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The world is really getting smaller to help each other

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  • SM Acharya
    Dear Online Friends, The world is really getting smaller for helping each other. Here is a concrete example: I came to US just a couple of weeks ago. The first
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2009
      Dear Online Friends,

      The world is really getting smaller for helping each other. Here is a concrete example:

      I came to US just a couple of weeks ago. The first function that I attended was a birthday party of two children held at Royal Albert Hall, NJ as both the children were delivered by their doctor Rashmi Acharya, my daughter-in-law at St. Stephens University Hospital and I accompanied one of the main invitees, their doctor.

      Since I knew none of those at the gathering, I was made to sit next to an Indian who had just arrived from India who introduced himself as Air Commodore (Retd.) G. K. Garud, holder of Vir Chakra Award and Maharashtra Gaurav Puraskar. Then I introduced myself as SM Acharya who helps people to cure their back pain.

      The moment I said that, he enquired, "Are you the same doctor Acharya whom I had seen in 1992 for treating me for back pain. We both were pleasantly surprized to meet each other after almost 17 years. He has no more back pain and is doing absolutely fine.

      Incidentally, he informed me that next day, all former defence force officers form India are meeting at Wood Ave, N. Brunswick to pay homage to the Kargil War martyrs and that he would ne happy if I could join. After the homage and other things on the agenda were over, I was asked to speak on this new three-minute yogic therapy to self-cure backache.

      I was happy to inform them that helping defence personnel is my first priority eversince I was invited at the Army Headquarters of AWWA (Army Wives Welfare Association) way back in 1996 by their president Mrs. Krishna Roy Choudhary, wife of the then Army Chief Gen. Choudhary. All the top ladies who were members of the governing body of AWWA were very happy to see the video film showing the yogic exercises. Three of them were actually suffering from back pain and did the exercises. Their pain was completely gone then and there.

      Then they asked me to help various other AWWA offices in the country to help more officers, jawans and their families. I have been doing that eversince helping all the three forces, the army, navy and the air force personnel both working and retired.

      After the talk, so many officers and their wives contacted me to help their friends and relatives who have back pain. I was very happy to say that I would gladly do it. This way my campaign to make the world back pain free got a kick-start in USA too.

      I have also told them they can visit my website www.atbsnr.com to learn everything online or view the exercises on You Tube by clicking my name "Acharya for Back Pain" to get to it or join my yahoogroup, viz., BackacheFreeWorld@yahoogroups.com or in the alternative, get a book on "Say No To BACK PAIN - A simple self-cure spine yoga" published by me recently together with a detailed VCD on the same subject. This way, let us help people to be pain-free and healthy, all over the world.

      Don't you think, the world is going smaller to reach one another for help?


      Nature Cure & Spinal Rehab Centre,
      155 St. Patrick's Town, Pune 411013,
      Ph: +91-20-26870204, Cell: 91-9422314693,
      Email:smacharya@... Website: www.atbsnr.com
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