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My wish list for Mumbai

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  • Aboobakar Thwahir
    TOWARDS MAKING A TRUE WORLD CLASS CITY OF MUMBAI. By Dr Abobakar Thwahir aboobakarthwahir@yahoo.com The flood is over. Rains are coming to an end. Mumbai,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005



      By Dr Abobakar Thwahir



      The flood is over. Rains are coming to an end. Mumbai, commercial capital of India is devastated. People suffered. Business, Commerce and trade suffered. Lives of people affected.  Many of them lost their dear and near ones. Some of the people lost their belongings and their abode. Many died of suffocation in their vehicles while some others died by drowning and falling in to the manholes. Slum dwellers suffered most. They lost everything, their food stocks and their clothing etc. Many people are suffering from the after-effect of the flooding in the form of diseases like leptospirosis, Malaria, Cholera, Hepatitis, Fever, Dysentery, and Gastroenteritis. They are paying a heavy price for fault of others. The City is rain-ravaged.  Blame games have started. Who was responsible? Who failed?  Some said it was the State Government. Some said that it was Municipal administration which failed them.  Some said it was God who was responsible. Administration has failed the citizens.  Lethargy and inefficiency and insincerity are the three causes for the doom.   When you make a city, it should be basede on scientific basis. All its parameters should be best possible ones.  Its layouts should be planned logically and scientifically. Where should be office and where should be dwelling, where should be the govt. headquarters and where should be hospital and where should be the school in each of wards. A planned city should have proper drainage system, storm water system, cleanliness, wide roads, clean footpaths, and garbage disposal system. An ideal City should have no slums, no unchecked eateries around the stations.  It is necessary to fix responsibility for the decay of the City on the Municipality which is primarily accountable.  Municipal workers and officers should work with sincerity and show the results. They have been paid for it. They cannot shirk their responsibility. If they cannot run Municipality in an organized manner, they should all be sacked and all activities should be outsourced. No proper work, no payment. No hafta, no corruption and no lethargy.    While it is necessary that the citizens should whole heartedly cooperate with administration by not throwing dirt on the roads, by not spitting on the roads and footpaths, by reporting violations like making hutments on the footpaths etc. police should ensure it happening… no bribe, please.  Transparent and efficient governance is a must for the success of any city administration. Do we want the corporators and Mayors when they totally failed to make Mumbai vibrant and clean city? Most of the govt. institutions are used by the politicians for personal purpose (Making themselves rich somehow and by any means). That is why they are too eager to stand for election, win it and get a post so that they can exploit their position ignoring the real purpose for which they were elected by public. It high time there is a relook in the entire gamut of city administration. Following suggestions are put forward for consideration by the various NGOs and Citizens Panels:

      1. All buildings constructed 60 years ago on the either sides of the roads should be demolished and new and nice Towers to be made, after handing over the premises to the reputed builders.. Those who lose their premises in the operation should be given space in the building. The ground floor should be rented out for shopping complexes. The income from this should be used for the maintenance of building and for further creation of facilities. Builders. All hutments/structures built on the roads and footpaths to be demolished and owners given compensation or alternate space in the buildings to be built. Further details can be worked out by builders and NGOs. and Govt. reps.


      2.     All roads should be cemented or plastic-asphalted. There should be no            potholes and uncovered manholes anywhere.

      1. The water pipes bringing water to the city and to various flats should be replaced with better state-of-the art technology pipes.
      2. All lakes should be thoroughly checked to see that there is no possibility of any contamination of water by constructing proper barricades around the lakes.  Washing, bathing and misusing of lakes by people and animals to be banned. There should be no access to lakes except for the health/municipal administrators or technicians. More mini lakes to be made to meet the water shortage in open areas of the city.
      3. Nice Footpaths should be constructed for all the roads with a height of minimum 1 foot from the road level. All obstructions should be removed. The shop keepers should not be allowed to encroach and use the footpath for their wares.
      4. There should be nice gardens and tennis and badminton courts  and sports fields around the city to be used by the citizens
      5. Citizens should be charged 2% city tax on income from salary, trade and profession.
      6. There should be penalty for throwing waste and spitting on the roads, which should be ensured by special city maintenance squad.
      7. A thorough study of City’s rivers, rivulets, nullahs, khadis, should be made and proper action taken to contain and to manage the flows with less pollution
      8. A scientific garbage disposal system to be introduced. Study to be conducted to use the waste for making products for use.
      9. An efficient transport system to be introduced. All the people should be encouraged to use the public transport system.  People should be charged for using their private cars.


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