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A Senior Citizen's Mellancholy -

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  • Thumakunta Sreerama
    A Senior Citizen’s Melancholy Description of the Scene: Suburban area of a Metropolitan city – a Government Vehicle stopping before the entrance of a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2013
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      A Senior Citizen’s Melancholy

      Description of the Scene:

      Suburban area of a Metropolitan city – a Government Vehicle stopping before the entrance of a Hardware Shop- A Clerk with a bulk file in his arm enters the shop – He meets the Shop keeper – Informs of the arrival of the area ACTO & his subordinate officer – He advises the shop keeper to invite him to his shop – Vehicle driver gets down for a smoke – Shop Keeper invites the ACTO & his subordinate officer very politely – Staff offer salutations – Chairs are drawn & the officers are got seated – Shop keeper pulls his chair close to the ACTO – While ACTO remains silent, the subordinate officer starts chatting with the shop keeper in general for five minutes –


      On the other side, a senior citizen aged about 70 years watches all these moments while impatiently awaiting the delivery of the hardware materials purchased. Being the retired person from and under the jurisdiction of the hon’ble Comptroller & Auditor General of India, holding his head high, watches the movements further in utter curiosity. Then suddenly the ACTO & his subordinate officer walk out issuing certain instructions to the Clerk.  He directs the shop keeper outside the shop in a cornered lane. Shop keeper returns in a while and rushes to the cash counter-   Collects two bundles of Rs.100/- notes – moves out – hands over the same to the ACTO & returns highly depressed. The curiosity of this Senior Citizen touches its ultimate limit where after out of anxiety he pacifies the shop keeper.  Express sympathy on his situation – hands over his card & advises him to note down the CID numbers for passing on the information relating to such incidents so that the culprits could be booked.  He receives the card without any expressions on his face.  On being questioned by this senior citizen as what prompted him to pay such money, the shop keeper bursts out in tears stating that, they asked for the accounts which were not being prepared by him.  Not only himself but by many such shop keepers were appearing to be facing similar problems. He further expressed his anguish against the harassment from the side of the officials in the event of non compliance to their demands. 

      It was the moment of shock to the senior citizen, who was laughed at by the gathering there commenting that it would be very easy to pass on an advice on such issues.  The accompanying wife of the senior citizen gets back his shocked husband to normalcy and drags him by hand to reach their house before dark.

      The Scene ends unseen by the Government as well as public at large. The above scene is most common not only in Metropolitan cities, State Headquarters and District headquarters and even in commercial towns.     

      Pay and perquisites the government employees are enjoying is no beyond any body’s gesture.  Why this type of Underhand dealings? All governmental revenues are being washed away by the culprits and it is a great loss to the national exchequer.  Can’t we think for a while for an alternative?

      The Government employees depending upon their status and number of dependents in the family are to be granted some consolidated monthly payment;

      They should be allotted monthly targets pertaining to tax collection; they should be divided into a number of groups; They should be sent to the shops, establishments, industries and institutions basically concentrating on conducting tax raids, assessing proper taxes, collection of the same and accountal of the same after such collection.

      Depending upon the tax collections realized, they should be granted incentives group wise and distributed individually depending upon their level of employment. 

      By adopting such a system, the tax collections will increase – Corruptive practices will come down as there shall be a constant fear of not getting their salaries beyond the consolidated payments fixed.  Number of people going on leave quite often will come down drastically.  Office maintenance, Electricity charges etc., will come down drastically.  There will be a constant fear from the side of the shop keepers and with in no time they shall be brought to realize the fact that they can help the government by paying the taxes properly in place of feeding the corrupt officials besides leading their lives peacefully without any anxiety or tension.

      I shall be highly obliged, if your good selves could kindly circulate this message through Karmayog foundation – if possible – addressing a special letter to the Hon’ble President of India, in this regard.

      Thanking your good selves

      Yours Sincerely

      T.H. Sree Rama


      Dated: 6-4-2013





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