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Free Spiritual PDFs on Daily Concerns

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  • karmayog
    From: Sadhak ॥ Shree Hari ॥ Please see a list of PDFs by Title. Please generously share for the benefit of all. PDFs by
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2013
       From: Sadhak <sadhak_insight@...>
          Shree Hari   

      Please see a list of  "PDFs"  by Title.  Please generously share for the benefit of all.  

      PDFs by TITLE
      Swami Ramsukhdasji

      Swamiji’s  Thoughts
      Swamiji -  A Humble Request (Will)
      An Easy Spiritual Discipline
      Art of Living in this World
      Aspirant End and Means
      Attainment of God is Not Dependent on a Guru
      Attainment of the Ever-Attained
      Be Careful
      Be Good
      Become God’s and Chant His Holy Name
      Benefits of Renouncing Desires and Fulfilling Duties
      Call for Disseminating Gita and Ramayana
      Cows – Protection of Cows is Man’s Eternal Duty
      Discovery of Truth
      Duty of Employees and Company Leaders
      Essence of Dharma (Spiritual Truths)
      Essence of all Spiritual Disciplines
      Eternal Union with God
      Experience and Faith
      Feeling of Oneness with God
      Five Golden Principles
      Freedom from Worldly Desires (Vairaagya)
      Gita on Character Building
      Give-up Your Insistence   
      Goal of Human Life
      God is the Supreme Guru
      God can be Assuredly Attained Today
      God is Waiting for Us
      God’s Extraordinary Grace
      Good Fortune through Proper Use
      Guru’s Grace
      Harm Caused by Hoarding
      Harm in Attaching Importance to the Perishable
      Highest Spiritual Good While Relating with the World
      Honor Your Experience
      How Can All be Liberated?
      How to be Free from Worldly Influence
      How to Gain Happiness
      How to Overcome Anger?
      How to Serve?
      Importance of a Firm Determination

      Importance of an Objective
      Importance of Serving
      Indispensability of Association w/Truth
      Is Salvation Not Possible without a Guru?
      It is Essential to Get Rid of Interest in Transitory Pleasures
      Main Obstacle to Realizing the Supreme Truth is Attraction to Pleasures
      Main Obstacle to Spiritual Discipline
      Man’s Inborn Guru -  Discrimination (Vivek)
      Man’s Real Relationship
      Means of Purifying the Inner Senses
      Means to get Connected with God
      Mineness with God
      Mother  (Maa)
      Our Own Yearning Lead Us to Welfare
      Practical and Priceless Talks for Aspirants
      Pre-Eminence of a Disciple in Attaining Salvation
      Present State of the Country and the End Result
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