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Peoples' Involvement and Vigil is the input for curbing corruption reducing delays and getting quality workmanship -A Rea Life Situation from Ghatkopar, Mumbai

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  • Sridharan Pillai Pakkam Nattu
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2009
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      Karmayog Digest,      

      Dear Mumbaikar,


      There is hope- You can bring changes by being vigil with BMC , other Govt and Pvt companies responsible for providing Services and Infrastructure :

      Eample of a Citizen from Ghatkopar East :

      Even an ordinary citizen can make the authorities in power to listen to you if you have a strong case and pursue the  matter. We give the instance of how one of our citizen

      Sri P.N. Sridharan, a retired engineer ,had fought with the Storm of Water Dept of BMC for a better Storm Water Drain as per BRINSWAD under Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Development Programme in Shanti Path, Ghatkopar East, N ward, Mumbai 400 077.

      Perseverance and conviction to get justice is  important to fight with authorities:

      Since 2005, he  has been highlighting to the N ward Engineers  through letters. He had taken the help of media and drew the attention of the public to the worst condition of the SWD in Shanti Path in Ghatkopar East,

      What BMC did and what the residents wanted :

      In February 2009, the concreting of the Shanti Path was taken up. When Sri P. N. Sridharan enquired with BMC engineers,H was told that they will take care of SWD.

      But he found that the SWD of BMC has given a remark that the SWD is in good condition and only wherever repairs to be carried out only need to be attended. But Sri P.N. Sridharan insisted that it should be completely redone. The engineers in BMC change every 3 years but the residents continue for decades and they know the locality and the conditions much better which BMC not prepared to accept or understand.

      Without any concern for the residents, BMC continued to cover the storm water drain.and completed about 300 meters. 

       How the bad workmanship was stopped :

      Sri P.N. Sridharan approached Mumbai Citizens' Welfare Forum ( Regd ) for remedy. We took up the issue to the Commissioner of MCGM to Dr. Jairaj Phatak and the CE of SDW.The work was stopped and they started the work in October 2009.

      Due to the tenacity and perseverance of Sri P.N. Sridharan and our timely interference had mad BMC to demolish 2ft x 2 ft SWD with Manhole chambers at a distance of 6 metres constructed earlier as they are not suitable for maintenance before the rainy season. The size and distance of chambers will not permit entry inside the SWD and the interval of 6 Meters is too long.

      Demolition of Poor SWD and construction of new SWD :

      Now they have demolished the work carried out earlier and constructing 3ftx 2ft SWD

      and covering it with RCC and PCC as required/ On the top, they will lay the decorative colour blocks.  They footpath will have a gradual slope and rise at the entrance to buildings and before the ramps to ensure that footpath are friendly to pedestrians.

      We request you publicise this piece of information so that every citizen gets involved in the projects executed by the BMC, Govt and other agencies and prevent poor service and demand the best. This will gradually will check corruption and malpractice.

      We have good people everywhere and they are prepared to help if our intentions are good. We want to place on record the officers of BMC and especially the Commissioner of MCGM. This experience has ignited us to do more creative involvement in public life.

      Laws, Rules and Regulations have to be implemented by the constant vigil of the citizens.

      Keep a Vigil on MMRDA Projects :

      MMRDA is an agency who constructing several big projects but they are not even putting up the plan of the projects and the salient features of the projects. Thus they prevent the public from knowing the details and keeping them away fro m offering suggestions. On SCLR and the Vehicular Subway on EE Highway near Chedda Nagar, I had seriously commented on several aspects o the projects.and especially the inordinate delays in completion of the projects.

      Citizens had to approach High Court to ensure that the hawkers don't occupy the sky walks !Several projects have been announced,

      Many were started and stopped.

      What is the status of the flyover to be constructed at Somaiya Medical College connecting EEH and BKC at a cost of 120 crores ?

      Lot of money has been disbursed to the contractor

      without any benefit accruing from incomplete projects.

      The delays are unpardonable

      .The cost over run is a matter of concern.

      Though MMRDA is considered as an apex body for the many ongoing Mega Infrastructure projects

      Their Project Planning and Control is primitive

      They don't coordinate with the agencies like BMC, Railways and others.

      This is one of the reasons for the SCLR not being executed as planned.

      MMRDA is taking rescue and  protection under the pretext of  Rehabilitation of  Project

      People and Encroachment . Though they are real issues,there is no serious concern to sort out the issues speedily.

      .Instead of taking corrective action, they are filtering my e mails since 2009.

      Garodia Nagar ( Private Layout ) Recreation Plots :

      The developer of Garodia Nagar is not handing over the 35,000 Sqyds of recreation plots to the residents of Garodia Nagar in Ghatkopar East. Though High court decision and DMC verdict clearly shows that the plots have to be entrusted to the residents, it is not happening. There seems to be nexus between the developer and BMC. There is contempt of court by BMC and Developer.

      Serious efforts must be made to release the open space from the developer who has encouraged encroachments. As we have succeeded in SWD, it is possible to celebrate the release of the Recreation Plots if the residents of Garodia Nagar seriously pursue the issue.

      Garodia Nagar Sewage Lines :

      Who says Garodia Nagar has been taken over by BMC ?

      BMC and the politicians are exploiting the residents of Garodia Nagar by denying them basic infrastructure like underground sewerage network which was shabbily carried out by the developer since it is a statutory requirement.

      In the rainy season, the plight of residents is very pitiable. The lavatory water rise and flood the rooms !

      They have not been provided with good name boards for the streets.

      Chedda Nagar is also a private layout but the public there keep a good vigil .

      They have many facilities provded by corporator

      Though, people in Ghatkopar have voted for BJP, the party has not done enough to the residents of Gaodia Nagar.

      Housing Societies, Registrar of CHS, Redevelopment of Old Buildings :

      The Manging Committee Members misuse their  power and exploit the members by threatening them and suppressing information.

      There is mismanagement and corruption.

      The Registrar's Office is understaffed and they don't provide any relief to the grievance of the aggrieved parties.

      Second Freedom struggle - Keeping a vigil on implementation :.

      Every Indian must take a pledge to involve himself into nation development and work with the Govt and other local bodies. At the same time they must keep a vigil on their working, quality of workmanship and demand for completion as per schedule with minimum  delays.

      The number of issues are enormous.

      How we are just keeping a blind eye and moving about is a great wonder !


               Chalapuram George,

                  Hon'y Secretary ,

      For Mumbai citizens' Welfare Forum ( Regd )

         Coming together    Keeping togetyher        Working together              is                         is                               is

             Beginnbing               Progress                    Success             


      Sarena  C 502
      Shanti Park
      Ghatkopar East
      Mumbai 400077
      Ph:91-022-2506 5011
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