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USA volunteer seeks to shadow physicians

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  • karmayog
    On 13-Dec-2012, at 12:06 AM, Sneha Aidasani wrote: Hello, My name is Sneha Aidasani, and I am a junior (third-year student) at New York
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      On 13-Dec-2012, at 12:06 AM, Sneha Aidasani <sra276@...> wrote:


      My name is Sneha Aidasani, and I am a junior (third-year student) at New York University, studying chemistry to attain my Undergraduate Bachelors degree. 

      I am writing in hopes of gaining the opportunity to shadow a physician in Mumbai, especially in an organization where services are offered to the underprivileged. In terms of experience, this past summer, I worked with the Child Psychiatry and Epidemiology Group at the NYS Psychiatric Institute at the Columbia Medical Center. I simultaneously also served as a research intern in the Emergency Medicine Department at North Shore University Hospital. Interns have a unique opportunity to observe not only physicians, but also a busy emergency department. A research intern’s responsibilities include completing literature searches, patient screening tasks, data management duties as well as some basic scholarly writing.

      My position as a Research Intern at Columbia University- New York State Psychiatric Institute in the Child Psychiatric Epidemiology Group has allowed me to delve into the process of generating new knowledge and discovering new information hands-on. As one who has aspires to go to medical school in the future, I have taken pre-medical requirements, like General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, as well as their lab components, but what I have learned through my lab experiences is my genuine passion for interacting with people through my research, meeting and learning from each individual and the story that they have to tell. And that is exactly what my internship allowed me to do. I hope to work in Pediatrics in the near future, and this research internship allows me to understand and collect data that revolves around a study called Stress and Justice, which investigates the ways that children are affected by stressful and/or traumatic events, including parental contact with the criminal justice system. The study also seeks to explore possible mechanisms of familial transmission of stress, trauma and substance abuse. By performing interviews with children and their parents directly, I am given the opportunity to establish a comfort zone with them that allows open communication and mutual trust between myself and the person on the other end, who is allowing me to listen to their story. That is truly what the medical profession asks its practitioners to do on an everyday basis. As doctors, nurses, physicians in general, we are asked to establish a relationship of trust with our patients, allowing for honest communication, eventually leading to a more beneficial treatment.

      Coming from the U.S., and being familiar with the healthcare access that the general population has in this country, my trips to India have led me to probe deeper in healthcare on a global level. As one who hopes to go to  medical school in the next two years, I think the opportunity to shadow a doctor in India even if only for a couple of days, will truly be an educational and enriching experience for me. To learn how you go about your day, understanding a patient's problem and carefully planning a diagnosis, is an art for me, and I would be blessed to learn whatever I can from you.

      Please do provide me with any information if possible.
      I will be landing in Mumbai on the 26th of Dec, and will be there for a month. If you would like to see my resume, it is attached.

      Sneha Aidasani
      <ss RESEARCH.doc>

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