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Social Workers - Want to see a transformation in the Education sector

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  • Muktangan
    Muktangan Social Workers! Want tosee a transformation in the Education sector? Here syour opportunity to be part of it! Introduction Muktangan, an initiative
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      Social Workers!


      Want tosee a transformation in the Education sector?

      Here'syour opportunity to be part of it!




      Muktangan, an initiative ofParagon Charitable Trust, is a pioneering educational programme with aninnovative model, working in close partnership with the Municipal Corporationof Greater Mumbai (MCGM) and a number of NGOs across the country.


      Muktangan, has pioneered the WholeSchool-Based approach in the urban sector by developing a model thatincorporates all the various aspects of quality education: the classroomenvironment, the curriculum and content, the teacher (whom we train from thecommunity members) as a facilitator and the student as an active learner.


      Muktanganwas founded by Elizabeth Mehta based on her vast experience of four decadesboth in the formal school system and with a professional developmentorganization working in several States across the country, in both urban andrural settings. It was her understanding both of the needs of the sector, andthe larger vision of inclusion that led her to develop an approach that waschild-centered and unique. Muktangan which began as a pilot balwadi now spansseven Municipal schools with its own integrated teacher training program, andhas impacted several other implementing organizations through an outreachprogramme. 



      In order to consolidate and grow Muktangan,we need a few Social Workers - 

      1. Experienced one Chief Social Worker who could lead and 

      2. Others to assist in 

      Muktangan's community programme. The role of the Community Programme team is to:


      • Provide the interface between the community (mainly parents) residing in the Worli, Parel and Prabhadevi areas and Muktangan.
      • Build relationships with the communities and advocate the Muktangan model.
      • Counsel teachers on further studies and family and social problems that affect professional life.
      • Design and implement a health programme for faculty and teachers.
      • Conduct counseling sessions with parents and workshops to address social issues that affect children and are aimed at enhancing parenting skills.
      • Plan need based income generation activities.
      • Conduct a socio-economic assessment of the community through periodic home visits.



      Candidateswould need to be passionate about educationÂ…



      Pleaseapply with your CV and a one page note on i) the role of Education asyou see it and ii) why you wish to work with Muktangan. Please send your application as soon as possible to:-


                              Paragon Charitable Trust/Muktangan


       I-11/12 Paragon Centre,

                              P.B.Marg, Worli,

                              Mumbai 400 013.

                              e.mail: muktanganpct@...


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