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Re: Massive Corruption in Mumbai SRA projects exposed by GBGB

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  • Sadanand Nadkarni
    now-a-days, it is becoming very easy to dig out scams . Almost all the samitees quoted have names like Ghar Bachao,Slum Bachao, Do they wish that slums and
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      now-a-days, it is becoming very easy to "dig out scams". Almost all the samitees quoted have names like  Ghar Bachao,Slum Bachao, Do they wish that slums and ILLEGAL houses should remain protected.. Are they against rehabilitation or do they want yet bigger awards for being "illegal Occupants". Mr. Chandrashekhar had mentioned-- and it was supported by many others-- that Mumbai is the only place in India ( and for that matter in the world) where illegal occupants are being given  alternative acommodation FREE OF COST.It is a pity when Mill workers, who were legitimately staying and working and creating wealth, are being asked to pay for their houses, while these illegal occupants are not satisfied with free houses but want more.Are we to support their illegitimate demands and oppose SRA projects  in the name of "scams"
               Yes. There could be irregularities, but if these organizations have so much evidence, why can't they go to court and get the corrections made and get the offenders punished? In fact, the courts have sayed so many SRA projects, though some litigations appear to be an exercise in blackmailing the builders. It is to be noted that Medha Patkar went on a "Anna Hazare style" fast in Santacruz much against the will of the majority of the slum dwellers to stop a SRA project which was declared legitimate even by Supreme court by over-ruling all objections raised.The majority made a counter agitation but unfortunately the govt. succumbed to the pressure of "fast" and stayed the project, at least temporarily.I feel the people  should not blindly support such agitations, merely because they appear to be "for the poor". Sometimes they are for keeping the people Poor Forever. "Beware of Pity" as said Stefen Zwaik 

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