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Update fom Sri Ara Amudhu Associates-Oct'12 - Providing food

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  • gokul Aravamudhan
    Dear all This is the update for Oct 12. Yet again, we could successfully planned to provide food for 700+ people on 2 occasions (400+, 300+). Thanks to all of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2012

      Dear all

      This is the update for Oct' 12.

      Yet again, we could successfully planned to provide food for 700+ people on 2 occasions (400+, 300+). Thanks to all of you.

      With additional support coming in, I think we should be in a position to continue our mission. Until last month, considering the inflation and associated challenges, we had tough time but now it looks that we can manage for some more months.

      For those who are receiving this mail for the first time, I have provided below a detailed summary which will give background of this anna dhanam (free distribution of food to the needy) and account details. There are no compulsions & no obligations of any kind and this is done only in pure personal capacity. Also attached a brief summary since inception.

      If you feel it is noteworthy, please send your best wishes and forward to your other friends and relatives. Related account details is provided below:-

      Name of the undertaking: Sri Ara Amudhu Associates
      Account Number: 9100 200 10330676 – Current account
      Bank: Axis Bank ; Branch: Secunderabad ; MICR code: 500 211 005
      IFSC Code : UTIB0000068

      Note : You can send your views/comemnts to ara.amudhu@...


      Sri Ara Amudhu Associates

      This document seeks to explain to you the basis on which “Sri Ara Amudhu Associates” was formed. The scriptures proclaim "anna dhaana" (the gift of food, a square meal) as the best of all gifts. A moment's reflection will show us why this is so. This is the only gift where the recipient says, "Enough. Please, I have had enough." after a while.

      The main aim and objective of Sri Ara Amudhu Associates is “anna dhaana”. Sri Ara Amudhu Associates is a not-for-profit undertaking started with a mission to serve the poor by way of providing food, with support from well-wishers and noble-hearted souls.

      We have all seen people who live like animals, feeding off scraps of food thrown out of houses and marriage halls. We have seen it so often that we are no longer moved by these sights but take them in our stride. Should we not pause and reflect on the hunger, misery, and indignity of position of such people? Should we not at the same time resolve to do our mite to alleviate the sufferings of such unfortunates? If it has pleased God to place us in a position where we don't have to worry about where our next meal is coming from, then is it not our duty to spare a thought for our less fortunate brethren?

      This thinking has resulted in the formation of “Sri Ara Amudhu Associates”, a channel for well-wishers like you. Many of us have the urge to contribute to a good cause but are confused as to the best way of going about it. Without waiting for outside funds, Sri Ara Amudhu Associates has already made a beginning by starting with voluntarily contributions from the founder and some well-wishers.

      Started in May 2010, Sri Ara Amudhu Associates has already fed about 19000 people Month on Month until now with active support from you all

      It is not the amount of money you send that matters, it is the thought of your trust in us that will stimulate us to greater endeavours. Needless to emphasis and repeat, this is done on purely a personal basis, in personal capacity, and there is no obligation on any front and no mandate that you should do something. No compulsions please. Even your best wishes will do. If you feel that this is worthy of being brought to the notice of a larger audience, you may refer it to your friends and relatives as well.

      Looking forward to your support, good wishes and blessings

      With regards
      Sri Ara Amudhu Associates

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