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Enter the Rockefeller Foundation's Centennial Innovation Challenge

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    From: Supriya Mukherjee Greetings from the Centennial Innovation Challenge team! In celebration of our centennial, The Rockefeller Foundation has launched the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2013
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      Greetings from the Centennial Innovation Challenge team!

      In celebration of our centennial, The Rockefeller Foundation has launched the Centennial Innovation Challenge, an open call for ideas and innovations that will transform the lives of billions of people working in informal economies across the globe. We are looking for innovations that bring new resources to those working in the informal economy – in order to positively impact their ability to generate economic and social value from their livelihoods. 

      We are delighted to invite you to participate in this challenge. Please remember that this challenge is about IDEAS. We are seeking  new ideas to improve the lives of those working in the informal economy from organizations such as yours already doing exemplary work in this space . 

      As many as 10 finalists will be eligible to apply for a grant of up to $100,000. Finalists will be recognized at the Rockefeller Foundation 2013 Innovation Forum and may also receive additional proposal-writing support to further the development of their ideas. The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2013.

      To submit an entry or learn more about the challenge, please visit: challenge.rockefellerfoundation.org  

      If you prefer, you may also email your entry as a word document, and I will be happy to enter your information online. For any questions, please do feel free to get in touch with me via the contact information in my signature.

      We appreciate your on-the-ground experience needed to solve this critical challenge and look forward to your early participation. 

      Thank you for all the good work so far!

      Warm regards,


      Centennial Innovation Challenge


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