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    We are glad to introduce ourselves as BABY SARAH S HOME for mentally challengeable, physically challengeable and orphan children located at Pondicherry, South
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2005
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      We are glad to introduce ourselves as BABY SARAH’S HOME for mentally challengeable, physically challengeable and orphan children located at Pondicherry, South India.  It is a non-profit, secular, non-Governmental Social work organization working for the cause of disadvantaged/marginalized/impoverished segments of the society.  We especially work with mentally challengeable, physically challengeable, orphan and poor children to their betterment for the past 12 years in and around Pondicherry, the union territory.

      It was founded in 1992 by an educated, committed individual namely  Mr. A.P. Joseph who has served at various social service centers in different fields.  And he felt the inner urge to start a new experiment to serve humanity with the intention of “Service to Mankind is Service to God”.  Therefore, he started children’s home to care for the sick, mentally challengeable, physically handicapped, and orphan of its service to the needy.  Mr. A. P. Joseph was honored with numerous titles and awards for his valuable service. Our founder is now not with us.  He was physically expired but spiritually he is with us in our every action, we are continuing his path.  It is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1975.

      We care for these affected and poor children by providing food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care as well.  As our main intention is Service to Mankind is Service to God, we serve the mankind that is very much affected by it’s own society. As for moral ethics go no man is perfect, very human being is unique/different and that he/she has to be left out without his/her own dignity/love/care and whoever it may be he/she has got his/ her own right for love, care/dignity.

      So, with this basic concept in mind we in our target areas that is full of discrimination we go finding these children to care for them because although, they are neglected, refused, ignored and rejected by their own family members and the community, they still have the rights for everything that is right for food, clothing and shelter, right for education, expression, play, rights for learning new things, rights for participation, rights for decision making, rights to speak, write and  all other rights as normal child gets.  Thus, we are continuously caring, educating, training and organizing our target population towards achieving its aim of “Reaching the unreachable ones”.

      Our Vision:  “To Reach Unreachable Ones”

      Our Mission:
      Ø     Our main intention is to elevate the weaker section of the society such as Mentally Challengeable, Physically challengeable, Orphan and poor children and youth as well.
      Ø     Providing basic amenities such as food, clothing, shelter, education and health care etc.
      Ø     Awareness creation in the community about the root causes of disability and mentally changed.
      Ø     Changer negative attitudes towards people with disabilities.
      Ø     Generate employment opportunities for the disabled.
      Ø     Match the capabilities of the disabled to the needs of employers.
      Ø     Promote training and education.
      Ø     Support research in multi-dimensional rehabilitation.
      Ø     Caring and for the mentally challengeable children.
      Ø     Conducting various necessary rehabilitation program both for mentally challengeable and physically challenged children.
      Ø     AIDS awareness  programme
      Ø     Women’s welfare programme
      Ø     Educational Counseling to the Students
      Ø     Awareness of Drug addiction to youth Serving the Senior Citizens
      Ø     Meeting the needs of the poor people and other community welfare services.

      Our Achievements:

      About 50 children in our Baby Sarah’s Home are getting the basic amenities and amongst them about 25 are getting middle school education in Government School.  We consider this as our peak achievement.  Other than this our organization was honored with numerous titles and awards for activities these include,

      ü     Tamil Nadu Kalaimandram Gold is Gold  Award for Best Social Service Organization
      ü     Pondicherry Youth Hostel Honoourred our Home as a Best Children’s Home in Pondicherry
      ü     Rotary Club of Pondicherry Appreciation award for Best Social Service Organization in Pondicherry
      ü     Lions Club of Pondicherry Appreciation award for Best Social Service Organization in Pondicherry
      ü     Pondicherry Government Appreciation Reward for Beat Children’s Home in Pondicherry
      ü     Dalit Sena Political Leader Honorable Central Minister Thiru. Ramvilas Psawan Honoured our Founder Mr. A.P. JOSEPH as a Best Social Worker in Pondicherry.

      Request for your Solidarity Support.

      To continue the above said programmes which are community felt needs and to reach out more number of people at most backward areas in and around Pondicherry, we deserve a continued solidarity support through project funding and human resources. We are fully involved in searching for partners of solidarity support from the grant making agencies, foundations, trusts, and individuals.  We came to know that you esteemed generous organization is involved in providing or extending your Solidarity Support for development through our moral and financial supports for NGOs/ Community groups / Social action groups / Voluntary Social work organizations at grass root levels like BABY SARAH’S HOME in developing countries.  So, we sanguinely approach your esteemed generous organization for your valuable financial support to establish a permanent building for the needy children, whom we care for, and to fulfill shelter need, food and clothing need of the children.

      Hence, we eamestly request you to kindly consider our request and to send us your funding policies, priorities/ fields of you interest, guidelines, and project application and format to apply project proposal for you esteemed support.

      Thanking you. 
      Yours in Service

      G. Karthikeyan,
      Baby Sarah’s Home,
      No. 7, Rajaganapathi Nagar,
      Pondicherry – 605 007
      Ph: 091-413-2601491
      Mobile : 091 – 0 94432 87887 
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