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sandals from a cause

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    From: Isadora Darwich Subject: From India Brazil Chamber of Commerce: new projects interest Respected Sir, Namaste! My
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       From: "Isadora Darwich" <inteligencia@...>
      Subject: From India Brazil Chamber of Commerce: new projects interest
      Respected Sir,
      My name is Isadora Darwich, I am India Brazil Chamber of Commerce market research advisor. The IBCC is located in Minas Gerais Brazil and is supported by the India Consulate in Minas Gerais and to the India Embassy.
      Brazil, already a featured world in actions and alternatives regarding waste management, has found a way to make walking both comfortable and eco-friendly; sandals made out of recycled tires. Goóc, a company founded in 2004 by a Thai refugee, that gave a unique response to clean up the environment, has attracted customers from Angola to the United States. Today the company has factories in São Paulo and Bahia and sells over three million pairs of Goóc annually around the world.
      Company founder Thái Quang Nghiã, who was rescued at sea in 1979 by a Brazilian oil tanker after fleeing Vietnam, was inspired by the Vietnamese wartime practice of converting the canvas and tires from destroyed trucks into footwear and bags. He points out that tires take approximately 700 years to naturally decompose. In Brazil alone, where over 35 million tires are discarded annually, that represents a huge environmental hazard.
      With this in mind we are searching reliable organizations that ought to work in partnership to support this idea.
      Sandals with purport, sandals from a cause, sandals for the future”
      Natalina M. Thái, director of Goóc will be attending mission India Experience from 19 to 29 of April, and she would like to meet NGO that have interest in the company´s project. Please inform me if you wish to arrange an appointment and if is possible for you during these dates.

      For further informations please access http://www.indiabrazilchamber.org/ and do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any doubts.
      With my best regards,

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