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Election cards/ Jain society taxi parking/ skywalk/ Flank Rd......

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  • Gaurang Damani
    Dear Die Hard Indian , =================================== Election Commission of India is issuing Election Photo ID cards (EPIC) from 1st July to 16th July
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2010
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      Dear 'Die Hard Indian',


      Election Commission of India is issuing Election Photo ID cards (EPIC) from 1st July to 16th July 2010 at BMC school, behind Cinemax, for Sion-Koliwada voters. Matunga-Dadar-Wadala voters are being serviced at BMC school, Sahakar nagar, Wadala. Please forward message to others, as about 50% of voters are still without photo ID's.

      For change of address within the same area Form 8C needs to be filled up AND for deletion of name from the electoral rolls, Form 7 is required. For existing voters, whose name appears on voting list, but need a photo ID, need to fill up Form 8 (http://www.diehardindian.com/ngo/kypforms.htm) (also available at the center).

      What to carry:-
      * Last election's voting slip, for a faster search of your name in the voting list
      * I-card size photograph

      For new voters, please fill up Form 6, with attested copy of:
      - Age proof (eg. School LC)
      - Address proof (eg. Passport)
      - Photo proof (eg. PAN card)



      1. Jain society (Sion West) taxi nuisance

      Water theft has reportedly been stopped from Police beat chowky and outisde Irani hotel. However if you can identify the other spots from where water is being stolen, kindly email back (OR) inform BMC at toll free 108 (OR) inform the same at the following numbers:
      9223432945 - 9920359590 - 9820188552 - 9820427273 - 9322658196

      Secondly, if you notice any taxi's being parked at a particular spot for many continuous days, also please inform.

      2. Sion station skywalk

      3. Helping the legalized slum dwellers at Flank Road (near Shanumukhananda hall) get rehabilitated, before the 'pay and park' is commissioned. The entire initiative was co-ordinated amongst others, by:

      * Shashi Pal * Rajiv Shah * Manoj Arora * Dipak Solani * Ashok Mehta
      * Nirav Shah * Suresh Kakarla * Llyomesh Takwani * Ajay Mehta * Paresh Shah .....


      Thanks and Regards,
      Die Hard Indian - Gaurang Damani
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