a certain aware and sensitized citizenship.
      5. To network with other organizations which are involved in policy intervention at various levels and stages and thereby build-up a pool of knowledge in this sphere.


      1. To develop the skills to objectively analyze policy content and outcomes
      2. To gain both quantitative and qualitative problem-solving skills
      3. To enable students to specialize in areas like health policy, forest policy, environmental policy or international trade policy.
      4. To expose students to actual outcomes and dynamics of public policy through internships.


      Number of Seats:   30

      Along with civil servants and those in the non-governmental organisations who wish to hone their skills, this course would be relevant to graduates who:

      1. Aspire to teach and / or undertake research in public policy
      2. Intend to join government departments/public service.
      3. Desire to work in corporate, industrial and media entities
      4. Want to work with policy research centres (national and global) and think-tank groups.

      Note: Lectures will be held in the evenings (5 pm to 8 pm); 2 lectures per day – Monday to Saturday.


      Overall: 10 Core Courses and 6 electives (to be chosen from a total of 9 electives)

      Semester I    (Mid-July to Mid-Dec)

      Core Courses:

      1. Public Policy - Paradigms And Practice
      2. Dynamics Of Public Policy
      3. Law And Public Policy
      4. Research Methodology

      Semester II    (Jan to June)

                              Core Courses:

      1. Economic Analysis And Public Policy:
      2. Statistical Methods For Policy Analysis

                              ANY TWO Electives from:

      1. Public Health Policy
      2. Environment And Policy
      3. Women Policy  

      Semester III    (July to Mid-Dec) 

      Core Courses: 

      1. Bureaucracy And Civil Society
      2. Ethics And Public Policy

      ANY TWO Electives from:

      1. Urban Planning Policy
      2. Rural Development Policy
      3. Shelter Policy

      Semester IV    (Jan to June)

      Core Courses:

      1. Public Policy And Social Protection
      2. International Economics

      ANY TWO Electives from:

      1. Education Policy
      2. Foreign Policy
      3. Dissertation Writing
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