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Human Devp. Index: State widens scope to gauge quality of life

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  • Sheetal - Karmayog
    State widens scope to gauge quality of life......Sandeep Ashar Govt Plans New Pointers For Human Devpt Index Mumbai: The state government has decided to change
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2010
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      State widens scope to gauge quality of life......Sandeep Ashar
      Govt Plans New Pointers For Human Devpt Index
      Mumbai: The state government has decided to change indicators used to map quality of life of citizens.It plans to use literacy rate among women and statistics on families residing below the poverty line as new reference measures to map the human development index (HDI) across the state.
      The government had used life expectancy at birth,literacy rate and mean yearsof schooling,and per capita district domestic product,as indices to map the HDI across districts during its previous exercise in 2002.
      Officials said that the new variables were being introduced to enhance the scope of the exercise and widen its outreach.The state wants to extend the mapping exercise to the taluka level.The 2002 report mapped HDI at the district level.
      The planning department put up a proposal for approving the new indices before the state cabinet on Wednesday.The proposal stated that the womens literacy rate would be computed as per statistics mentioned in the 2001 census,while a 2002 government survey would be used to determine the ratio of families residing below the poverty line.While compiling the HDI,the department has proposed 40% weightage to for womens literacy,and the rest to the other indicator.
      Using the new human development measure,the department plans to identify 172 backward talukas.The government plans to invest Rs 500 crore towards interventions in education,health and child welfare,and employment sectors,to raise the quality of life in the selected talukas.
      Following the 2002 report,the state government launched the Human Development Mission in June 2006,wherein interventions in the same sectors were carried out in 25 talukas across 12 districts found to be the most backward.The government has undertaken projects worth Rs 235 crore under the mission in the last four years.The plan now is to strengthen the mission,both financially and resource-wise,to enhance its outreach and impact.
      Chief minister Prithviraj Chavan,however,saidthat a final decision on the proposed indicators was likely to be taken in the next cabinet meeting.He added that his government was keen on publishing the HDI report within three months,and execute projects for holistic improvement in backward areas thereafter.
      The chief minister has proposed to include two talukas even in districts which find no representation in thelistof 172talukas to avoid any dispute on the selection process.The government has already identified interventions which it must take to improve the quality of life in the backward talukas.
      * Installing biometric machines in school to record attendance
      * Setting up training classes for students who fail to clear SSC,HSC exams
      * Dedicated buses to ferry students from school to home
      * Periodic visit from doctors to check the health of pregnant women as well as children up to six years of age
      * Skill training to unemployed youth
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