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Intro to "Let's Be Well Red"

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  • karmayog - tanya
    http://letsbewellred.org/ Let s Be Well Red is a project that aims to reduce the prevalence of iron deficiency anemia in India by spreading awareness about the
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      Let's Be Well Red is a project that aims to reduce the prevalence of iron deficiency anemia in India by spreading awareness about the condition and by providing an effective, affordable, cheap solution for it: GudNeSs, an iron-rich nutritional bar, that has the daily amount of iron needed in order to be healthy.
      Let's be well red was founded in 2011, during which an initial study was conducted to study the current situation of anemia and thalassemia in India. Our pilot study was launched in Mumbai, India. Through the initial study we conducted, we realized that not only was there lack of awareness about anemia itself, but there was also an absence of iron rich food in most women's diets. Hence, we thought of creating GudNeSs an iron-rich, palatable and easy-to-eat nutritional bar. We are now collaborating with various schools and organizations and recruiting volunteers, in order to help anemic patients recover.
      Our mission is made out of the following parts:
      1. Spread awareness: we believe that knowing about anemia is where it all starts. It is the start to getting tested for anemia and to getting treated and it is the start to feeling better and feeling healthy.
      2. Easy solution: GudNeSs, our nutritional bar could not make it any easier to beat anemia. One a day gives you all you need in order to be healthy. It's that simple.
      3. Affordability for everyone: It is also incredibly important to make the bar affordable for everyone. Everyone can be healthy, everyone can defeat anemia.
      4. Sustainable access: Through awareness camps and the collaboration of the health scouts, we make the nutritional bar available to as many people as possible in Mumbai. Through the health scouts, there are many generations of students able to distribute the bar and spread awareness.

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