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Request for reports regarding attacks on whistle blowers

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    From: Bhaskar Prabhu Friends, Forwarding the msg received. You may wish to send response or details at mahitiadhikarmanch@gmail.com or maharticouncil@gmail.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2013
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      From: Bhaskar Prabhu


      Forwarding the msg received.

      You may wish to send response or details at mahitiadhikarmanch@... or maharticouncil@... or ncpriindia@... or nikhildey@...



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      From: Nikhil Dey <nikhildey@...>
      Date: Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 11:20 AM
      Subject: important request re whistle blower meeting

      Dear All:

      One of the most vexing issues facing the RTI community is violent attacks against RTI activists and others who pursue public interest issues. We had all agreed that we should take this issue up collectively, which is why we have decided to organise a public hearing on the day before the WC meeting in Delhi.

      This email is to urgently request you to please send at least one detailed case study of a whistleblower from your state to be used in the public hearing. As you all know, NCPRI has engaged in multiple rounds of discussion on the issue of harassment and attacks on whistleblowers, however much more needs to be done. Over 30 RTI users have been fatally attacked and countless others attacked and harassed. At the same time, the government has shown complete lack of seriousness on the issue with the whistleblower protection law languishing in the Parliament for over a year now.

      This important public hearing on the 19th will attempt to look into individual case studies and identify the actions that the State should have taken before and after the attack. To do so, we must get detailed case studies with full documentation in advance of the public hearing. Please use the format that was sent earlier. In addition, please make sure to answer the following questions:
      1.. What was the initial trigger for the person being threatened?
      2.. Complete timeline of the threat and attack (first sign of the threat; who made the threat, subsequent attack etc)
      3.. Was anyone officially informed and protection requested?
      4.. What has been the action after the attack?
      One of us will be in touch with you over the phone as well. However please do send us the case studies latest by April 13th. Also please reply to WC members to ensure mutual communication and participation.

      Look forward to seeing you all again.

      Thanks and zindabad,
      also for (Anjali and Venkatesh)

      Yours in service of RTI

      Bhaskar Prabhu
      Mahiti Adhikar Manch
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