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    Subject: Msg: Transport - INDIA-RAILBUDGET -FEB 2013-AAM AADMI - WISH LIST Subject: INDIA-RAILBUDGET -FEB 2013-AAM AADMI - WISH LIST Main Point: summary of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2013
      Subject: Msg: Transport - INDIA-RAILBUDGET -FEB 2013-AAM AADMI - WISH LIST

       Main Point:summary of consolidated suggestions-wish list submitted to PMO, ministry of railways, ket senior decision making officials
       Category of Topic:Transport

      Dated 13thth February 2013


                                            By- STEVEN, LAWRENCE  D' SOUZA

      (Former IRS -RETD-2008-Customs, Central Excise and Service tax, Officer ,, presently a corporate management  and tax consultant, ,visiting faculty business mgt., and course co-ordinator for IAS.UPSC, and other Competitive exams .)


      1) Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal ,
      Hon'ble Minister of Railways ,
      Rail Bhawan Baroda House,
      New Delhi 110001


      2) Shri Suryaprakash Reddy,

      Hon'ble Minister of state For Railways.

      Ministry of Railways

      Rail Bhavan Baroda House,

      New Delhi 110001


      3)Shri Adhir  Ranjan Chowdhury

      Hon'ble Minister of state For Railways.

      Ministry of Railways

      Rail Bhavan Baroda House,

      New Delhi 110001


      4) Shri. Vinay Mittal

      Chairman Railway Board

      Ministry of Railways

      Rail Bhavan Baroda House,

      New Delhi 110001


      5) c.c. to Shri Manmohan Singh,

      Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

      Office of the Prime Minister

      New Delhi 110001


      Subject :  Suggestions for the forthcoming railway budget February, 2013

      Reference: Consolidated summary of all suggestions / ideas put forth so far at various forums with yourself and key senior decision making officials of the Railway Board / Ministry of Railways, Government of India.

      It is nice to know that the Prime Minister office has held more than 2 meetings with you and senior officer of the Ministry of Railways Government of India to bring about key changes in passenger amenities and facilities and  safety measures, overall development and growth of the Indian Railways in phases as well as modernization of existing railways system.

      This is the first railway budget of the Congress party in 17 years.  Previous experience of the common man in putting up suggestions to the railway ministers always ended up in the dust bin. The Lalu Yadav's regime concentrated on his power belt in Bihar and eastern India and made much of improved railway finances which was more due to increase in goods traffic by railways and higher rates for the same, due to increase in alternative road traffic of goods hit badly by rising fuel prices. Mamta Banerjee did not consider any body not travelling in general class or unreserved compartments or three tier as aam aadmi and was very harsh on people travelling in first class or AC class or the urban rail passenger in places like Mumbai railway safety in suburban Mumbai trains which carries about 80 Lakhs passenger per day took a back seat and there are daily about 200 accidents and in a year 1500 and above recorded deaths due to over crowding and people falling down or being run over while trying to catch trains. Incidentally Mumbai has the highest percentage of people travelling by railways and buses - 87% which is the highest in the world. Railways is the lifeline of Mumbai and a city that contributes 40% of the Nations revenue has been badly neglected for more than two decades Rail budgets. Also there have been increasing incident of rail accidents throughout the country which can and should be avoided, as well as there are umpteen railways projects and rail lines announced which remain only on paper.

      A summary of main points and suggestions.

      1) The recent rail fare hikes are expected to fetch about Rs.1200 crores annually. The annual outgo on removal of subsidies on diesel used by railways will cost Rs.3000 crore annually on a rough estimate. I suggest that an additional surcharge be levied to recover part of the deficit as also to enable resources for expansion / new projects and better railway facilities. The railways commuters will not mind this surcharge / cess / additional levy as long as better facilities are provided.

      2) The railways should go in for fast track electrification of rail services and conversion of DC to AC electric lines to save on cost and reduce dependence on high cost diesel run trains to the minimum.

      3) Existing rolling stock requires urgent modernization to improve fuel efficiency as well as enhance passenger safety these measures may be taken up on priority.

      4) Cleanliness and monitoring of the same be outsourced to private NGOs and private bodies through transparent competitive e-bidding. It is very essential that an NGO like Sulabh Sauchalaya be allowed to set up toilets at all railway stations in Metros and cities to begin with and a nominal charge as charged elsewhere be allowed on user charges basis. It is a curse for the passengers, especially female passengers to go anywhere near our present stinking toilets please provide this basic human facility at the earliest. The railways had started bio-degradable toilets in long distance train as a pilot project but it has lost steam. These projects should be revived and extended to all long distance trains.

      5) A complete review of all fanciful projects announced by previous railway ministers be done. Those found un viable or un economical may be scrapped and other long over due projects may be allotted budgetary allocations and a time frame fixed for its completion monitoring of these projects may be done jointly by PMO and the Ministry of Railways.

