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RE: Maharashtra Drought Relief : An Appeal to All

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  • Roshni Patekar
    Hi Friends, The worst ever drought that the state of Maharashtra has experienced till date is the 1972 drought when almost 5 million people had no work as the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2013

      Hi Friends,

      The worst ever drought that the state of Maharashtra has experienced till date is the 1972 drought when almost 5 million people had no work as the crops failed. But the current drought in Maharashtra is set to break all the records. With millions estimated to be affected, lakhs of cattle rendered hungry without fodder, this drought is the worst kind of natural disaster that the state has faced. Almost 1/5th of Maharashtra is reeling under drought.

      The shocking data of the Maharashtra drought is presented herewith-

      Affected Villages: According to official figures, 15 districts comprising 11,801 villages are declared as drought-affected. There is acute water scarcity in 1,779 villages& 4,709 smaller habitations. Some of the villages are facing drought for the second consecutive year. 6200 villages are affected by drought in Vidarbha alone. Around 331 villages in Amravati, 800 in Yavatmal, 300 in Gadchiroli and 120 in Wardha district of the region in Eastern Maharashtra are severely affected.

      Cattle Camps: There is acute shortage of fodder for the cattle. But the cattle camp management has not been that good. Ahmednagar, Solapur, Satara and Sangli together have 457 cattle camps with an allocation of Rs.275 crores. But Beed,Osmanabad,Jalna have just about 40 camps. Not Much help to other places in Vidarbha was given leading to starving cattle stock.

      Water Storage: The dams in Maharashtra are in a sad state. It is ironical that the state having the largest number of dams in the whole country is currently facing droughts. According to estimates, Maharashtra has almost 25-30% of the total dams in the country. Big dams like Jayakwadi, Ujani and Koyna are running dry and have to rely on their dead stock for supplying water. Marathwada region has the worst statistics of water levels with only 9% of the total capacity remaining as compared to 30% last year. Jayakwadi dam has only 9% water left. According to the state�s Groundwater Surveys, 195 of the 1531 watersheds are critically depleted, 73 already �over exploited�.

      Drinking Water: In Maharashtra currently 1454 towns and 4100 villages are supplied with 1850 tankers of water. Situation in Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Jalna, Beed, Osmanbad is so bad that existing drinking water will last only till end of March. Drinking water supply is fast drying up as the civic authorities are releasing potable water once in 10 to 15 days in Vidarbha. Acute shortage of drinking water in Solapur, Satara, Sangli, Pune & Nashik. Solapur is set to get water after a gap of 2 days while the taps in Jalna are already running dry. The estimates say that the use of tankers could increase up to 2100.

      How can we support ??

      ��������Providing Water tanks :

      We at RSS Jankalyan Samiti have decided to provide water tanks for storage in the affected districts� Sangli, Satara, Jalna and Beed, Aurangabad.

      These water tanks will be of capacity 5000 liters. This will help the villagers to store water for long duration when water tankers come once a week. Currently the villagers use small utensils to store water which cannot last more than 1 or 2 days.

      Each 5000 Ltr water tank costs up to Rs. 20000/- �

      ��������Direct trips of Water tanks :

      The worst affected villages will be supplied with direct supply or water through water tankers of capacity 12000 liters per tanker. One trip of �tanker costs Rs. 2000/-

      ��������Setting up fodder camps for animals :

      Fodder camps need to be setup for animals affected by drought. Cost per 100 animals per month goes to around 2 Lakh.

      We as responsible citizens of this state should actively come forward and support this cause. Enough of just sitting before TV news channels and mourning on the situation.

      The relief help has already started and if you want to be a part of it you can handover your donations to me. All the donations will be taken by providing receipts and if you want to transfer the funds online you can use the following details. I will provide you with the receipts for the online transfer amounts too.

      All donations are eligible for Tax exemption under 80G.

      Account details :

      Account No.



      Bank Name

      IFSC Code






      Hope that you actively come forward and help the needy.� Sincere thanks in advance.

      For more details you can contact me.

      Thanks & Regards,

      Kiran P. Salunkhe

      Sr. Software Engineer



      Office: +91 22�30800300 |�Extn:5240|�LL:601-1213 |kiran.salunkhe@...��������

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