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Special Offer - Mule Deer Hunting in New Mexico

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  • karmayog
    From: Shakuntala-Debashish Majumdar CANNED HUNTING – MANKIND’S SHAME COWARDS. That is unfortunately the first word that popped into
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2013
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      From: Shakuntala-Debashish Majumdar <thanespca@...>


      COWARDS. That is unfortunately the first word that popped into my head when I read about  canned hunting.


      Canned Hunting " is THE most appalling types of trophy hunting. Moneyed blood thristy "sportsmen" pay large amounts of money to kill tame, docile or drugged animals who are kept in enclosed areas. These DEFENCELESS animals are killed with either  a bow and arrow or a gun to the stomach, so that the skin is not damaged. These animals - mostly lions, pumas, cheetas and wild dogs, but also giraffes, rhinos and antelopes - are bred especially for this purpose, in intensive conditions, solely to be killed. Even endangered CITES listed animals are bred in captivity to be hunted. 

      COWARDS ! How low can one get? How spineless? You fence in an animal, then arm yourself with your fancy 243 Winchester or 375 H+H or whatever other killing contraption catches your fancy, then you round up the frightened, unarmed animals, take aim and shoot. All because one has the edge on technology ? COWARDS.


      Think about it. While you sit there, brandishing your prized rifle, relishing murderous thoughts about its levers, Pumps, semi-auto loaders, barrel length, bullet type, make and speed, think about just how manly you are.


      COWARDS. You think you are the lords and rulers that tower over all else. Killing a helpless animal for sport gives you an adrenalin rush. It makes you feel strong and powerful. Almost like a deity. Well, poof! There goes your pretty little bubble.


      There is NO honour or courage in killing an elk, a turkey, a bear or a mule deer for sport. No rationality, even if the argument is wildlife conservation. The only word that  suits that kind ofactivity is  COWARDICE.


      SHAME on us as a race for formally sanctioning this sorry mess.
      If you wanna really feel powerful, meet a wild animal face to face on his home turf. Unarmed, just like the animal.
      Then we'll see who wins. 


      And if the following excerpt from Investigator Garth Patterson does not make you stop and wonder, then nothing will :


      "The bullet slammed into the lioness and she spun in the air, falling against the electric fence behind which she was confined. Standing on the other side of the fence were her three young cubs - she had been separated from them an hour earlier. 

      Another shot was fired by the overseas hunter. She slumped to the ground in a crumpled heap. Both times, the hunter shot from a vehicle. He then posed with the dead lioness and pulled at her mouth to show her teeth.

      Later, in the skinning shed, as the lioness's coat was removed from her body to become a "trophy" for the hunter, milk from her teats mingled with her blood on the ground."


      And until then, you know what you are? COWARDS.

      For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

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