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Attn Women! 3-Hour Orientation Program for Participating in Housing Soc. Management on Wed, 1st May

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  • Krishnaraj Rao
    21st April, 2013: Two seats will be reserved for women on the board of every co-operative society, as per the 97th Constitutional Amendment, the amended
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2013
      21st April, 2013: Two seats will be reserved for women on the board of every co-operative society, as per the 97th Constitutional Amendment, the amended Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1960 and the newly announced model bye-laws. So far, in housing societies of Maharashtra, there was only one reserved seat for women, and that mandate was usually ignored. Now, with the State Co-operative Election Authority supervising elections, it will be impossible to ignore.

      The moot question is: Will these reserved seats be filled up with “Rabri-devis” i.e. women who take orders from their menfolk, dummy-candidates of dominating males? Or will the housewives and working women of Mumbai use this opportunity to take their rightful place at the helm of housing societies, so that women’s interests are safeguarded? The answer is in our hands.

      It makes good sense that housewives especially should actively participate. After all, they are most affected by the quality of upkeep of buildings, water-supply, sanitation etc., as they stay home for most of the day; their menfolk spend most of their day outside.

      What prevents housewives from participating in discussions at meetings? Often, it is a lack of confidence. They don’t have confidence because they feel ignorant of the laws and rules. (Many men may also be ignorant, but they are better at hiding it behind a show of general knowledge or male authority.)

      Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association (MSWA) has organized 3-hour orientation program specifically for women who wish to participate in governance of their societies, by availing of the reserved seats (and general category seats also if they wish).  With some experience, they can also occupy the paid posts of “functional directors” and “expert directors” as defined in the amended MCS Act.

      DATE & TIME: Wednesday, 1st May, 4 to 7 pm.

      VENUE: MSWA, A-2/302, Laram Centre, Opp. Platform 6, Andheri West, Mumbai.

      FACULTY: Well-known experts & activists on co-operative housing societies.

      REGISTRATION FEES – Rs 400/-per head.


      (i) Fees for Two or more women attending from the same society  – Rs 300/- per head

      (ii) EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNT: 10% discount on applicable fees if you register on or before 25th April.

      Fees are inclusive of tea and snacks & printed notes.


      • Principles and Functioning of co-operative societies in general and housing societies in particular
      • Objectives of 97th Constitutional Amendment
      • New features of amended MCS Act 1960 and New model bye-laws for CHS
      • Further changes in MCS Act in near future -- What is needed, what is likely scenario
      • Members’ rights & responsibilities -- active members, associate members, nominal members, etc.
      • Managing committee & office-bearers duties & responsibilities
      • Seat Reservations for Women, SC/ST/OBC etc.
      • Functioning of Grievance Redressal & Dispute Resolution Committee
      • Forums of redressal for various disputes & grievances outlined in Model Bye-laws e.g. police, consumer court, co-operative court, civil court, office of dy. Registrar.

      To register, contact Mr Vishal Bamne on 9823911027 or 42551414, or email on mswa.hsg@...


      Warm Regards,




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