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Peace - A Nation in Crisis

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  • rightattitudes@yahoo.com
    Subject: A Nation in Crisis Main Point: A Nation in Crisis Category of Topic: Peace Message: A Nation in Crisis Dear Karmayogis, Morality and ethics was
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2009
       Subject:A Nation in Crisis
       Main Point:A Nation in Crisis
       Category of Topic:Peace
       Message:A Nation in CrisisDear Karmayogis,Morality and ethics was the guiding force of India until recently. We used to read in History that people of other countries used to travel to India to learn our Value Systems. But today the situation is totally reverse.The main aim in every one's life today is pursuit of more and more wealth. With this total materialistic approach, many people openly practice dishonesty. While our civic amenities are lagging behind due to lack of funds, much of public money is siphoned off through scandals and rampant corruption is affecting all our public services like hospitals, educational institutions and the like. Today man is eating man, literally.With parents too running after wealth and finding no time to impart moral values in children, the youngsters spend more time before TV and fill their minds with violence and sex. Resultantly, youth violence, premature sexual activity, substance abuse and such other self destructive trends are on the increase, with the younger generation also joining this trend of unfairness, vulgarity and cheating. There is growing disrespect for parents, teachers and elders in families and in the society.The material focus has made conduct of marriages very costly. Despite incurring huge costs and conducting the marriage, parents of brides can no more relax in peace. The same material focus creates conflicts in married life of our children. Many marriages turn sour and end up in bitterness and vindictiveness and especially many women lose the security that the institution of marriage was meant to provide.What a dream with which our Freedom fighters fought for indepence and what a nightmare we have landed into !!All these are happening because morally and ethically, we have become bankrupt. With focus on acquisition of wealth, everyone is out to grab what they can, with no care for ethics. There is total national crisis of character. And this trend is spoiling not only our lives but also our children's lives.There is urgent need to end all this. We need to make our homes and society again a place of peace and happiness, as they used to be. For this we need to bring in a renaissance of Basic Values which alone can make our Life happy and peaceful.To usher in this change in people's minds, we need create public awareness of the value of Values.We need to counter the TV serials broadcasting family disputes, sex, and violence through the same medium of TV by taking the Families for a Value Shopping through Value Building Visuals and Value Building Stories.We need to motivate people to practise Values in our Daily Lives. Only when everyone is motivated to follow values, India could turn into Paradise as before !Can any one suggest a sponsor for this Family Program and usher in an Ethical Renaissance in India ?R. Raghunathan rightattitudes@...
       Name:R. Raghunathan
       Organisation:Individual - Retired
       Email 1:rightattitudes@...
       Information about yourself:I am a retired person deeply interested in removing the rot in the country
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