      6) Obviously the resources required cannot be met only by increasing fares or levying surcharge or cess as such railways can consider making use of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act through cooperation of the rural development ministry in completing works in remote rural areas by their skilled labour force and hence save cost otherwise paid to railway contractors.

      7) There is lot of railway land that is presently unutilized through out the country these lands should be monetized and used for railway expansion and development  MVRC an SPV formed to fund and monitor and execute metro rail and mono rail projects in Mumbai recently reached an agreement to sell railway land in near Bandra terminus which will provide funds not only for these projects but also for expansion of the suburban railway system to Dahanu from Virar. The railway can also explore commercial use of land reserves as in food malls retail shops at stations more advertisement space and raising of scrap  sales to raise about Rs.10,000 crore annually.

      8) The Delhi Mumbai corridor which is begin built with JBIC (Japan Bank Of International Corporation) should be allotted budgetary allocation so that work on this important railway project can begin now that it is one of the three projects where the union cabinet has given sanction of Rs.2500 crore recently   

      9)  The rail safety commission should be made more active and given more enforcement powers. Its recommendation to install anti collision devices in long distance trains is only implemented in pilot projects and kept in cold storage. The recommendation should be implemented more seriously and budgetary allocations should be made.

      10) Customized ATVMs at railway stations should be introduced soon so that long queues at busy railway station can be avoided. A pilot project can be introduced in Mumbai and other metros to begin with     

      11) The second metro rail project in Mumbai is being scrapped and also it is being planned to extended from Dahisar to Mankhurd and the project is being made underground due to congestion in the western suburbs for flyovers and difficulty of procuring land. This is the welcome decision. Delhi metro rail is the most successful one because it is run by Government and Dr. Sridharan opposed the PPP model because private sector will not want to invest in a loss making subsidized   rail system where obtaining land acquisition and getting environmental clearances take time  the only failed venture in Delhi in metro rail was a PPP project . After the failure of the second metro rail charkop Mankhurd to even start after three years, and delay in the first metro rail project we must seriously consider to have all Government metro mono rail projects in all cities minus the PPP model and fully controlled by the Government. Aid from FDI, Banks like World Bank, Asian Development Bank , JBIC and other International lending agencies can be roped in and project completed on time.

      12) The railways had an ambitious plan to have high speed rail links across the country. Many of them cost more than the annual rail budget outlay. Out of these only the Mumbai Ahmedabad Pune high speed rail link appears feasible after some lines get free with alternative rail lines for the  Delhi Mumbai freight  traffic corridor and given high density of traffic between the three cities. The Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has already announced that he will fully meet Gujarat share in the project and our dynamic Chief Minister Prithiv Raj Chavan has also expressed keen desire and willingness to mobilze resource for the same

      13) Many foot over bridges/ road over bridges at important railway station have been announced in Mumbai suburban railway stations and even tenders have been floated but they are not been executed. The work of escalators at five stations in the city-Dadar, Thane,  Vikhroli, Dombivli and Kalyan may also be expedited by respective central and western railways running the suburban system.


      14) The following projects in Mumbai have being pending for many years these may please be expedited the projects with cost are as follows: In most of this projects financial closure has been over and resources mobilized. This six projects may be expedited and budgetary allocation made in this budget.

       Virar-Vasai- Diva-Panvel- Rs.6,120 cr

      Third and fourth lines between Virar and Dahanu - Rs.4,524 cr

      Harbour line between Goregaon and Borivli - Rs.896 cr

      Third and fourth lines between Kalyan and Kasara - Rs.4,644 cr

      Fifth and sixth lines between Borivli and Virar - Rs. 2,860 cr

      Third and fourth lines between Kalyan and Karjat - Rs.3,176 cr

       15) Work on western railway elevated corridor which is in final phase of approval by requisite state and railway authorities should be expedited as it will bring big relief to the suburban commuter in Mumbai. The railways have promised to finish the bidding process by August 2013 and the Chief Minister has fully supported this pet project as such please make budgetary allocation for the same so that we can see the project being executed soon with great relief to our over crowded suburban railway system.  


      Yours sincerely,


      Steven Lawrence  Dsouza, B.Sc, MA (Eng), MBA (Fin) Ex IPS, IRS (retd)(vrs-Jan 2008)

       Malad(west) , Mumbai 400064

      Telephone-9820377203/9870285998/ 022-28890890

       Email-stevenemelia@...,    steve3862@...

       Name:steven lawrence dsouza
       Organisation:one stop corporate solutions
       Location:103 karan a, vishal nagar, mithchowji, malad marve road, malad west, mumbai
       Email 1:steve27411962@...
       Email 2:stevenemelia@...
       Information about yourself:third gen mumbaikar, aged 50,Former IRS -RETD-2008-Customs, Central Excise and Service tax, Officer ,, presently a corporate management and tax consultant, ,visiting faculty business mgt., and course co-ordinator for IAS.UPSC, and other Competitive exams
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